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Dive into the deep sea with the best FREE online wargame ⚓World OfSubmarines⚓! Be captain of a real submarine in tactical warfareagainst players from all over the world in dynamic underwater PvPwar game. Gather legendary u-boats of USSR, Russia, China, UK, USAand other parts of the world to raise a sub warship fleet. Upgradesub warships armor, speed and firepower. Get the best tacticalweapons, suitable for different marine battles and become achampion fighter of underwater warship simulator. Sink players'warships and control arenas in PvP game modes or fight enemies’armadas in Survival. Show honor in navy warfare and blitz throughthe marine ranks to admiral of u-boat! Explore underwater navyareas of arctic wastelands, canyons, abyss, sunken temples to gettactical advantage in war and prepare an ambush. Blitz marineevents, tactical battle missions and naval wargame challenges toget resources in the war game. Dominate the world! 💣Online PvPAlliance and fight with marine captains from all over the world.Prove your strength in PvP simulator warfare! 💣Dozens of realsubmarines Build real subs of USA, UK, Germany and other countries.Akula, Typhoon, Seawolf, Los Angeles, Ohio, U-Boat and others.💣Noticeable game progress Gain warfare experience, expand yourfleet and improve its shooter firepower. Blitz the leaderboard toChampion League and become a legend captain! Gather the best fleet!💣Upgrade and customize submarines Make unique sub warships with RPGsystem of upgrades and abilities. Upgrade engine, hull, weapons andtrain your marine crew to gain abilities. Use nano emblems, specialtorpedoes and defense modules to turn the tide of battle! 💣Variousgame modes Sink enemies in team PvP combat, take control of areas,blitz through armadas in PvE events or take part in campaign marinemissions. Choose your tactics – blitz and destroy everything withrain of torpedoes or use ambush to sink enemies! 💣Immersivecampaign Explore the world of submarine tactics throughout deepsolo campaign. Complete various missions for different factions:defend scout boats in escort missions, collect intelligenceinformation in stealth quests, destroy powerful enemies during bossbattles and much more. 💣Realistic damage Intense combat might causedecompression, fire events, propeller failure and other damages.Choose your tactics by equipping special torpedoes and maintainrepair kit stock for quick maintenance. 💣Various arenas for navalbattle Dive into dynamic sub warship PvP in the abyss, arctic,canyons and sunken temples. Enjoy beautiful underwater sightingsand explore arenas to gain tactical advantage in battle!💣Breathtaking graphics and locations Enjoy every second in thenaval game with realistic graphics, stunning visual, detailedU-Boats and locations! You can change wargame graphic settings toimprove visuals or performance. 💣Comfortable controls Intuitivecontrols, auto pilot and auto firing adjustable features will letyou blitz into action. But you will need skills to become achampion of the warship simulator! Ready to naval battle in thesimulator of your dreams? Free marine wargame will exceed yourexpectations. Regular updates and new content are waiting forfighters in online wargame of 2019. Not sure what wargame to play?Choose⚓World of Submarines⚓ Join real-time navy FREE wargame deepin the sea, armada is awaiting your commands, destroy enemyfighters with deadly torpedoes in intense and realistic 3D warfareshooter. New unique naval gameplay! One of the best war simulatoris finally here! Action packed as any shooter. It offers both navalthird person shooter and deep strategic decisions. Note: Dearusers! Please write to us if you find bugs or issues. Want to askabout the game or find friends and allies? Facebook:www.facebook.com/GDCompanyGames Support: support@gdcgames.ru

App Information WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy Shooter 3D Wargame

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    WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy Shooter 3D Wargame
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    January 28, 2020
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    143403, Московская область, г. Красногорск, ул. Речная, 8
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WORLD of SUBMARINES: Navy Shooter 3D Wargame Version History

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  • 1.6.1 (300941)

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✈️Modern Warplanes transfers you to the world of modern supersonicjet fighters of leading air forces. Join millions of aces fromaround the world in ultimate PvP combat for air domination.Dogfight aeronautics at its finest on a huge variety of aircrafts.Modern Warplanes: Combat Aces is absolutely FREE to download!💥💥💥Fight on all the best military aircrafts of modern generation, aswell as airplane prototypes of leading air forces. The top gunwings game presents you a jet fighter PvP shooter filled with litaction. Take-off from carrier to meet a squadron of special opsairplanes in the sky, engage in team and solo PvP warfare. Our gamefeatures multiplayer wargame ace modes, solo campaign withdifferent sky missions, HQ raid, survival. A war thunder isroaring! Spread your steel wings commander and join the combat! Thegame is one of the top action jet fighter shooter wargame of 2020!✈️Stunning Graphics - Magnificent graphics, as in PC modernwargames on steam: fully-featured 3d realistic models of war jetsand spectacular visual effects of war ✈️Online war - Warfareagainst top guns of ace pilots from all around the world: US, UK,Germany, Russia, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan andothers ✈️Tons of aircrafts - More than 30 types of air forceaircrafts: real-world thunder warplanes and 3 prototypes of the 6thgeneration fighters capable of almost spacecraft aerobatics (likex-wing or tie-fighter): Falcon, Raptor, SU, Mig, Raven, Blackbird,Nighthawk, Boeing, JAS Gripen, Lockheed Blackbird and more✈️Military jet fighters - Each plane with unique characteristicsand capabilities has its own secondary top gun on wings ✈️Equipyour plane - More than 40 top guns to put on wings: rockets,missiles, machine guns, heat flares and even lasers. Equip yourplane and hurry into combat! ✈️Upgrade your airplane - Improve yourarmor, wings, speed, damage, reload time and other features withepic upgrade system. Become the best thunder ace! ✈️Ace combats asyou like - Online & Offline action game modes: Solo Campaign,HQ raid, Survival, PvP against enemies on the ground, in the waterand in the sky ✈️Amazing battlefields - Stunning locations:mountains, hot deserts, ice wastelands filled with supersonic jetsand thunder of missiles and bullets ✈️Daily bonuses, achievements,non-stop action Shoot planes without limits, as the game has noenergy! Login daily to receive epic bonuses to expand and improveyour hangar of combat war planes. Many achievements with coolbattle rewards ✈️Easy controls - Full control: you control thespeed, steel wings, missiles, top guns, heat flares. Performlandings and take-off from carrier, become an epic dogfight pilot!✈️PvP ranking - Battle ranks: from a rookie dogfighter to a generalof Air Force. Think strategically, equip your wings with the bestweapon: tactical atomic missiles, swarm missiles, guiding rocketsand much more ✈️Customization - Customize warplanes and its wings.More than 26 camo suitable for any mode or map: snow, pixel orbright as explosion ✈️Warfare with friends - Non-stop dogfight:fight in deathmatch or team dogfight, go for solo operation orcreate your own wargame to ally and battle with friends! A greatdogfight game if you like shooters and speed! From the time of coldwar and pearl harbor all nations improve their Air Forces: the bestcombat planes on any sturmovik battlefield! Take control of fastand deadly aircraft to destroy enemies in a direct warfare! Be likea special ops in a combat with rival pilots, it’s time forblitzkrieg! Next-level aircraft game. Regular updates and newcontent in top game of 2020. Not sure what to play? Try ✈️ModernWarplanes: Thunder Aces Warfare Want to ask about the wargame orfind friends or allies? Facebook: www.facebook.com/GDCompanyGamesSupport: support@gdcgames.ru
Pacific Warships: World of Naval PvP Wargame 0.9.165 APK
⚓Pacific Warships: World of Naval Battle⚓ Play FREE shooter andbecome an armada commander! Welcome to the future world of navalcombat! Try PACIFIC WARSHIPS in a massive torpedo and missilesbattleship warfare. Call your crew, ready your warships and blitzthe Seven seas rim. Pacific fleet meets tactics and action in navywargame. Tons of navy weapons, artillery and battleships to shootyour enemy with a tsunami of missiles and torpedoes in a REAL-TIMEteam PVP war.🚢🚢🚢 Collect your navy war machines in a port and formthe best fleet of war machines from Atlantic to Pacific rim. Tofight enemy in ocean warfare, blitz your fleet through sea wayswhere oil tankers used to sail. Be the champion of the seashorerim! Action-packed PvP shooter offers you new realistic navywargame on future battlefield. 🛰WORLD ONLINE PvP Fight with topbattleship armadas from around the world in PvP warfare 🛳CALLARMADA FLEET Detailed combat warships such as Arrow, Avenger,Spearhead, and Eclipse, divided into several classes fromlightweight destroyers to battleships, dreadnaughts and aircraftcarriers which look like floating war fortresses on duty! 🌐TACTICALBLITZ Armada of different gunships with robot drones! Pick onesthat match your warfare tactics and fight. The goal is to spot,blitz and sink enemies. Torpedo them in close combat, barrage themfrom afar like a juggernaut or use air force to drop bombs andtorpedoes on enemy fleet. Build robot drones to balance your ship.🔫FUTURE WEAPONS Arm your warship machines with lasers, artillery,torpedoes, missiles and robots battle drones to win in a navalwarfare. Use it wise in a massive blitz battle! 🛠UPGRADE FLEETUpgrade battleships to be the top! Build a variety of warfare guns,missiles, lasers, chassis and deck upgrades to forge your gunshipinto an ultimate war machine. All upgrades change battleships’ lookand armor! 🤖ABILITIES Get aggressive in your warfare tactics withcool navy abilities. Be invisible and sink gunships at point blank,use energy shields, repair during battle, use EMP to destroytorpedoes and burn enemies with laser. Master shooting to becomethe top PvP commander of the future ships in the world!👨‍✈️CAPTAIN’S BATTLESHIPS SKILLS Improve your stats by researchinga skill tree. It’s not only about top ships - the crew matters too.Learn new action skills and sink enemies more effectively! 🏝CAPTURENAVAL AREAS Team with more points wins! Form alliances withteammates' battleships and don’t let enemies capture your rim area!Use torpedoes or active abilities! Conquer the sea world! 🤼ADVANCEDMATCHMAKING All battles in the wargame are created automatically,just click "FIGHT". Teams and opponents will be picked up so youcan start having fun fast! 🎮EASY CONTROLS Intuitive control andeasy UI will let you blitz into battle straight away and master thenaval warfare! 🎁AMAZING GIFTS AND REWARDS Log into the game forrewards, gunship upgrades and gifts! Complete daily quests andchallenges for battle rewards. 💻STUNNING 3D GRAPHICS Future ishere! The most realistic naval PvP for mobile. Play the top wargameto check it out! The game runs even on a budget device! ⚓GRAPHICOPTIONS FOR WEAK DEVICES Weak device? Choose the graphics optionseven for weak devices! ★★★Our navy PvP is completely FREE todownload! Perfectly drawn battlefield textures, beautiful sky andislands rims, vivid sea, robot drones. We created a next-level topnaval action wargame. Regular updates and new content are waitingfor you in PvP war battles of 2020. Not sure what to play?Choose⚓PACIFIC WARSHIPS⚓ Note: Dear users! We are constantlyworking on creating new content, improving the game, graphics andoptimization! Please write to us if you find bugs or issues. Wantto ask about the game or find friends? FB:www.facebook.com/GDCompanyGames Support: support@gdcgames.ru
Steel Rage: Robot Cars PvP Shooter Warfare 0.073 APK
Got tired from heavy tanks and giant robots? Hurry to download☠️Steel Rage🤖, online combat cars shooter wargame! Fight playersfrom all over the world in new FREE PvP shooter with mech cars.Choose machine, chassis, combat weapons, abilities and blitz intobattle. Upgrade and customize your machines according to your tasteand combat style. Be a champion of the PvP shooter wargame! 🛠️Fullcustomization Choose vehicle body, chassis, military weapons andaction abilities which suits your combat style. Add some colors andcamouflage to make your metal knight more stylish. Make fast sportaction car, armored rage machine or mech robot. All is up to you!🚓Tons of auto bodies More than 13 bodies with unique actionspecifications and appearances to cross enemies out in twistedrage. From sedan, mini and sport cars to muscle, SUV and vans.💣Various weapons Light, medium and heavy military weapons.Machine-guns, AP projectiles, missiles. Choose shooter weapons ofyour own action tactics! 🏎Chassis for any driving style Selectdifferent chassis for any machine you have. Use sport suspension toimprove speed, SUV suspension or even 6 wheels chassis to getoff-road capability, or select tank tracks and steel robotic spiderlimbs to increase maneuverability. 🔮Tactic abilities Complete yourmech monster with unique action abilities. Wear energy shield forbetter defense, use nitro boost for tactical maneuvers, or becomeinvisible to attack from ambush or to make a tactical retreat. Useabilities in the right time to change the tide of battle and crossenemies out from PvP arena! 🛠Lots of tactical opportunities Mountup to 3 different guns and make a salvo from all of them or usetactics and fire any of them in the right time. Protect yourselfwith energy shield and blitz enemies with a barrage of machine-gunsand AP shells. Launch missiles from cover and use invisibility tohide yourself. Or use nitro boost to quickly outflank enemies.🌎Enormous arenas Vast territories for exploration and maneuvers,from countryside to city. Explore magnificent arenas and useterrain, buildings and other covers for tactical advantage. Makesure enemies won’t have any chances! ⚔️Full-scale warfare Up to 30war machines in every match. Dynamic 6v6 battles. Even more varietyof combat and tactics makes every match unique! 📡Online PvP Fightin breathtaking battles with champions from all over the world! Bethe best fighter with the coolest steel mech and cross enemies outof leaderboards! 💻Beautiful 3d graphics and visuals! Thoroughlydetailed vehicles and arenas. Epic explosions in vivid PvP shooter!Enjoy fantastic graphics during the battles! ⚙️Freedom ofexperiments Test different builds until you find your own. Fightwith other players everywhere and every time whenever possible! Thegame doesn’t have energy or other restrictions! 🕹Easy controlsIntuitive controls, which you can change in the settings and handyUI will let your mech to join a combat immediately! 📱Tweak graphicsWant the game to run even on weak device? Pick the graphic setwhich suit your metal knight best! 🚜🔥⚔Online action car shooter!Choose a mech of your own style, upgrade and customize it and crossout enemies from all over the world without any restrictions!Regular updates and new content are waiting for fighters in onlinewargame of 2019! Not sure what to play? Join online warfare in☠️Steel Rage🤖, download for free right now! Note: Dear users! Weare constantly working on creating new content, improving thewargame, graphics and optimization! Please write to us if you findbugs or issues. 👨🏽👳🏽🎅🏽Want to ask about the game or find friendsand allies? Facebook: www.facebook.com/GDCompanyGames Support:support@gdcgames.ru
METAL MADNESS PvP: Car Shooter & Twisted Action 0.39 APK
🎆Metal Madness🎆: furious car PvP shooter. Brand new 2019 shooterpacked with guns, action, sniping, shooting, crossfire, war, brawlsand royal battles! Challenge fighters and snipers from all aroundthe world. Post apocalyptic twisted tour over bullet arenas. Loadthe guns and dive into mad shooting derby like a squad of specialops! We bring you action game enhanced with machineguns, thrusters,bombs, flamethrowers, rockets and sniper rifles!🚨🚨🚨 🔥Loads ofguns!🔫 Huge variety of military weapons: flamethrower, rocketlaunchers, plasmagun, railgun, shotguns, machineguns, sniper riflesand more! It’s a pure mayhem on battlefield of steel knights,fighters and shooters! Mad firepower! 🔥Get all crazy cars!🚜 Garagewith 16 unique cars! Deadly war machines, sportcars, muscles,ice-cream truck, time car, SUVs and other mech monsters! Useweapons to make it more deadly and full of mad fury and action!Crash, shoot and cross enemies out with glory in epic crossfire!🔥Real online PvP⚔ PvP game is more than a regular team death matchor frag counter, it’s a mode where you need tactics and realskills! Cross foes out with weapons on your cars, fill the air withbullets, gasoline and fire! Car squad is ready to cross special opsout! 🔥Heroes of sniping and shooting!☠ Cross steel knights out ofleaderboards and reach the top of the best fighters in derby!Standoff in deadly 3rd person crossfire shooter! It’s real action,smash your rivals with style! 🔥Fierce modes🎮 Shooting, crashes,explosions and air filled with fire of bullets! Team up withplayers, capture resources, crash metal knights on twisted arenasas you fight in one of the best shooter of 2019! 🔥Royal battlearenas🏙 Join crossfire action in cyberpunk city, fight to the deathin desert, turn foes into twisted metal in industrial zone or starta sniper derby on the roof! 🔥Beautiful 3d graphics and Visuals!💻Game is well optimized! Epic explosions even on weak devices!Boom!!! This PvP multiplayer wargame is that hot! 🔥Daily quests andnon-stop play!📅 Get on killing spree as long as you want! Questsevery few hours. Crossout with thousands of players from USA,China, Brazil, Russia, Japan and other! 🔥Freedom fights!🛡 Killerinstinct pumps adrenaline in online action! Military tech liketanks is made to wreck steel knights! Improve weapon damage andarmor to survive in crossfire! 🔥Easy controls🕹 Jump in furycrossfire immediately! Jump, drift, do twisted stunts and enjoy thebest free action game! 🔥Tweak graphics📱 Want the game to run evenon weak device? Pick the graphic set which suit your mobile devicebest! 💀🚜🔥Wargame takes you to shooting range of furious battles andbrawls. Are you ready to fight and melt metal knights in epicbattle? Huge steel knights like heavy tanks and quick brawlers,join simulator of deathmatch. Gear up your mech monster, aim andshoot, snipe and explode enemy team in a fire storm of bullets!🚜🔥⚔Tons of fighters in the crossfire world! Pick a right one, loadit with heavy guns and shoot enemies from insane weapons! Be carwarlord and conquer your rivals in online simulator! Fight to thetop of world leaderboards! 🎮🎮🎮New PvP shooter is absolutely FREE todownload! Mad action is full killer extreme! Battle arenas explodewith twisted damaged metal, where sniping take you to victory inroyal battle! Only a brave brawler will handle this cross out withDeath! It’s time to squad up! 🔥 Join online PvP, download METALMADNESS for free, enjoy one of the best free game in the world!👨🏽👳🏽🎅🏽Want to ask a question about the game or chat with friendsand allies? Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GDCompanyGames/Support: support@gdcgames.ru
com.polyplayinc.combatassault 1.61.5 APK
Combat Assault is a hot new PvP shooter with intense gameplay,loads of skins, weapons, a ranking system, and the ability to levelup characters through a skill tree. Choose your weapon from a hugevariety, battle it out with players from around the world, andupgrade your fighter to the max. Fight as part of a team in theclassic style you know and love. Tons of cool features: Weapons:The game has over 30 different weapons, from the classic AK-47,m4a4 and AWP, to super powerful mini guns and shotguns. Get armedto the teeth and jump into battle! Skill tree: Boost up yourcharacters for better results, upgrade armor, health, reload timeand so much more depending on character class. Ranks: Just like inother classic shooters, we have a ranking system where the more youwin, the higher your rank and the stronger your opponents. Fightfor a spot on the leaderboard, boost your rank and improve yourshooting skills. Weapon skins: The game has lots of cool skins indifferent colors to suit any taste. Show off what you got to otherplayers. Cases and daily bonuses: Open cases, get skins: itcouldn't be easier. Complete daily missions and receive dailybonuses like gold and top cases. Maps: Different maps with certainareas that might feel familiar... Hone your shooting skills at theshooting range, race against the clock and hit targets asaccurately as you can. ⍟ ⍟ ⍟ HUGE ARSENAL! ⍟ ⍟ ⍟ Get in the gamewith a huge range of guns, including machine guns, submachine guns,sniper rifles, pistols and more. Suit up and destroy your enemieswith lightning-fast attacks! ⍟ ⍟ ⍟ OPTIMIZED FOR WEAK DEVICES! ⍟ ⍟⍟ We optimized our game so even weaker devices can handle it. Nowyou can compete against other players without worrying about yourphone overheating. ⍟ ⍟ ⍟ UPGRADE ARMOR AND WEAPONS! ⍟ ⍟ ⍟ It's allabout the upgrades! The stronger you're leveled up, the faster youdefeat your opponents and the higher you can make it on theleaderboard. ⍟ ⍟ ⍟ AWARDS! ⍟ ⍟ ⍟ Play the game every day to getfree bonuses, cases, gold and skins. Hey everyone, Our shooter isabsolutely free to download, but some elements in the game areavailable for purchase. We're grateful for any and all feedback andsuggestions on the project.***************************************** Join: FB:facebook.com/Combat-Assault-1762305577180348
Block Tank Wars 3 1.19 APK
Looking for a cool online game with tanks? Time to play Block TankWars 3 - the continuation of the exciting pixel arcade about tankswith a lot of weapons and locations. The world of large-scale tankbattles is waiting for you. Improve your skills, customize yourtank for yourself: change camouflage, choose weapons from missilesystems to lasers and railguns. Create a vehicle for your style,complete all levels and missions in the 3D labyrinth. Tear down thewalls, shoot, strike, along with collecting bonuses andkeys.Features:- Over 90 game levels- Fast fights- Intuitive simplecontrols- Daily bonuses and rewards- Many options for thedevelopment and power leveling of your tank Don't forget to tellyour friends about the game! Play the great tank shooter Block TankWars 3 for free, let everyone see who is in charge here!
Cat Flat 0.5.22 APK
Welcome to Cat Flat!Play this awesome match three game with uniquemechanics: decorate your house, play with kittens and look how theyinteract with each other.Main features:- House decoration: makeyour house a better place for the kittens.- Get kittens and don'tforget to feed them.- A lot of levels to play.- Huge variety ofdecorations and furniture: from book shelves to gorgeous sofas.-Adorable cats always happy to see you.The game is completely freeto play, but there are few items which you can purchase with a realmoney.
Underground 2077: ZOMBIE SHOOTER 1.0.51 APK
Chaos reigns! Zombies have taken over almost the entire world. Youand a handful of survivors retreated down into the New York subway,the only place you can hope to hold out and survive for a few extraweeks. Fight your way through hordes of mutants in the murky gloomof an abandoned underground world. Don’t expect to find anotherliving soul: all that’s left is cursed to eternal suffering andtorment. A full campaign with a detailed backstory and plot! Amassive underground labyrinth full of danger and vile creaturespopping out of every crack and corner! Gear up with your fellowsurvivors from a huge arsenal of sniper rifles, assault rifles,handguns, shotguns, grenades and more. You can’t relax for even asecond in the post-apocalyptic gloom you’ve been cursed to see.Rest your eyes for an instant, and you’re dead! Zombie freaks ofall shapes and sizes. Use different strategies to smash throughpacks of the undead and reach your goal! Epic soundtrack. For thebest effect, try playing in the dark with headphones on!