1.0 / July 10, 2017
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Meet Yellow Bot 1, the future of Humanity. In the year 2149,thesebots are known as "Shells" of Human Consciousness. They areusedfor extending Human Life beyond the expiration of the"O.F"(Organic Frame) as well as the limitations O.F.s possess.Shellsbasically render its occupant immortal as long as the Shellsareproperly maintained and serviced every 33 years (consideringtheyare not placed within atmospheres outside of New Earth). Thisonein particular is currently occupied by Dr. Connie Saxton, oneofthe most brilliant minds of the renowned ConsciousPreservationcompany, ConsciTech. Dr. Saxton has come back to DeadEarth tocollect as many hearts as possible and deliver them to NewEarth.known as Xaah'El (The Pure and Sovereign Planet), wheretheConsciousness can be extracted from each Heart and set freetochoose its Shell. >Tap screen to Jump over obstacles>Timeyour jumps to gather all Hearts of Consciousness in eachlevel

App Information Yellow Robot Hero

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Road Rager 1.2 APK
1: "(Yawn)....What tha-...08:58??? Holy Mother of-...My final examstarts at 09:00!!! I'M LATE!!!!....(08:59): These slow sonsof....MOVE! Just MOVE!!!" 2: "Gosh-Darnnit, 3 minutes from work andI just remembered I forgot to TURN OFF THE STOVE!!!....Oh HECK, ILEFT THE IRON ON TOO!!! HEY, MOVE! I HAVE AN EMERGENCY!!!" 3:"Oooooh no....Ooooh no....oh, this is bad....Umm-ummm....GET OUT OFMY WAY! I REALLY gotta GO! WHERE'S THE NEAREST EXIT?!!!" 4:"Alright, out of my way. Pretty Important People comin' through.Exit Ugly Disgrace was 3 Exits ago, pal; ya missed it." Did ANY ofthe former sound familiar? If so, Welcome to Road Rager, youimpatient, inconsiderate, awesome, wonderful person, you! The Goal:Maneuver through traffic collecting SpeedCoins and complete eachlevel without crashing....simple enough, right? You do it everydayanyway, except now if you get the coins it's like getting paid forit....Ya Welcome. The Controls: _ Press Right of screen to moveright _Press Left of screen to move left Features: _ Cool Graphics_ Easy and Intuitive Controls _ Challenging Levels _ ChallengeYourself by Beating Your Best Scores Alright, GET TO IT! DOWNLOADIT NOW!
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