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This is the popular lock app that contains Puppy Yorkie lockscreenwallpaper and it is made to be an excellent Puppy Dogs lockscreen.You could select Puppy wallpaper, teacup, Yorkshire Terrierto makeyour unlock screen look cute and cool! Features: * You caneasilychange your background of behind the Zipper Wallpaper fromBuilt incollection of HD Wallpapers * You can create your Zipperbychoosing among several Zipper theme types * You can set a 4digitspin or Passcode / Pattern for LockScreen via your keypad. *Compareto others our Zipper locker will disable your home and backbuttonto make your phone more secure. * Get a real lock screenwidget bydisplaying time, date and battery percentage * Choosestyle from upto down or left to right. * Check the preview to makesure you likeyour settings! * FREE for everyone. * Beautiful &stylishinterface. * Option to Enable/Disable terrier Zipper LockScreen. *Beautiful and heart touching Zipper Lock.

App Information Yorkie Lockscreen - Terrier Lock Your Screen

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    Yorkie Lockscreen - Terrier Lock Your Screen
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    June 12, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Hida Guide Free Studio
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    jl. Robert wolter M. no.12
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Best Islamic Kids Song Offline 2018 / 1439 Hijri 2.0 APK
Best Islamic Songs For Kids very popular especially during theholymonth of Ramadan (islamic music, children songs, aghaniatfal,Anachid Ramadan), This App includes beautiful Islamic poemsandnursery rhymes for children. Your kids can use this appanywhere,even in school, with Audio Available Offline (IslamicSongs forKids Offline), without requirement of InternetConnection.Islamicart has experienced an important expansionactually with childrensongs and religious Anachid. Islamic songswithout music or withmusic (Anachid dinia mp3, Anachid islamia)with several artistnames and mounshidins who shine in this Islamic,like: Anachidatfal Rashid Mishary Al Afasy, Sami Yusuf, YusufIslam, ZainBihkha, and many others.Spend time with your familysinging praiseand worship songs of Allah together and have a greattime singingalong with them! Your kids will find songs in praise ofAllah/ theProphet Muhammad and religious songs in different tuneswithout anymusical instrument, or with music.Features: NO INTERNETCONNECTIONREQUIRED.FREE of Cost.Hassle free Streaming.Pause andPlay theAudio.Arabic rhyme; allahu_rabbi,ana_tuhibbu,bilquran,hayati_kulluha_lillah etcArabic Song :lil-abi-wa-ummi,sholatullah, yaa-robbi-bilEnglish Rhyme: bee_hive,butterflyEnglishSong; Allah_is_our_God,If_You_Happy_Say_Alhamdulillah,Bismillah_I_Am_a_Muslim,Ramadan_Moon etcIndonesian Song;bulan-ramadaan, doa-sebelum-makan,Lebaran, 10 malaikat dll.UrduRhyme: ramadan_kai_rozay,shaytan_ko_bhagain, yarubb etcThecollection Top Islamic Kids Songsfor kids, baby, toddler, childrento fun and educational learning bysongs.Disclaimer :1. All ofcontent in this application is not ourtrademark.2. We only get thecontent from search engine, youtube andwebsite.3. Please let meknow if your original content want toremove from our application.
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Mecca the birthplace of Muhammad and the site of Muhammad's firstrevelation of the Quran, Mecca is regarded as the holiest city inthe religion of Islam,and a pilgrimage to it known as the Hajj isobligatory for all able Muslims. Mecca is home to the Kaaba. WithPhoto Frames, you can frame your favorite photos in the MeccaMadinah, any picture will be perfect. Download this "Mecca MadinahPhoto Frames" to decorate your mobile screen. This free applicationis here for you to help you personalize your frames and make yourphotos more unique at the same time. You can enjoy them on yourhome screen by setting these carefully selectedwallpapers.Features:* Select a photo or selfie from the gallery ofyour phone and use this free photo frames to decorate it!* Capturea new image with your camera and apply a photo frames!* Crop theselected photos in different shapes and frames.* Rotate, scale,zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fit the photos into theframes as you like!* Choose from given animated backgrounds of yourchoice.* Have an option to merge your photo with background.*Decorate with stickers * Can Save easily.* Share the image to yourfriends and family on social media.* Can set your own artisticprocess through the Mecca photo frames for your mobile phonewallpaperMecca is a holy place of Muslims in Saudi Arabia where itis believed that the prophet Muhammad lived and taught more than1,300 years ago. Mecca is the holiest city in Islam. Mecca hadbecome an important place in the history by the time when ProphetMohammed (peace is upon him) was born in about 570 AD. Mecca, theholy place has fallen with yearly ebb and flow of pilgrims as aresult of growing Muslim community in the World and eventually thespread of Islam. Prophet Mohammed (peace is upon him) was born inMakkah and was descended with the Holy Quran, and since then thepropagation for Islam was launched. In the heart of the city is theHoly Mosque in the centre of which the Holy Kaaba is located, TheMaqam of Prophet Ibrahim, his son Ismaiel's stone (May God blessthem), Zamzam well in which water has been pouring from hundreds ofyears, and Safa and Marwah where Muslims make Saie. There are otherholy shrines of Mina, Muzdalifa, and Arafat near Makkah. Arafat islocated at the Mount Arafat where pilgrims perform the main ritualof Hajj as the day of Arafat
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Monsters in Monster Hunter World are hostile creatures thatinhabitthe Locations of the world. Players set off in Quests tofind anddefeat these beasts in order to complete Guild andVillagerequirements,as well as to harvest valuable MaterialsandCarvingsMonsters have unique Weaknesses and Drops, that arelistedon their individual pages. Detailed information of eachmonsterincludes:- Monster Locations- Monster Elemental Weaknesses-MonsterResistances- Monster Weak Points- Monster Severables-MonsterDrops- Monster Rewards- Severed Monster Part DropsThis appoffersyou an optimal experience to play the real game. Please note- Thisis not a game !! It's a guide for the real game.Everything:Alllogos/images/names are copyright of their perspective owners.Thisapplication complies with the "use" guidelines of US law, ifyoubelieve that there is a direct copyright or trademarkviolationthat does not follow the "use" guidelines, please contactusdirectly.
Islamic Door Lock Screen Mecca Madinah 2018 1439 H 2.0 APK
Mecca the birthplace of Muhammad and the site of Muhammad'sfirstrevelation of the Quran, Mecca is regarded as the holiest cityinthe religion of Islam,and a pilgrimage to it known as the Hajjisobligatory for all able Muslims. Mecca is home to the Kaaba.Onewho love Mecca MAdinah should always be happy to decoratehis/hersmartphone screen. Here we made the event just awesomebydeveloping an Islamic lock to protect your smartphone homescreenwith an idea to read Mecca madinah every time you unlockyourmobile. Islamic Screen Door Lock is one of the best andmostbeautiful Door screen lock that you can use in yoursmartphonesFeatures:* You can easily change your background ofbehindthe Door Wallpaper from Built in collection of HD Wallpapers*Youcan create your Door by choosing among several Door theme types*You can set a 4 digits pin or Passcode / Pattern for LockScreenviayour keypad.* Compare to others our Door locker will disableyourhome and back button to make your phone more secure.* Get areallock screen widget by displaying time, date and batterypercentage* Choose style from up to down or left to right. * Checkthepreview to make sure you like your settings!Mecca is a holyplaceof Muslims in Saudi Arabia where it is believed that theprophetMuhammad lived and taught more than 1,300 years ago. Meccais theholiest city in Islam. Mecca had become an important place inthehistory by the time when Prophet Mohammed (peace is upon him)wasborn in about 570 AD. Mecca, the holy place has fallen withyearlyebb and flow of pilgrims as a result of growing Muslimcommunity inthe World and eventually the spread of Islam. ProphetMohammed(peace is upon him) was born in Makkah and was descendedwith theHoly Quran, and since then the propagation for Islam waslaunched.In the heart of the city is the Holy Mosque in the centreof whichthe Holy Kaaba is located, The Maqam of Prophet Ibrahim,his sonIsmaiel's stone (May God bless them), Zamzam well in whichwaterhas been pouring from hundreds of years, and Safa and MarwahwhereMuslims make Saie. There are other holy shrines of Mina,Muzdalifa,and Arafat near Makkah. Arafat is located at the MountArafat wherepilgrims perform the main ritual of Hajj as the dayofArafatDownload Islamic Door Lock Screen! FREE
Belajar Penjumlahan Penambahan - Berhitung Cepat 1.1 APK
Game belajar untuk anak-anak dengan keterampilan matematikadanpermainan pemecahan masalah Untuk orangtua yang sukamenemanianak-anak bermain, tak ada salahnya mencoba aplikasi PintardanCerdas Matematika Seri Penjumlahan.Aplikasi ini membantu anakuntukbelajar matematika yaitu operasi dasar penjumlahan, sangatcocokuntuk anak usia 4 sampai 7 tahun. Aplikasi game android inidapatdigolongkan ke dalam aplikasi belajar anak, aplikasipendidikan,permainan edukasi, buku belajar, belajar interaktif.Permainan ituterdiri dari : tepat cepat, ketangkasan, daya ingat,kecerdikan,asah otak dan masih banyak lainnyaAnak-anak tak hanyamendapatkankesenangan dalam bermain, namun juga ilmu yangbermanfaat. Belajarsambil bermain..?? Kenapa tidak..??tujuan*belajar penambahanmatematika* belajar penjumlahan* Pintar danCerdas Matematika SeriPenjumlahanLearning games for kids with mathskills and problemsolving games For parents who accompany thechildren to play,there is no harm in trying the app Smart and SmartMath SummationSeries.This app helps children to learn mathematicsis the basicoperation of the summation, it is suitable for childrenages 4 to 7years. This android game application can be classifiedintochildren's learning apps, educational apps, educational games,booklearning, interactive learning. The game consists of: rightquick,dexterity, memory, ingenuity, brain teasers and muchmoreChildrennot only have fun in the play, but also usefulknowledge. Learningwhile playing .. ?? Why not..??aim* Extra learnmath* Learnsummation* Smart and Smart Math Summation Series
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If you set up the live wallpaper on the Lock screen,pictureslideshow will be played. The pictures can be set up at atime. Youcan set the picture on the screen selecting "Pitbull DogLiveWallpaper" is such a unique app, What is so great about Pitbullisthat a picture you can make it your wallpaper. You can decidewhatbackground it should be. How cool is that and you can chosewhatway you want your wallpaper to be. Definitely recommend you togetthis app!
Yorkie Ringtones - Soundboard of Yorkshire Terrier 1.1 APK
YORKIE barking is specific from cat meowing. Wolf barksrepresentonly 30% of all wolf vocalizations and are described as“rare”occurrences. Relating to Schassburger, wolves bark only inwarning,protection, and protest. On the other hand, DOG bark in awideselection of social circumstances, with acoustic conversationinDOG being referred to as hypertrophic. YORKIE barking is a waytoattract attention, and the behavior is usually continued bythepositive response exhibited by the owners (e.g., if a dog barkstoget food and the dog owner feeds it, the dog is beingconditionedto continue said behavior). This interesting app isgreat as ayorkie ringtone, an alarm to wake you up in the morningor SMSringtone. Here you can find a great variety of differentsounds.You will have to look to this puppies soundboard and searchforyourself. DOG perform many roles for people, such asherding,pulling loads, protection, and, more recently, aidinghandicappedindividuals. This impact on human society has given themthenickname "Man's Best Friend" in the Western world. Features:NOINTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED. FREE of Cost Play AND STOP theAudioSet default ringtone Set Notification Set Default Alarm AssigntoContact Disclaimer : 1. All of content in this application isnotour trademark. 2. We only get the content from searchengine,youtube and website. 3. Please let me know if your originalcontentwant to remove from our application.
Islamic Jigsaw Puzzle Game - Ramadan - Eid Mubarak 2.0 APK
Do you love matching games? If you're the type of person wholovesTop...then you're going to go wild over this puzzle game.Getthereal puzzle experience and remember that all puzzle picturesinthis puzzle game are 100% free! This “free jigsaw puzzle”,There'sno better way to welcome the Islamic Jigsaw Puzzle than withaseries of fun picture puzzles! Benefits:* Improve yourobservationand cognitive skills.* Develop visual perception.*Enhance yourcapacity to concentrate.* Many hours of fun andentertainment areguaranteed.* Simple and intuitive interface thatis easy to use andeasy to play, specially designed for all.Mainfeatures:* Finisheach jigsaw for a great KEY picture!* Morebeautiful images*Improve your observation and cognitive skills.*Use the touchcontrols to move PUZZLE pieces on the screen.* Choosethe level ofdifficulty. * You can play on your Android device,phone ortablet!* No timer* You can play these fantastic “puzzlegameswithout Internet” connection! play online or offline!* Noin-apppurchases – all of the beautiful jigsaws are completelyFREE!* Playjigsaw puzzle: Ramadan games, eid mubarak game, meccagames, muslimscientist, al aqsa, mosque games How to play?IslamicJigsaw PuzzleGame is a free puzzle game play is simple, easy to useand suitablefor all ages. Just drag your finger out into the fieldsto correctthis, you will get the perfect picture.