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HelpTalk 2.0.1
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Mobile devices should be a means of integration rather thandiscrimination. They offer new ways of overcoming disabilities andhave the potential to make life easier for the disabled. This isHelpTalk's purpose. HelpTalk is directed at people unable tocommunicate fluently orally or through writing with healthprofessionals, family or any other person. HelpTalk allows users tocreate sets of actions that represent their needs in terms ofcommunication, with the actions most suited for eachdisability/user. When the user taps each of the options the devicespeaks the selected command. HelpTalk has features related tocommunication and emergency: Communication: Custom profiles WithHelpTalk, you can create a profile containing the actions mostuseful to any situation. A user can create a profile suited fortheir day-to-day life, a specific event, travelling, education,etc.. It helps people unable to communicate in a traditionalfashion (people with aphasia, tracheostomized, ventilated withendotracheal tube, muteness, autism, illiterate, other language,children, etc.) to express their basic needs. When each action istapped, the device speaks the respective command. Multiplelanguages Create profiles in multiple languages (English, Spanish,German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Finish, Danish, Hungarian,Norwegian, Polish, Swedish). All you need is a Text-to-speechengine for the selected language installed on the device. Speak anysentence If what you want to express isn't contained in thecurrently loaded profile, just swicth to the "Talk" screen and youcan write any sentence you want. HelpTalk remembers the most commonsentences typed, so that you can have easy access after writingjust a few characters. Users with reduced dexterity For users withreduced dexterity, HelpTalk presents two big Yes/No buttons. Ifwhat the user wants to express isn't contained in the currentlyloaded profile, the user can switch to this screen to answer basicquestions. Emergency: S.O.S. HelpTalk allows the user to configurean emergency phone number and an emergency message. When the usertaps the S.O.S. button, an SMS message is sent to the configurednumber. The user also has the option to include his currentlocation's coordinates. Location request In cases where a usermight suffer from any condition that may leave him disoriented(Alzheimer, Parkinson, dementia, etc.), being able to be located byrelatives is crucial. Using HelpTalk, when the phone receives aspecific message from a specific number, it replies with the user'scurrent location. For increased security, the user is allowed toset a custom trigger message and the phone number authorized tosend the location requests. HelpTalk uses the device'sText-to-speech engine to speak all the actions. Android allows youto download and install additional Text-to-speech languages andvoices. You can search the Google Play app store for otheralternatives. HelpTalk provides links to Text-to-speech engines inother languages or with different voices. These links are providedfor your convenience only since HelpTalk is not responsible for thedevelopment or maintenance of those engines. Visitwww.helptalk.mobi to start creating your custom profiles!
Farmácias de Serviço .net
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The web site Farmácias de Serviço.net brings the reliability ofit's service to the Android platform. Now you can get the on dutyPharmacies in Portugal, with their respective location and contactinformation, always available on your Android phone. Features: -Set your home town for a quick access to its on duty Pharmacies -Search for on duty pharmacies all over Portugal - Get the list ofthe Portuguese pharmacies closest to you, using your device'slocation - Get a list of pharmacies organized by their status,including those only open during regular business hours - Contactthe pharmacies directly from the App For more information, go to:http://www.farmaciasdeservico.net