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Philippines 3D Suertres 4.0 APK
Philippines 3D Suertres Number Generator - Lotto Draws RandomNumber Generator - Tap the Phone or Shake the Phone to GenerateYOUR LUCKY NUMBERS! - "FUN ONLY"
Swahili Methali 6.0 APK
Swahili Methali - Words from the Wise - Traditional KiswahiliProverbs.Enjoy 1400+ Swahili Proverbs randomly displayed in theapp.Have fun with friends or party guessing the meanings.Visit ourwebsite methali.org directly from the app and view all the proverbsand the meanings.Visit our Facebook page Methali na Nahau Directlyfrom the app and share your own proverbs for others to enjoy.Theapp is intended for FUN, thus although we could display a directlist a-z we have kept it to do random showing of these proverbs tomake it more interesting. A full list a-z is available via the weblink within the app.Thank you for your support and we encourage youto share your methali na nahau with us.
Tanzania Mistari ya Biblia 4.0 APK
Tanzania Mistari ya Biblia Niipendayo - Soma Mistari ya Biblia kilasikuTanzania my favorite Bible verses - Read the Bible verses eachday
Kenya Mistari ya Biblia 2.0 APK
Kenya Mistari ya Biblia Niipendayo - Swahili-Soma Mistari ya Biblia kila sikuKenya my favoriteBibleverses - Swahili - Read the Bible verses each day
JW News 3.0 APK
JW News - Jehovah’s Witnesses Publiclyavailable News LinksJehovah’s Witnesses News Links - Publicly available News links onJehovah Witness.This app contains direct news links to media world wide.
JW Blood 4.0 APK
JW Blood - Jehovahs Witnesses BloodIssues.To Bring Attention via News Reports to the Destructive BloodTransfusion Policies of Jehovah's Witnesses.We welcome comments and posts that are News Related andInformative.Full Website Language translate button to your languageavailable.
SINGAPORE 4D - This is an Number Generator App for PlayingSingapore 4D - Following a Unique Mathematical Sequence for thedelivery of a 4D Number Pattern for Playing Singapore 4D.
Methali na Nahau 13.0 APK
Swahili Methali na Nahau - Got Questions? - Need Answers? -Kiswahili Traditional Wisdom! - 1500+ Methali na Nahau. - Let Thisapp give you some Wisdom from the Traditional Sayings and TimelessThoughts. Tap the button or Shake the phone to get the answer toyour question. "FUN ONLY"Tanzania Methali na Nahau - Kiswahili -Methali na Nahau Je unaswali? unataka jibu? Acha App ikupe manenoya kibusara kutoka kwenye mila na desturi.Bonyeza kitufe kupatamajibu ya swali lako (Kimichezo tuu).