2.0.7 / November 3, 2017
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Zen Table Tennis: the world's most intense sport. It is a longwayfrom the pick up ping pong matches in the filthy back alleysofLhasa to the ethereal mountaintop temple of the TenThousandPaddles. But here you are, one match from enlightenment.There isjust one problem -- an invisible demon who has seeminglymasteredthe physics of the sport. Well, two can play at that game.Rememberthe teaching: "Become the ball." Flick the paddle left andright tocontrol return direction and speed. Use the menu to turnsound offand on, set difficulty easy or hard, reset to a new game.Tiltsideways to play in landscape mode. Win or lose, a fortunecookieawaits at the end. This free Lite version plays up to a twopointadvantage and contains ads. Please buy the full version 'ZenTableTennis' on Google Play for 11 point games with many morefortunecookies.

App Information Zen Table Tennis Lite

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    Zen Table Tennis Lite
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    November 3, 2017
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    Android 1.0 and up
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    6 Highland Road Princeton, NJ 08540
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