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His lectures are good lectures and evenverygood to open the eyes of our hearts to the real truth of Islam,sowe do not define Islam in narrow and dwarf, Islam isverywide,
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His lectures are good lectures and evenverygood to open the eyes of our hearts to the real truth of Islam,sowe do not define Islam in narrow and dwarf, Islam isverywide,Here are some refrensi tentang DR Zakir Naik yang bisaandacariUpDr zakirDr zakir naik videosZakirZakir naikDr zakir naik websiteZakir up speechZakir ride newsGo up zakirZakir nayakDr zakir nayakIslamic research foundationDr zakir up lecturesD zakir naikDr zakir up speechDr zakir ride newsZakir up the websiteDr zakir up 2017Islamic research foundation booksZakir ride lectureDr zakir up latest newsDr zakir up debatesZakir ride booksZakir up latestDr zakir naik istriZakir doctorZakir up latest newsDr zakir up latestDa zakir naik
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Nasehat untuk para Ahwat kita agarmemahamiseperti apa tugas dan kewajiban para wanita ketika telahmenjadiseorang istriAdvice to the Ahwat ustounderstand what duties and obligations of women when it hasbecomea wife