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Welcome to the 23rd Interplanetary Combat Tournament. Are you toughenough to take the crown?Create your warrior from among thousandsof customizable options. Choose to fight as a ninja, streetfighter, wrestler, special forces, planetary warrior, deadly alien,or one of the many other classes at your disposal. Unlock an epicarsenal of weapons and special powers, helping you to level up andimprove your attributes (strength, skill, abilities) until youreach mastery and become the interplanetary champion.The game’sinfinite possibilities allow for entertaining battles betweenoriginal characters, from a barbaric viking with the sensual bodyof a woman, to a street boxer with the head of a nativeamerican…Gameplay is simple and intuitive:Create your fighter fromscratch. Customize everything, from the name, to the very lastdetail: head, torso, arms, legs, and feet. You can mix and matchyour favorite characteristics to create the most powerfulcombination of abilities.Win duels to gain coins that will help youimprove your fighter’s attributes and score new items. Modify yourwarrior as many times as you want to transform him into anall-powerful fighting machine.Want a little something extra? Hookyour warrior up with extra weapons or abilities. Will it be Thor’sHammer? A samurai sword? Or something a little more sophisticated,a lightsaber, perhaps? There are hundreds of additional armamentsat your disposition. What are you waiting for? Battle your enemiesand realize your destiny...to become the greatest of all time. Youropinion matters to us! Please rate and review if you like thisgame. Mobusi Games Studio 2016.

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    World Warrior Tournament
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    May 3, 2016
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Calle Quintana 2, Planta 2 28008 Madrid
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