/ February 23, 2017
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Original Slots: Xmas Winter Tiger roars intoyour life with a blizzard of TREMENDOUS JACKPOTS that are certainto brighten your holidays or any day of the year. Enjoy the sightsand sounds of the Christmas season while you win your way toMAGICAL PAYOUTS on a snow-covered mountain that is prowled by themajestic winter tiger!

★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★

► The outstanding Level Up System gives you loads of Free Coins,Extra Lines, & Higher Max Bets!
► This Free Slots makes spirits bright with its festive HD Graphics& seasonal HD Sound!
► Scoop up Bonus Coins every 4 hours & check the Lucky WheelPrize to collect a Free Prize every day!
► The Xmas Winter Tiger’s Wild Symbols replace ANY Symbol to helpunearth HEAVENLY wins!
► The Scatter feature gets you Free Spins & lots of Christmascheer!
► Select up to 30 bet lines on this top-of-the-line 5 Reels SlotMachine!
► Auto Spin your way to fabulous riches & REMARKABLEpayouts!
► Bonus games could be: Scratch Cards, Choose a Chest, & Bet ona Card or Color to Multiply Winnings!

In this Original Slots, the natural habitat of the Xmas wintertiger is a misty, snow-covered mountain. The winter tiger lovesfrolicking and playing in the fresh powder of a significantsnowfall. He also loves being the source of exceptional good luckin the Free Slots forest. Christmas is always around the corner inthis Original Slots, and the winter tiger hands out luck the waySanta hands out presents. Woodland animals put aside their survivalinstincts and join forces to decorate the Free Slots forest for thefrosty holidays. They exuberantly scatter glistening gold coins andlucky sevens to every corner in the Original Slots. Diamonds andgems twinkle from evergreen trees and Free Bonuses bluster in onthe cold wind. The winter tiger constantly prowls the Free Slotsensuring that players are winning their share of festive jackpots.The Original Slots wonderland is aglow with sparkling gems andglittering fortunes. The winter tiger welcomes the snow panther tohis Free Slots domain to help hand out gold. Massive jackpots havebegun to snowball. The snow panther agrees to help the winter tigerspread the joy of the season. You’ll become hopelessly addictedwhen you start playing. Win your own Christmas treasure in OriginalSlots: Xmas Winter Tiger.

App Information Xmas Winter Tiger Slots

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Quick Hit – Maximum Heat Slots APK
Aurora Loft
Quick Hit – Maximum Heat Slots has the BIGGESTJACKPOTS and is the HIGHEST PAYING slots experience in the Googleplay store! Get on a hot streak & Win Amazing Prizes, all inthe palm of your hand.★★★Game Features ★★★►Amazing Vegas-Like Gaming Experience With HD Graphics & HDSound►Incredible 5 Reel Slot Machine►Regular Wins with Lucky Wheel Free Prizes & Bonus Coins EveryFour Hours!► 3 Bonus Games: Scratch Cards, Choose a Chest & Bet on a Cardto Multiply!►The More You Play the More You Win! Level Up System Gets You FreeCoins, Extra Lines & a Higher Max Bet!►Wild Symbols Replace Any Symbol & The Scatter Feature Gets YouFree Spins!►Mega Wins, Huge Payouts & Insane Jackpots!►More Ways To Wins, Choose Up to 30 Lines to Bet!►Sit Back, Relax & Watch the Winnings Roll in Using the AutoSpin FeatureDescriptionThings are about to really heat up! Quick hit – Maximum heat slotsis the hottest new Free Slots game to hit the Google Play store.With stunning features and incredible gameplay, Quick Hit FreeSlots burns the competition with ease. You’ll soon be on fire,thanks to the many ways there are to win and the huge jackpot upfor grabs. Your time has arrived, so hit the download button andbecome the hottest Casino Slots player the world has seen!The incredible high definition graphics and sounds on display makethis Free Slots game one of the preeminent Slot machines on mobile.You will be able to have a Vegas-like experience in the comfort ofyour own home, all the while building your bank with big wins andan insane jackpot. You can even use the Casino Slots Auto Spinfeature so you can sit back and relax while the reels spin aroundand reward you with gold.Quick Hit Maximum Heat Free Slots also offers you a range of waysto win, putting the odds heavily in your favour. Hot Wild Symbolswill flash up on your screen and if you can land enough of themthen free games will be triggered! There is also a generous FreeBonus that kicks in every four hours, rewarding you with gold justfor playing along. Casino Slots has never given you so many chancesto win, all the power is in your hands!It’s time now to step up to the plate and see what all the fuss isabout. Download Quick Hit – Maximum Heat Free Slots and playtoday!
Original Slots: Ember Wolf APK
Aurora Loft
Original Slots: Ember Wolf is a swelteringFree Slots experience where you can win SIZZLING PAYOUTS whileenjoying the beauty and majesty of the powerful Ember Wolf. Put onyour hiking boots and follow this legendary wolf, through histerritory, where he shows you the path to SMOKIN’ HOTJACKPOTS!★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★► Bet on a Card or Color Bonus Game gives you the chance tomultiply your winnings!► Choose a Chest or Scratch Cards are 2 different Bonus Games thatyou can play!► Level Up System turns up the heat with Free Coins, Extra Lines,& Higher Max Bets!► The 5 Reels Slot Machine lets you select up to 30 bet lines towin BLAZING payouts!► Lucky Wheel Prizes gets you a Free Prize every day while BonusCoins scorch the slots every 4 hours!► Auto Spin your way to victory on a Slot Machine that has fiery HDGraphics and stunning HD Sound!► Howl like a wolf at the moon when Wild Symbols replace ANYSymbol!► The Scatter feature gets you Free Spins for awesome opportunitiesat SCORCHING wins!Wolf Mountain is a volcanic mountain that is the home of themysterious and mystical Ember Wolf. At the heart of the mountain isthe Ember Wolf Slot Machine. The most important attribute of anywolf is that it is a predator. The Ember Wolf is the most specialof all predators on Wolf Mountain. He was born of the mountain andcan transform into the fire that burns deep within the lava insidethe volcano. The other Ember Wolves are a pack of strong warriorsthat forever roam the smoldering reels of the Free Slots. They huntfor treasure to give the players of the Original Slots. They chargethough the forest searching for red-hot jackpots. Some of theriches are near the inferno deep within the mountain of this FreeSlots. The alpha Ember Wolf throws his head back and howls at themoon. He celebrates finding a cache of sizzling treasure in theOriginal Slots. The wilderness of Wolf Mountain is filled with goldBonus Coins and Free Bonuses. Another important attribute of thewolves is that they are wild animals that are closely associatedwith good luck. In this Free Slots, wolves travel the forest trailsto search far and wide for incredible fortunes. Winning is easy andplaying is very enjoyable with the magical Original Slots: EmberWolf.
Transylvanian Slots APK
Aurora Loft
Count Dracula lurks in the darkness, he wantsyour blood but he may also want your love… are you prepared to meetthe Count? Transylvania will never be the same. Get ready for abloody romantic slot that will have you spinning!Game Features► Vampire MEGA wins!► 20 Reel Slots and YOUR choice of line count!► FREE Bonus Coin & Lucky Prize Wheel EVERY 4 hours► Bloody HD graphics, Romantic HD sound► Level Up: Free coins, MORE lines, BIGGER bet max!► Double Down on your slot machine wins with Dracula!► Slay those auto-spins, free spins and mini games galore► Vampire boost with boost multiplier!► Get wild with Wildcards► Want more great games and cool apps? Check our Other Games► Multilingual UI: free online slots in your language!How did Dracula come to be? Was it a deal with the devil? Whatcould cause a man to become a monster? The simple answer, myfriend, is love! Dracula fell in love with a beautiful maiden, whowas taken from him.A vampire’s love is eternal, his devotion is everlasting, the painsof unrequited love are forever. Nothing will stop him, not evendeath. A lust for blood and the need to kill are a small price topay for the opportunity to look for his one and only true lovethroughout the ages.Transylvania Slots is by far the most exciting vampire slot gamearound. One spin on this slot game will have you looking over yourshoulders at night! Sit back and enjoy the FREE spins! Multi-lineslots with a vampire twist – who could ask for anything more? Callyour friends and play together!
Free Slots Twister Glister APK
Aurora Loft
Twister Glister has the BIGGEST JACKPOTS andis the HIGHEST PAYING slots experience in the Google play store!Get caught in a Tornado of Gold & Amazing Prizes, all in thepalm of your hand.★★★Game Features ★★★►Amazing Vegas-Like Gaming Experience Thanks to HD Graphics &HD Sound►Incredible 5 Reel Slot Machine►Regular Wins with Lucky Wheel Free Prizes & Bonus Coins EveryFour Hours!► Take Advantage of the Double Down Option & Boost WinningsMultiplier To Win Even More!►The More You Play the More You Win! Level Up System Gets You FreeCoins, Extra Lines & a Higher Max Bet!►Our Multilingual UI Feature Means Absolutely Anybody CanPlay!►Wild Symbols Replace Any Symbol & The Scatter Feature Gets YouFree Spins!►Bonus Includes a Randomly Selected Mini-Game!►Mega Wins, Huge Payouts & Crazy Jackpots!►More Ways To Win, Choose Up to 20 Lines to Bet!►Sit Back, Relax & Watch the Winnings Roll in Using the AutoSpin FeatureDescriptionBatten down the hatches – it’s time to enter the world of TwisterGlister and begin a whirlwind journey in this Free Slotsblockbuster! Free Slots: Twister Glister is the newest and craziestFree Slots game to hit the Google Play store, with features andgameplay that make this a must play Slot Machine for all lovers ofCasino Slots.It will be raining Pigs & Cows in this Barnyard Casino Slotsgame, with a tornado hitting the ranch and blowing the animalsaway! More importantly, it will also be raining gold and coins,with plenty of ways to win and huge payouts. The Wild Symbols willboost your winnings and the scatter feature will trigger a freegames bonus that will line your pockets with gold while the cyclonespins. There is also a Free Bonus that kicks in every four hours,featuring a super fun mini game and free coins just for playing!With so many ways to win big you would be crazy not to play TwisterGlister Free Slots.The incredible high definition graphics and sounds of this slotmachine will make you think you are stuck in the middle of anatural disaster! You’ll have to hold onto your seat as the tornadoblows its way through the screen, leaving behind a trail of goldand fortune. Mobile Slots is yet to see a Free Slots game of suchhigh quality, so download Twister Glister now and experience thisCasino Slots masterpiece!
7seven7: BLAZE Slot Machine APK
Aurora Loft
7seven7: BLAZE Slot Machine is the HOTTESTPAYING Free Slots casino experience players can get their hands on.GREAT ODDS makes this one of the most fun Slot Machines to play.Watch as lucky number seven sets the place on fire as you spin yourway to FABULOUS JACKPOTS!★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★►Great odds yield SENSATIONAL wins when you choose up to 30 betlines on 5 Reels!►Lucky Wheel Prizes guarantee an awesome Free Prize everyday!►Bonus Coins get dropped every 4 hours & the Scatter featuresurprises frequently with Free Spins!►Hustle into RED-HOT payouts with Wild Symbols that replace ANYSymbol!►The fantastic Level Up System gets you Extra Lines, Free Coins,& Higher Max Bets!►Scratch Cards - Choose a Chest - Bet on a Card or Color toMultiply Winnings - are all Bonus Games!►Feel the heat and intensity of the sizzling HD Graphics andsuperior HD Sound!►Get addicted to easy gameplay with the Auto Spin Feature!Quick…choose an odd number between one and ten. Did you chooseseven? If you did, the reason is because seven is the ultimatenumber. Seven is widely considered to be the world’s favoritenumber. Throughout history, the number seven has been revered bydifferent societies as an integer with magical and mystical powers.In the realm of Free Slots, the number seven holds the highestranking of luck possible on the planet. Seven has so much winningpower that it is directly responsible for faster win speeds thanever before. This Slot Machine is where you find such wins. Somepeople associate the number seven with infinity. If you play thisFree Slots long enough, you have the possibility of endless wins.Jackpots appear at the speed of light in this lucky seven SlotMachine. With increased speed comes bigger fortunes. Seven is alsoconsidered to be a highly spiritual number. People who believe thisare very intuitive and lucky. They know that playing this FreeSlots will result in blazing fast wins, burning hot jackpots, andsparkling bonus coins. Seven is a number that sounds good to theear and you’ll be feeling good when you win Free Bonus after FreeBonus in this Free Slots. Be in awe of the power of the mightynumber seven and play 7seven7: BLAZE Slot Machine today.
The Pixie's Gold - Free Slots APK
Aurora Loft
The Pixie's Gold - Free Slots travels to amagical kingdom where the royal Prince and Princess have decreedthat everyone win AWE-INSPIRING JACKPOTS. Escape to a secret realmwhere mystical unicorns and whimsical pixies make your day and fillyour wallet with MAGNIFICENT WINNINGS!★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★► Auto Spin to your heart’s content while enjoying the sublime HDGraphics & sensational HD Sound!► Lucky Wheel Prizes summon a mysterious Free Prize everyday!► Bonus Coins gallop through the magical kingdom every 4 wonderfulhours!► Enchanted Wild Symbols replace ANY Symbol for MIRACULOUSPayouts!► Scatter gives you loads of otherworldly Free Spins!► Bonus Games include: Scratch Cards, Choose a Chest, & Bet ona Card or Color to Multiply Winnings!► The pixie’s Level Up System gives you glorious Free Coins, handyExtra Lines, & Higher Max Bets!► Conjure up to 30 lucky bet lines in this bewitching 5 Reels SlotMachine for FANTASTICAL Wins!Pixies may be the smallest fairies in mystical realms but they arepowerful suppliers of magical jackpots. In this Free Slots,whimsical pixies serve the royal Prince and Princess in a fairytale kingdom. The Free Casino Slots sky is filled with glitteringpixie dust as the creatures take to the sky and create giganticfortunes for players to win. The pixie dust is enchanted with anancient spell that brings forth good luck and long-lastinghappiness. Everything that the pixie dust touches, in the FreeSlots, turns into an incredible treasure trove of spectacular cashand gleaming gold. In this Free Casino Slots, the pixie’s mostpowerful ally is the majestic unicorn. Unicorns have the magicalability to transform everyday objects into dazzling gems andfantastic jackpots. Piles of gold coins even appear wherever aunicorn places its shiny hooves. A vast herd of unicorn trotthrough the Free Slots forest. They spread sparkling jewels andmonumental riches along the path. Mushrooms encrusted with diamondsgrow beside flowers that bloom profusely with Free Bonuses. ThePrince and Princess reward the pixies and unicorns for theirwonderful contribution of magical treasure in the Free Casino Slotsrealm. Spellbinding winnings can easily be yours when you play ThePixie's Gold - Free Slots.
CLEOPATRA Queen of Slots APK
Aurora Loft
CLEOPATRA - Queen of Slots delves into thebreathtaking world of ancient Egypt to bring you an immersing andrichly rewarding casino-styled experience that’s teeming withGIGANTIC JACKPOTS. Sail down the magical waters of the Nile withCleopatra and you’ll find that there’s always OPULENT PAYOUTS readyto be won!★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★► Feel like a pharaoh & choose up to 30 bet lines on 5 Reels towin GARGANTUAN payouts!► The Queen of the Nile gives away a Free Prize every day with herLucky Wheel Prizes!► Bonus Coins rain down from the pyramids every 4 hours!► Get more FANTASTIC wins when Cleopatra’s Wild Symbols replace ANYSymbol!► The Scatter feature scuttles sacred scarabs out of the way to getyou Free Spins!► Exciting Bonus Games include - Scratch Cards - Choose a Chest -Bet on a Card or Color!► The royal Level Up System rewards you with Free Coins, ExtraLines, & Higher Max Bets!► Auto spin lets you relax & appreciate the gorgeous HDGraphics & the enchanting HD Sound!Cleopatra was the most beautiful and the most powerful Queen ofancient times. She considered herself to be a living goddess andwas called the Queen of the Nile. Today, Cleopatra lives on in themagical world of Free Slots. Cleopatra uses her godly powers tolavish gold Bonus Coins and sumptuous jackpots on those who playher Free Casino Slots. Egyptians believed that the Eye of Horus wasa good luck sign and that it protected one from evil. Cleopatra hasdecreed that the Eye of Horus grants all players exceptional goodluck in her Free Slots. Her imposing Sphinx lights up with a goldenglow to entice players. The Sphinx helps Cleopatra’s subjects findtheir way to immense treasures hidden deep in the pyramids of theFree Casino Slots. Cleopatra was known for her beauty but she wasalso renowned for her intellect. She knows that playing frequentlyincreases the chances of winning glorious riches in her Free CasinoSlots. The gods of ancient Egypt look with favor upon those whoworship Cleopatra and play her Free Slots. Winning fortunes isforetold in hieroglyphs that adorn the wall of the pharaoh’spalace. Free Bonuses appear like signs from the gods to play longerin this Free Slots. Experience the dynasty of a queen that historywill never forget with CLEOPATRA - Queen of Slots.
Fruit Salad Slot Machine 1.02 APK
Aurora Loft
Fruit Salad Slot Machine is an amazingly funand popular Free Slots that is going to send you into a virtualfood coma with its FANTASTIC JACKPOTS and SUPERIOR ODDS. Taste adelectable casino slots experience that is packed with OUTSTANDINGPAYOUTS and which will have you salivating for more!★★★★★ Game Features ★★★★★► Bonus Coins are tossed out generously to make the ultimate fruitsalad every 4 hours!► Savor the lusciousness of the HD Graphics and yummy HD Soundwhile collecting SWEET WINS!► Win your way to HUMONGOUS payouts by choosing up to 30 bet lineson 5 Reels!► Auto Spin for faster wins plus Lucky Wheel Prizes means you get afresh Free Prize every day!► Get Free Spins with the Scatter feature while tasty Wild Symbolsreplace ANY Symbol!► Satisfy your hunger for Free Coins, Extra Lines, & Higher MaxBets with the Level Up System!► Bonus games that pop up include Choose a Chest or ScratchCards!► Bet on a Card or Color to multiply winnings is a Bonus Game thatis sure to please!When you think of fruit, visions of sweet, juicy, ripe things toeat immediately pop into your head. When you think of deliciousjackpots, this fruit Slot Machine will pop into your head once youstart playing it. You’ll become addicted to the delectable, juicytreasures that land in your hands when you play this Free Slots.Technically, fruit is the part of a plant that contains seeds. GoldBonus Coins and incredible payouts are the fruit of this FreeSlots. No fruit salad or fruit Slot Machine is complete withoutcherries. The cherry is believed to have been discovered by theRomans in 70 BC. Roman soldiers spit out cherry pits along theroads they traveled and populated the Roman empire with cherrytrees. Red is the color of good luck in China. Since cherries arethe most beautiful red color, they are extremely lucky in FreeSlots. Cherries are the shiny gems of the fruit world and the FreeSlots world. They come in endless varieties but only twotypes—sweet and sour. Cherries are the wonderful magical orbs thatbring about the exceptionally sweet fortunes in this Slot Machine.The possibility of winning these marvellous riches can be endlessif you play long enough. Enjoy the taste of Free Bonuses in yourmouth and the big fruity wins when you play Fruit Salad SlotMachine.