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Official Warp Drive theme for Sony XPERIA™Tested on Xperia DevicesZ5, Z5 Compact, Xperia Z4 Tablet, Xperia Z3etc.SpecificationsXPERIA™ Themes can customize over 300 graphicalassets.Style everything from lock screen and home screen wallpapersto icons, colours and buttons.Requires Android 5.0 andaboveDownload gorgeous and high quality themes developed uniquelyfor your Xperia smartphone from Sony Mobile. Download yourfavourite theme and personalize your phone today!

App Information XPERIA™ Warp Drive Theme

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    XPERIA™ Warp Drive Theme
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    November 21, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 5.0 and up
  • Version
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    Sony Mobile Communications
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Music 9.4.7.A.0.0 APK
The Music application from Sony makes listening to your music filesa wonderful experience. Import your music, arrange in playlists andjust listen and enjoy. We optimize the sound and restrict the powerused, so you can listen for as long as you want. The Musicapplication is only compatible with Xperia devices. [Notice ofdiscontinuation of the music metadata acquisition function poweredby Gracenote (R)]. The music metadata (song title/artist/albumname/album art) acquisition function powered by Gracenote (R)services and provided with the Music app will be discontinued (asof version 9.4.7). Previously acquired music metadata will still bedisplayed as usual.
AR effect APK
Add fun AR (Augmented Reality) effects to your pictures and videos!Take pictures and videos with virtual scenes and characters withthe AR effect application. With pre-loaded themes you can createpictures with growling dinosaurs, have fairies walk on your desk,attach masks to your friends’ faces and much more. Discover amazingaugmented reality scenes in the real world with your viewfinder.Sony's FACE RECOGNITION Technology and SmartAR* engineautomatically detect faces and 3D environments and decorate themwith fun AR items. The Palm recognition** engine detects palms andoffers even more fun decorations. You can enjoy Miniatures themeand 3D sticker from 3D Creator app*** only on 3D Creator-supporteddevices. Please use 3D sticker from 3D Creator app. How to open thedownloaded theme: 1. Open the AR Effect app 2. Select the icon ofthe downloaded theme on the screen Interaction with AR items: 1.Drag animations to change their position 2. Tap on an object andsome objects will change (color/variation/action depends on themecontent) *SmartAR is the registered trademark or trademark of SonyCorporation in Japan and other countries, for the augmented realitytechnology developed by Sony Corporation. **Palm recognition usesthe technology which is powered by Sony Deep Learning Solution.Palm recognition is supported on Android 5.0 or above devices thathas QualcommR processor. ***3D Creator v1.0.A.2.8 or higher isrequired to use this application.
Sketch - Draw & Paint APK
*** The online parts of the Sketch service will be discontinued onthe 30th of September, 2019. *** This is the official Sketch appfrom Sony. Sketch brings a fun drawing and photo editing experienceto anyone who wants to be creative, regardless of skill level. Ifyou need inspiration, the Sketch community is an endless source ofdigital art for you to explore and enjoy. You can then inspireothers by sharing your own art and be a part of the community.FEATURES ✓ Draw creative sketches using fun brushes and tools ✓Enhance your pictures and photos with text and free stickers ✓Build advanced sketches with layers ✓ Zoom to paint fine details ✓Inspire and get inspiration from other users in the art community ✓Participate in collaborations and build on the work of others ✓Back up and sync your drawings to multiple devices EDITING TOOLS: -Multiple brushes, pens, and pencils - Draw with finger or stylus -Eraser - Smudge - Bucket fill - Layer editor - Photo import - Freestickers - Text with multiple fonts - Ruler - Background selector -Color tool - Pipette - Image color adjustment - Crop - Move, scale,rotate, and flip - Pan and zoom - Export or share as image -Undo/redo - Backup and sync to multiple devices COMMUNITY FEATURES:- Top lists and global feed - Hashtags makes it easy to find yourpreferred drawing style such as comics, manga, anime, or portraits- Mentions to interact and connect with other artists -Customizable profile page - Follow your favorite artists, like andcomment on others paintings - Share to the Sketch art community andget recognition and inspiration from others - Personalized feed -Notifications - Search for users and tags - Collaborations -Possibility to remove sketches and block users - No login requiredto explore art This application uses analytics software to collectand aggregate statistics to help us improve this app and ourservices. None of this data can be used to identify you.
com.sonymobile.androidapp.audiorecorder 2.01.42 APK
The Audio recorder app, Reportex web site (reportex.io) andReportex transcription service for audio recorder will be shut downand unavailable after the September 30, 2019. Please follow thesteps below: Download and save your data. Use your prepaid credits(all credits will be unavailable after the September 30, 2019). Allsubscriptions will be automatically terminated after the July 3,2019. All the data will be automatically removed after theSeptember 30, 2019. We do not accept any new subscriptions forAudio recorder app, Reportex web site (reportex.io). You will notbe able to download and install or re-install the audio recorderapp. Please note that this means you will not be able to accesswebsite (reportex.io) after the September 30, 2019. The ReportexTeam.......................................................................................................................................................Mentioned in The New York Times “…how to record your own podcast”article for audio recording:https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/19/learning/lesson-plans/project-audio-teaching-students-how-to-produce-their-own-podcasts.htmlRecommended as one of the 24 best apps for journalists in 2018:http://www.interhacktives.com/2018/02/18/24-best-apps-journalists-2018/This is the official Sony Audio Recorder application, which makesit easy to record and playback audio on your smartphone or tablet.An intuitive recording interface makes it easy to record, pause,edit audio and more. In selected markets, we support speech-to-texttranscription via the Reportex service. Learn more about Reportexon https://reportex.io/. This application uses analytics softwareto collect and aggregate statistics. This data helps us improvethis app and our services. None of this data can be used toidentify you.​
com.sonymobile.backgrounddefocus APK
Bokeh - take photos in a professional style Let the object in focusstand out. The Bokeh app simulates a shallow depth of field bycreating a blurred out background. It captures two photos withdifferent focus settings, which you can bring together to create aphoto with one object in sharp focus, against a beautifully blurredbackground. How to use Bokeh: 1. Start the Camera and select Bokehas the camera mode 2. Tap the object you want to focus on in theviewfinder 3. Press the camera key to take a photo 4. Change theblur level and blur effect with the controls on the screen 5. Tapthe save button Tips for best photos: To get the best results,please focus on an object 15-45cm (0.5-1.5 feet) away, make surethe background object is 5 meters away from the focus target andhold the camera steady. Results are dependent on device and cameraspecifications. Notes : Due to Android restrictions 'Bokeh-addon'app icon may disappear from the camera mode selector after updating'Bokeh' app to version-2.4.12 or later. Please update the phonesoftware to make it appear. Alternatively, you can access the bokehapp from application tray (Home application). This application usesanalytics software to collect and aggregate statistics to help usimprove this app and our services. None of this data can be used toidentify you.
Xperia Transfer Mobile 2.3.A.0.40 APK
Xperia Transfer Mobile is an ultra-easy, safe, and simple app thatwill help you move your contacts, messages, photos, and much morefrom your old Android, iOS or Windows Phone device to your newXperia from Sony. Content that can be transferred: • Contacts •Calendar events • Call log • Text messages (SMS) • Multimediamessages (MMS) • Photos • Music • Videos • Documents • Apps (notsupported from iOS) • App data (will be transferred if the appallows it) • Settings (from Xperia only) • Home layouts (fromXperia only) • Email accounts (from Xperia only) • Wi-Fi settings(from Xperia only) Available transfer methods: • From Android:Cloud, Wi-Fi Direct, or SD card • From iOS: USB, Wi-Fi or iCloud •Windows Phone: Cloud Transfer from: • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) andlater versions. Not limited to Xperia devices. • iPhone, iPad, andiPod with iOS 5.0 and later versions • Windows Phone 8.1 and laterversions Transfer to: • Xperia device limited to Android 4.4(KitKat) and later versions Please note that depending on the olddevice’s capabilities, not all content may be transferred correctlyor completely. In case of valuable content, please verify theresult of the transfer afterwards. Please also note that datasynced with online services, such as contacts, won’t betransferred. Provide your feedback on our support forum:http://bit.ly/1q4kq8Y This application uses analytics software tocollect and aggregate statistics to help us improve this app andour services. None of this data can be used to identify you. OnXperia smartphones released from 2019 onwards, you cannot useXperia Transfer Mobile to restore your content. Please use thissolution(https://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/apps-services/data-migration/#google-drive)to back up and restore your content.
Smart Connect APK
This is the official Smart Connect app from Sony. Smart Connecthelps you set up and manage smart accessories from Sony. When youconnect your accessory, Smart Connect identifies it and downloadsany required app or app extension. Smart Connect can be used withthese accessories: SmartWatch 2 SmartBand SWR10 SmartWatchBluetooth Remote BRH10 SmartEyeGlass Smart Tags IPT-DS10M ChargerHeadset SBH50 SBH52 This application uses analytics software tocollect and aggregate statistics to help us improve this app andour services. None of this data can be used to identify you.
SmartWatch 2 SW2 1.6.31 APK
This is the official Sony application for SmartWatch 2 SW2. Itenables you to utilize all the powerful Android benefits of thisinnovative smartphone accessory*. With this app, you can decide howyour smartphone interacts with SmartWatch 2. You can also customizea set of wallpapers, watchface widgets and a variety of clockstyles. Customize your SmartWatch the way you want it. It will alsohelp you keep updated on future Android app extensions availablefor your SmartWatch 2. To use this accessory app, you must haveSmart Connect installed on your Android smartphone ortablet.SmartWatch 2 expands your Android experience and introducesnew and exciting ways to live and communicate. It interacts withyour smartphone over Bluetooth® and what’s happening in your lifeis mirrored in your watch. Choose from a wide range of SmartWatch 2app extensions available and be among the first to adopt aSmartWatch lifestyle.NOTE: This application will not appear in yourapplication screen or home screen. Open the application settingsvia Smart Connect or via the phone or tablet status bar.Do morewith your SmartWatch 2. Download this app and choose from a widerange of related productivity and entertaining app extensions. Ifyour smartphone is Android, this is your SmartWatch.*This SonySmartWatch 2 application is only compatible with SmartWatch 2 SW2.