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Drift like a boss on asphalt tracks our latest and best driftgame.This game is not a sequel to Pure Drift, but a whole newgame.Drive through wonderful pure asphalt racing tracks around theworld .Main Features:-Arcade physics-9 Awesome cars-9 AwesomeAsphalt Tracks-Upgrade your car for better performance-Mutliplayermode (drift against your friends)-Pimp your ride with a wide rangeof rims and paint

App Information Xtreme Drift Asphalt tracks

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    Xtreme Drift Asphalt tracks
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    January 11, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Joga Loca games
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    10 a Route de Mondorf Altwies Luxembourg
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Available for free, Ragaio makes you a cell willing to grow as muchas it can, eating all the other cells which are near or living inthe same environment.You now have two solutions : either you eatall the static cells, these ones wont hurt you since they areharmless, but they dont provide such a huge amont of strenght ;either you eat the other players’ cells, who happen to have thesame objective ! Therefore, Ragaio is a very competitive game inwhich you have to resist to the other players’ assaults. You’llhave to be patient, since one tiny mistake can mean the end of allyour efforts ! Each match can engage up to six players at the sametime.So be clever, and attack at the right moment ! So, Ragaio isthe efficiency of a fun gameplay, in which you add the fun oftactil controls. More immersive, more entertaining, you’re gonnaspend some good times with your friends ! Features : Onlinemultiplayer (up to 6 players per game)Tactil controlsYou can splityour cellYou can eject some of your mass, in order to go faster
City Driving School 3D 1.0 APK
  The car has become the most popular means of transportin the world and also the most prevalent. It is necessary to go towork, go out to a movie, shopping, going to school, and more.Therefore, the car license is more than essential to be able to getinto the workforce and to be able to move freely all. City DrivingSchool 3D will allow you to train yourself to get the car licenseand allow you to review your skills if you alreadyown.  You will discover numerous more or less difficultsituations, each belonging to a particular context and for drivingyou, all taking place in a large urban district. Sometimes you needto perform reverse gears, sometimes zigzag between obstacles toavoid damaging the car, still other times you will have to managesharp turns or narrow passages. You will need to learn to have thecar template in the eye as this may cause accidents in this gameparking.  But be careful! This will not be the onlythings to learn and pay attention to which, as 3D City DrivingSchool offers more surprises! Pedestrians and traffic will be thereto make your task more difficult. You will need to absolutely avoidnot to lose and not to fail the test of your driving license. Oncethe different obstacles and different past difficulties, you haveto go park in the right place.  In the different levelsof this game of parking, so you have to perfectly dodge obstaclesand reach the parking avoiding damage to the vehicle and as quicklyas possible. As you progress, the difficulty will become larger,first at the obstacles, then at the time. Are you ready for thechallenge driving your beautiful race car and obtain or validateyour license to drive again?The strengths of our car park game 3DDriving School City:- 3D graphics good HD quality- An increasingdifficulty- 40 levels- Optimized Gameplay- Simple handling-Numerous challengesThis game has been tested on:- Samsung GalaxyS2- Samsung Galaxy S3- Samsung Galaxy S4- Samsung Galaxy S5-Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0- Nexus 4- Nexus July 2012- Meizu MX 4- JXDS7300Be sure to see our other games on http://jogaloca.comFollow uson facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JogaLocaOr tweet: https://twitter.com/jogaloca
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Just before christmas help Santa to ship giftsfor the kids all around the world.But this time santa need to go faster, and he take a great monstertruck to achieve is goal.Defeat your friends with Heyzap.There are many purchase (free) to upgrade his car.There is a cheat code in the game if you want to know it simplyrate the game and send me a mail via my dev mail below.The game has been tested on:-Samsung Galaxy S2-Samasung galaxy S3-Nexus 7-Meizu mx QuadI wish you all a mery christmas !!
You enjoyed playing Police VS Thief ? Then what about switching theroles and, this time, being on the other side of the law ? Insteadof playing a policeman chasing some random thief, you’ll become thethief himself ! How amazing is that ? Drive as fast as you can, andbe the best pilot ever : police forces are right behind you, andthey wont let you go away that easily ! While you are being chasedthrough the whole city by relentless police forces, your objectiveis quite simple : escape them, whatever it takes ! The pursuit isnow on, and they are only two endings : your arrest, or your escape! Like in every american-like high speed car chase, our game willthrow you in epic and amazing high speed pursuits. Adrenaline,vehicles driving at top speed, crashes and accidents, the action isnervous, and full of challenge ! Who never, indeed, dreamed aboutthese high speed car chases one can see in this shows available ontelevision, in which one witness spectaculary high speed pursuits,which can even last for hours ! This is what our game, Thief VSPolice, offers : the sensations and the fun of breathless,challenging and realistic pursuitsYou think your experience andyour skills are high enough to escape the police forces ? Then,please test our game, and prove it to us, you might be surprised!The main characteristics of our game :- Dynamic gameplay- Goodquality graphics- Increasing difficulty- Many cars to play with-Speed’s sensation, and nervous challengeThis game has been testedon : - Samsung Galaxy S3- Samsung Galaxy S4- Samsung Galaxy S5-Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0- Nexus 4- Nexus July 2012- Meizu MX 4- JXDS7300Dont forget to discover our other games :http://jogaloca.comFollow us on facebook :https://www.facebook.com/JogaLocaOr on Twitter:https://twitter.com/jogaloca
Nowadays all the world or almost can drive a car to provided ofcourse to hold a driver's licence in due form, thereby driving carsbecomes child's play, but what vehicles longer as buses? Discoveran unprecedented experience by putting you behind the wheel in thissimulation of bus driving. Learn the basics of driving and longvehicle parking and manoeuvres which are simple drive and becomeconsiderably more complicated when it comes to park your bus. In HDBUS PARKING discover splendid 3D HD graphics and rub you longvehicle parking difficulties. HD Bus parking contains quite a lotof ingredients to get completely addicted and one would besurprised if you were trying to pass allowed vote BUS after that :)You can try to park any vehicle: truck, aircraft, tractor, bus willalways remain one of the vehicles the most fun to park. HD BUSPARKING features:-20 levels with difficulty progressive - differentsituations of Parking with your bus (niche, storage in battle) -multiple cameras to better understand how best to park your bus -graphics HD (same on older phones)-two control modes: accelerometeror touch control - possibility to improve your score be sure toexplore our other games on http://jogaloca.com follow us onfacebook : https://www.facebook.com/JogaLoca or on twitter:https://twitter.com/jogaloca a JOGALOCA game.
Drive a car, truck, or bus is certainly very fun, however, have youever tried to park a boat? With the inherent inertia in movement inthe water, things are much more complicated, but particularly fun.Boat Parking in HD, take control of a great little boat and fightyour way through a crowded harbor say. It is of course notnecessary to have a boating license to play our game parking boat,just a recent smartphone to enjoy the pleasures of sailing at seaRemember, before you start playing HD Boat parking, a boat driverin a completely different way than a car. Indeed, where a carbrakes in an instant thanks to the friction of the wheels producedon the tarmac, a boat launched at low speed take much more time tostabilize its speed and not move through inertia. Strengths of ourgame BOAT PARKING HD: - 20 Levels with progressive difficulty -Realistic physics of a boat - HD Graphics -Location differentparking at each level - Very beautiful yachts to admire during thegame - Optimized for smartphones not very powerful This game hasbeen tested on: - Nexus 7 google - Nexus 4 - Samsung S2 - SamsungS3 - Samsung S4 - Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 - Wiko cink king - FiveWiko Cink - 4 core Meizu MX - Archos Gamepad 2 - JXD S7300B Do notforget to discover our other games http://jogaloca.com Follow us onfacebook: https://www.facebook.com/JogaLoca Or twitter:https://twitter.com/jogaloca
TAXI DRIVER .... what a beautiful job how about getting behind thewheel of a gleaming New York taxi and go to conquer the Big Apple?NYC Taxi Parking in HD, you'll have your way in the big city of NewYork and take control of your nervous and spacious taxi totransport very important clients. The rules NYC Taxi Parking HD arevery simple, you sneak into the city and try to park your car asaccurately as possible about your client. However be careful not tocrush or the game is over. If you need to pass your driver'slicense, do not hesitate to download our game, it will give you aworkout 100% free. With over 20 levels, our taxi parking game youwill spend a good few hours to find the best solution to a nichecloser to your customer. Highlights of NYC Taxi Parking Game HD -HD Graphics - 20 Levels - Choice between Touch or accelerometercontrol - Several different scenarios on some levels - Limited timewith the possibility to improve your score - Ideal for traindriving licenses Go! Without further delay take the wheel of yoursublime yellow taxi! This set was tested on: -Samsung Galaxy S3Samsung Galaxy-S4 - Samsung Galaxy S2 - Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 -Google Nexus 4 - Google Nexus July 2012 - Archos Gamepad 2 - MeizuMX 4 - JXD S7300 Do not forget to discover our other gameshttp://jogaloca.com Follow us on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/JogaLoca Or twitter:https://twitter.com/jogaloca Game
Police vs Zombies 1.1 APK
We all, one day, as a child or even as an adult, dreamed aboutbeing a policeman. We also all saw some zombie movies, where bloodand brain flow. Those zombies are quite succesful, the zombiemarket is going quite well.So, what about gathering these twoiconic universes ? In this unique Police game VS zombies, you willembody a policeman fighting against the living deads, driving hisreinforced police car !This game is a police game in which you willhave to save some damsels in distress. Indeed, during each game,one character is struggling with the zombies, alone, and definitelyunable to survive on its own. So it’s up to you.In this nervouspolice game, you will have to crush them before they reach the poorinnocent character. In these devastated streets, you are the lastshield against devastation. Will you be fast enough ? Will you beable to save them all ? Will you protect the citizens from thezombie threat ? Police VS Zombies, one of a kind, will definitelyimmerse its players into a unique experience : say no to thecolourful and joyful backgrounds you use to see in every commonracing or police game. In Police VS Zombies, it’s the Apocalypse !Show us your skills, save the endangered character in due time, tryto harvest as many stars as possible. But be careful, do not crushthe character, cause touching him means game over !Some fun, uniquelandscapes and sounds, and some challenge : Police VS Zombies willkeep you busy for a while. Don’t wait anymore ! Download Police VSZombies, and embody the last shield against the zombie threat !Characteristics of Police VS Zombies : A great number of levelsNicegraphicsThe city and the background are unique, opressingIntuitivegameplayA zombie counterSome challengeThis game was tested on : -Samsung Galaxy S2- Samsung Galaxy S3- Samsung Galaxy S4- SamsungGalaxy S5- Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0- Nexus 4- Nexus July 2012- MeizuMX 4- JXD S7300Feel free to discover our other games athttp://jogaloca.comFollow us on facebook :https://www.facebook.com/JogaLocaOr follow us on Twitter :https://twitter.com/jogaloca