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The battles of life are common to all and sundry, therefore thefact that you are a minister does not erase your ancestral roots.To this end, many pastors, ministers and church leaders areignorant of the impact ancestral factors have on the lives of menand women of Cod.A lot of ministers who have failed in the ministrycould not really understand the reason(s) behind their failures.Some are even blinded to the fact that they have battles to fight.These battles are deeply entrenched in the foundations of manyministers of the gospel and if something is not done urgently, manymore will die miserably without fulfilling their destinies.Whilethe battles and challenges faced by those who are not ministers areordinary, the battles faced by ministers are complicated andadvanced in nature.This book exposes you to those battles, how totackle them and it explains what you need to do to deal with themand be permanently free from them. Be blessed on this journey ofdiscovery and recovery.

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