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Your Desk is a family run full-service co-working space with largedesks, plenty of meeting rooms and communal areas that rival yourliving room. Your Desk offers beautifully designed co-workingspaces in premium locations.Download the Your Desk app where you'llbe able to book spaces and check-into the venue, review and pay forinvoices, report an issue and send support messages to your venueadministrators profile, and more! To learn more about Your Desk,visit our website at www.yourdesk.com.au

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CDI HQ 2.3.2 APK
The CDI HQ is a smart workplace management appto help Corporate Design Interiors employees seamlessly book andaccess work and meeting spaces in their corporate offices.
The WorkPub 5.7.2 (53) APK
The WorkPub is a shared workplace and coworking space forentrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers and small companies. TheWorkPub is not just a physical location but a place wherelike-minded professionals, working independently, can shareknowledge and enhance networking opportunities. Download theWorkPub app today to view the profiles and instantly chat withother members within your venue's community, book and check intothe venue, and more! To learn more about WorkPub, visit our websiteat www.theworkpub.com
CoOperative 5.7.2 (53) APK
We believe there is an innovative, entrepreneurial community righthere in Alamance county. That there are people who are creating anddoing amazing things. More than that, we believe our communitydeserves a place for these people to work with each other and tomake connections with others who share their big ideas. Downloadthe Co|Operative app where you'll be able to book spaces andcheck-into the venue, review and pay for invoices, report an issueand send support messages to your venue administrators profile, andmore! To learn more about [inn]space, visit our website atwww.thecooperative.co
Launch Coworking Space 5.10.1 (44) APK
Launch is Winnipeg's newest coworking, meeting, and event venue forentrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, and innovators.Download the Launch Coworking Space app today to book spaces inreal time, from anywhere. Make new connections and discover yourcommunity with in-app messaging, pay for your invoices in-app, andmore! To learn more about Launch, visit our website atwww.Launch1460.ca
Kimball HQ 5.8.8 (6) APK
Welcome to the Kimball workplace and showroom app. At Kimball, wecraft whatâs next. Weâre always considering new possibilities,sharing ideas, blending technology with materials, and designingnew solutions. We apply our rich heritage to create work spacesthat support an ever-changing world. We design the work spaceswhere the work gets done now - and in the future. To learn moreabout Kimball , visit our website at www.kimball.com
Spire Space 5.7.2 (53) APK
Spire Space is a coworking facility designed to help entrepreneurs,small businesses, remote employees and freelancers maximize theirproductivity, grow their business and get great work done. SpireSpace is an innovative shared workspace unique to Aquidneck Island.Download the Spire Space app today to view the profiles andinstantly chat with other members within your venue's community,book and check into the venue, and more! To learn more about SpireSpace, visit our website at spirespace.co
OstermanCron 4.1.2 (45) APK
Welcome to the OstermanCron workspace and showroom appTo learn moreabout OstermanCron, visit our website at ostermancron.com
Revolver Lane 5.0.0 (89) APK
Welcome to Revolver Coworking! Revolver Coworking has 15 offices ofvarious sizes, an in-house coffee shop, casual lounges, galleryspace, event space and private meeting rooms. After office hours,Revolver Coworking turns into a versatile hub hosting everythingfrom seminars, workshops, parties and launches, as well asfeaturing a range of regular entrepreneurial events.Download theRevolver Coworking where you'll be able to book spaces andcheck-into the venue, review and pay for invoices, report an issueand send support messages to your venue administrators profile, andmore! To learn more about Revolver Coworking, visit our website atwww.revolvercoworking.com.au