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Play now the hottest Would You Rather ! Are you ready to answeruncomfortable quiz questions? Or maybe are you super curious aboutother people opinion? check now would you rather for adults, a newand improved version of the classic would you rather game. We havelisten you and we have created a bigger and better game, with lessglitches and significant better and fluent experience, beautifulgraphics and interesting new features to build the new community.We have picked the best questions to deliver to you, our team havebeen doing a great job picking the tricky trivia questions. Some ofthose questions are hard to answer and that's the beauty of thisgame. The new comments sections have been totally renovated andadapted to current times. Now you can share your opinion and seeothers, we would love to see a good and interesting discussion inthe comments. Don't forget to submit your own questions, we arelooking forward to see your inputs and contribute on the organicgrowth of the game. You will be able to track your questionsafterwards. This game have been translated in multiple language,concretely is available in Spanish, Portuguese, French , German andItalian. If you are a youtuber , feel free to create your contentplaying this game. youtubers life is important to us as we believein the same model. This game is not suitable for kids, thus we havedefined the game with the highest content rating possible. Pleaseis your responsibility to do not let your kids playings this game.Questions are related to love , sex and most of the times stronglanguage is used to describe the conundrums. Main features - Sendyour trivia and quiz questions (in a similar format like would youprefer and either) - Challenge your friends with questions aboutkiki challenge or other popular challenge - You Laugh You Losemode: Don't laugh or you lose the game, the funniest mode. Discoverthe many surprises in the game, would you rather a momo call or ..?Or are you ready to dance the shiggy challenge anytime the game askfor it? As art of our fanbase wanted we have included questionsrelated to fortnight but you can also found questions about othertrendings We really hope you enjoy playing our game and do no doubtin contact us for any concert.

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    Would You Rather? For Adults
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    May 27, 2019
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    Viral Games For Everyone
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    C/ Rosello, 288 08037 Barcelona España
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Would You Rather? 1.0.23 APK
Game questions like what do you prefer? With thousands of availablequestionsWhat do you prefer? It is an application of trivia whereyou have to choose between two options. Many questions areintroduced by other users.Would You Rather is an application withquality finishes that will surprise, many questions available andcomplicated decisions to make! as either.iofeatures:- Classic game,answering questions predefined by our team and other players-Real-time results- Send your questions that you prefer (would yourather and either)- Keep track of the results of your questions-Report inappropriate questions you thinkSome of the questions areextremely idiots and you will break your head in each of itscombination of questions.Who prefer it became fashionable throughyoutubers as luzu or Rubius, many of the questions come from them!I am german either spanish also provided some content.Thisapplication contains ads, but there is possibility ofeliminatingNot suitable for indecisive people.
Tubers Life Tycoon 1.0.16 APK
Finally is here! The new version of our most awesome game! Are youready to become the next tuber star? In this fantastic tubesimulator you will be able to create videos and simulate you arethe best youtuber of the world! Get views on your videos, get incontact with partners, meet people in social events, upgrade yourcomputer, change room layout ..... In the world of Tubers Life thisand much more is possible! In this tube simulator you can createyour own virtual video channel and grow your audience in any of thefollowing topics: - Vlogs - Gameplay Also in the Vlogs section youwill be able to create special videos, Q&A or just a video of ameeting with fans! So you now.. more videos then more subscriptorsand then more game money.. sounds any good to you? Are you ready toget viral and end up as pewdiepie's being millionaire? as in thereal life! tubers life tycoon is definitely your game! Yes! Thisgame is about youtubers life, Compite with your friends and climbin the ranking till the top! will you be the next pewdiepie? Intubers life tycoon you need to play with strategy, for exampleinvest in videos which the go viral percentage is higher or get newadvertising campaign to get more views! Collaborations have beenintroduced in this new version, we will be including more and morecolleagues to collaborate. As a recommendation we suggest to do notspend all your budget at one, split in a few videos and be patient!Im sure your next video will go viral! like yosoygerman forexample! This game represent the youtubers life and was inspired intuber life tycoon, a great pc simulator which was promoted by somemembers as yosoygerman or el rubius. jacksepticeye was alsopromoting the game in his main channel. This game is still in hisearly steps, in the new few weeks we will be adding a lot of newcontent and new funcionality!
eSports Gamers Tycoon 0.0.2 APK
How many times have you dream to be a professional gamer? Now inthis amazing tycoon you can finally do it! Party hard with yourfriends on this eSports Gamers Tycoon. Play Hard Go Pro!eSportsGamers life tycoon is a clicker idle type of game.TRAIN HARDUseyour AK or your 1000 degree knife to increase your experience ingame, the more you click the more level you will gain, also you canincrease your followers doing live streaming. Live streaming willalso give you some coins. Are you ready for this challenge?FIND ATEAMAs soon as you get to new levels you will get new colleagues toplay with and start the race for the championship. Use the happyroom mode to increase the effectivity on the shoots. The morecolleagues you have to play with the more level you will gain. Useyour bottle flip skills to click fast and get your new colleaguessoon ! Once you get your first colleague you can start to use extraboost as for example youturbo that will increase the effectivity ofthe live streaming.FIND A PARTNERStart a race for the championshipwill require a partner, a reigns partner will provide a new housewhere you can practice with your colleagues. You will get regularhouses, more fancy houses and finally a big mansion. All propertiescan be customised with decorative items or with trophies. Partnerswill also provide new features as the youtubers life boost, Are youready to be the next pewdiepie? This game is also a tuber simulatoras you can act as you are recording a video to share with yourfriends and fans.GO PROOnce you have reunited all your team and youhave the enough spinner experience you will be ready to fight forthe championship, you will be ready to smash or pass youropponents. DECORATE YOUR ROOMYou can get new items at any time,just get enough coins and start to decorate your room, you canapply different styles as for example jacksepticeye or luzustyle.This game is a continuation of our others popular and relatedgames as Would You Rather and Youtubers Life.This game is suitablefor all audiencies. This game is free so you can expect ads.
Vloggers Life Tycoon 0.0.3 APK
Play now Vloggers Life Tycoon ! Our new amazing and challenginggame ! Do you want to become the next super youtuber star? Or atleast pretend to be? Then this game is for you ! Create videos andshare them with your global audience, get views , subscribers andget ready to rule the extensive world of youtube !In this fantasticyoutuber life simulator you can get new subscribers based on thetotal views of your videos, you can decorate your room, you cantravel and get in contact with partners, meet virtual people insocial events, upgrade your computer and much much more ! First ofall, start by giving a good name to your virtual vlogger channel,then you can follow by creating your first video in one of thefollowing categories:- Standard Vlog: Create videos about animals,food , music, art or fashion. You can also create videos aboutgeneral topics as You Laugh you Lose videos, or smash or passvideos, - Gameplay: Create gameplays related to the last trends,craft games or neighbour style of games- Travel: In this categoryyou can create videos related to spinners or travel life vlogsAlsoin the Vlogs section you will be able to create special videos,Q&A or just a video of a meeting with fans! Once you havecreated your first vlog then you will need to edit and publish !This will lead you to get views , get new subscribers and thereforemoney !Published videos also need to be moderated so you will needto read and reviews your fans comments in order to make them happy!Are you ready to get viral and end up as pewdiepie's beingmillionaire? as in the real life! tube tycoon is definitely yourgame!This game is about youtubers life, Compite with your friendsand fight for the highest position in the ranking! will you be thenext pewdiepie? In tube tycoon you need to play with strategy, forexample invest in videos which the go viral percentage is higher orget new advertising campaign to get more views!As a recommendationwe suggest to do not spend all your budget at one, split in a fewvideos and be patient! Im sure your next video will go viral! likeyosoygerman for example!This game represent the youtubers life andwas inspired in tubers tycoon, a great pc simulator which waspromoted by some members as yosoygerman or el rubius. jacksepticeyewas also promoting the game in his main channel.
Exploration Craft Tycoon 1.1 APK
WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF CRAFT TYCOONAre you ready to take a next challenge? Do you like miningandcrafting? Then Craft Tycoon will perfectly fit you.. inthisamazing tycoon you will expand and discover new biomes, youwillcreate and decorate your home, you will face enemies, you willdosmall quest and you will personalise your character byacquiringequipment on the shop or during exploration time..Features:- Build and craft amazing house objects- Thousands of blocks to break in multiple biomes (nether,tundra,mesa , plain)- Pick craft and happy room free modes- Adventure roblo and raft survival paid modes- Exploration lite and big new worlds- Decorate your house- Mine,craft & create chestsYes! This game is about mine and craft, compite with yourfriendsand climb in the ranking till the top! will you be thenextpewdiepie of exploration craft? In this game you need to playwithstrategy, for example invest in home objects that willincreaseyour peaks per secondSuitable for youtubers; You are granted to create anddistributegameplays for a youtubers lifeThis game is still in his early steps, in the new few weeks wewillbe adding a lot of new content and new funcionality! Smash orpassnow !
Would You Rather? Classic 1.0.8 APK
Play the classic Would You Rather as you never had played before.Would You Rather was popularised by YouTubers, they play this gameon their videos and those are really popular. The methodology ofthe game is pretty simple, just choose between one of thosequestions and compare your choice with the rest of the world,sometimes results are pretty awesome ! You would never say thatpeople would choose an specific reigns choice.This trivia gamecontain many questions, those are partially created by ourcommunity. Are you ready to take this challenge? This is acontinuation of our popular game would you rather.This either typeof game is the one played by the vast majority of youtubers doingthe youtubers life.MODES- Would You Rather? Play the classic mode-Would You Rather? Guess mode. Not choose what do you want, justguess other people choice.- Would You Rather? With friends. Createa battle simulator and then smash or pass your friends, share theconundrum and laugh together, senpai- You Laugh You Lose mode willbe available in the next updateFEATURES- Comment questions with thecommunity- See the results in real time, tap on the spinner for aquick check- Create your quiz trivia questions and share those withthe royale community- Follow your created questions (would youprefer and either style)- Report inappropriate questionsPurchasequestions and get thousands of results in minutes, party hard andbe careful when writing your questions, put special emphases ongrammar , take into account that other people will read yourquestions and you don't want they think you are an idiot, right?Wewould appreciate if you try to do capital letters on yourquestions. For example Mr.President instead of mr president, youwill find further instructions in-game.Would you rather wasinspired by youtubers as pewdiepie , jacksepticeye and markiplier ,similiar to our other game bottle flip challenge which was alsoinspired by them so in case you are one of them please feel free touse this game for your videos.This new version of the game does notcontain many ads , we really hope you enjoy this new version.
Try Not To Laugh 1.0.4 APK
Try Not To Laugh is the ultimate challenge to play along with yourbest friends. Prove yourself how long can you be without laughing !We have selected the best videos for this app, watch these and tryto getting over it ! This is really a trap adventure game, once youhave watched the video two meme images will appear. Select one ofthose depending if you laughed or not. In this renovated and betterquality version we wanted to give you the best experience playingthis challenge, thats why we have incorporated various modes so youcan play with other people. - Smash or pass mode: Not only you canchoose if you laughed or not but also if you would smash the personon the video or you would pass. Would you rather? - Try not tocringe mode: Would you cringe or are you a genius? - Meme reviewmode: Including LWIAY and battle royale videos. - Slime withreigns: Upload your videos and see people reactions. Tell your gangabout your videos so they can decide if these are funny or not. Inthis new game we have uploaded the best videos , event trendy onesas related to foil polished ball or gang beasts Soon we will splitvideos by categories, including funny videos, fail videos , epicfails compilation and other reddit try not to laugh trends. A bitof history about the YLYL meme review: YLYL was a collection ofvideos inspired by many youtubers , they recorded themselveswatching funny vines so you can see the reaction of the youtuberafter each vine, most of them laugh and they can't say they didn'tas you see their reaction on the video. Thanos was one of the firstin recording himself facing this challenge, other youtubers doingthe youtubers life came afterwards. The vlogger life is quite funas you can see, all these challenge as roast yourself , 3 markerchallenge or dame tu cosita are hilarious ! Videos topic are quitegeneral .. tide pods challenges to uganda knuckles videos on thevirtual chat or many others as fantastic bottle flip challenge, andsmash or pass videos.. and many more ! Try Not To Laugh waspopularised by youtubers life pewdiepie and markiplier. They mademany videos talking about this challenge
3 Marker Challenge 0.0.1 APK
3 Marker Challenge is a now trending challenge breaking allrecords.The game consist in colouring pictures better than youropponent.-Pick a 3-random colour (with a roulette) - Pick a randommemepicture (roulette)- Coloring book as fast as possible andbetterthan your rival- Coloring by number and time.- Audience willdecidewhich one is better.In this challenge you can play withyourfriends, after that you can upload a gameplay to youryoutubechannel, in case you have or simply share the result withyourfriends.Get thousands of views and become the next tuber star.butcan you do this?Play our three modes- Smash or pass : Colourandshare your results, your friends will smash or pass yourdrawings-You Laugh You Lose: Colour and share your results, if yourfriendslaugh, you will lose.- Would You Rather mode: Colour ,shareresults and let your friends chose which one is better.Thisgamerepresent the youtubers life and was inspired in tubers tycoon,agreat pc simulator which was promoted by some members.