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Vampire City Surf 1.0
vampire city surf is Unlimited Funny running through thevampire city and collect coins.avoid obstacles and collect powerupsof four different types.This is a new addictive and full ofexcitement game.Collect the Gold coins to unlock the powers.Dodgethe oncoming cars, boards, and grave slates.collect the variouspower-ups to reach maximum distance.
8 Ball N 9 Ball Mega 1.5
Game is a 8pool n 9Poll Ball Game.We areproudto present Pocket 8 Pool Ball Game. 8 Ball Pool is theclassicBilliards game,where you put the solids or stripes ball in the hole. Its veryeasyto play, just by touching the white ball and pullingitbackwards.It supports Single Player and Two Player on the same Device.Touchthe Cue to play a shot.You can play with solids or Stripes balls.Game Features:1) Single Player (with AI,HUMAN AND None) for Pool, Billiards2) 8 ball mode3) 9 ball mode4) Supports both Phones and Tablets5) Special Wooden TextureThanks topixabay
Connect Pipes 1.0
It´s a free game, consisting in movingthepieces to the correct square in order to assemble thepipes.Newaddictive puzzle. Use your imagination and arrange thepuzzle pipesand elbows to create a perfect piping connectionbetween twopoints.Find out how much fun could be delivered by the...pipes !
Alien Zone War 1.0
galaxy under attack. control the ship andkillthe aliens with different powerups. the player will getdifferentpowerups likerepair,shot,speed,bomb,void,ghost,magnet,time.----swipe the screen and control the ship.----defeat the alien spaceship and get high score.----player will get 3 game modes.
Vampire City Surf 2 1.3
vampire city surf is Unlimited through the vampire city and collect coins.avoidobstaclesand collect powerups of four different types.This is anewaddictive and full of excitement game.Collect the Gold coinstounlock the powers.Dodge the oncoming cars, boards, andgraveslates.collect the various power-ups to reachmaximumdistance.
Pixel Boy Runner 2 1.3
Are You lover of old style 8-bit tvvideogames.then its time to play pixel boy runner.its a funny 2dendlessfunny running automatically saves your best highscore.-old style game-high score-endless gameHigh Jump-Touch And Hold Upper Area,Small Jump-Touch Upper Area,Slide-Touch and Hold Lower Area.
Pixel Boy Runner 1.1 lover of old style 8-bit tv video games.then its time to playpixel boy runner.its a funny 2d endless funny running game.gameautomatically saves your best high score.-old style game-high score-endless gameHigh Jump-Touch And Hold Upper Area, Small Jump-TouchUpper Area, Slide-Touch and Hold Lower Area.
Alien Core Killer 1.0
Alien Core Killer is a alienassassinationgame.its time to survive in a alien effected area.killthe aliensand get the high score according to the wave.survive aslong aspossible. survive with double gun with unlimited bullets andsearchfor surrounding to play:----left area to shoot the gun----right area to move the gun.
Snail Safari 1.1
Are you Searching For Ultimate Funny Game For Time killing,Then ItsTime To Play Snail Safari.Snail Safari is a Unlimited Funny FlyingGame with different Missions and good graphics.Unlock the snailpowers by Catching power ups during can Also unlock snailpowers using shop.collected coins in game Are Used For shopping.•FEATURES:- Automatically Saves Your Best Distance.• Power ups•--Revive power up gives you a extra life.• --Extra speed power upgives a extra speed and blast upcoming obstacles.• --Shield powerup gives you a protection until you collide with obstacle.• --Sonicwave power up blasts snail surroundings obstacles.• Missions:•--Shows current missions at start up and at while pausing game.•--Shows mission completed notification instantly When Playing.•--Missions update automatically.• Shop:• --use the collected coinsto unlock snail power ups and they can used at anytime during gameplay.• **buy more power ups to complete big distance missions**LikeFacebook Page At
Hidden Detective 1.0
Will you find all the hidden objects?Hidden Object is a free game in which your seek and find skillswillbe challenged like never before!The game principle is simple: Find a series of hidden objects inascene! Various objects and environments are available allowingyouto replay a scene several times in differentconfigurations!You can also choose from several difficulty levels (easy, mediumorhard) and use hints that will show you the location of an itemfromthe scene.Beware of the time limit! Indeed, you have a defined period oftimeto find all the objects! A fast analysis is required!So if you like this kind of games,Then Come try it now and shareitwith your friends!
Bowling Mega 1.0
Bowling Mega is a single and multiplierBowlinggame with different level option.In single player modecan play with human or computerIn multiplier modecan play with connected player online.can change graphics property according to yourphoneshardware.How to Play1.Drag arrow left or right to set angle.2.Swipe up the ball to throw the ball.3.Swipe up fast to throw the ball fast.
Save My Dragons 1.0
Save My Dragons , is a Match-3 typegame.Features :1) Eye-catching graphics2) Colourful gameplay3) Easy Controls4) Hundreds of pet puzzling levels5) Totally FreeYou have to match 2 or more blocks of same colour to rescue. Youcanplay this game very easily with just slide controls. Because ofeasycontrols and great graphics, this game is very addictive andfun toplay.Dragon Rescue 3D , gives you new type of match 3 type game .Thismatch 3 game , Dragon Rescue 3D , is very different from candy,petgames . This game is loaded with tons of cool featureslikegraphics and music .With lots of puzzle levels this makes you addicticted of it .Youcan show your skills of puzzle solving by completing this gameandcan compete with your friends and family.
Match Treasure 1.1
Match Treasure is a match 3 type game.match the jewels and collectthe treasure.-----there are different types of game modes.-----collect the jewels by matching treasure items.----- completethe level with in a time to get 3 stars.------match the jewels ingiven time gives you a more high to play--just swipe thesurrounding jewels to match same jewels
Fish Joy Ride 1.0
Fish Joy Ride is a Funny Fish Ride game.tapascreen to swim the fish.avoid the obstacles and reach thehighscore.two types fishes gives different ride experience.-------Just Tap the screen to ride the fish.------Avoid the obstacles and reach the High score.----- submit your score in comment section and findyouropponent.
Fantasy Space Shooter 1.0
Play as Level Mode and Survival Mode.Instructions.Touch and hold to shootTap to moveShoot asteroids and UFO's in space. Play levels invarieddifficulties or endure endless game play in survivalmode.Features:Amazing Fantacy graphicsPowerups - Score Counter - UFO'ssaves best highscore
Obstacle Golf 1.0
how to play:1. swipe left and right torotatecam2. tap - to give power to ballObstacle golf is a funny game with addictive levels.its sameasnormal golf game but player have to reach the golf ball fromstartpoint to endpoint by avoiding obstacles and also usingdifferentportal shortcuts.
Snow Surf - Mobile Ski 1.0
how to play;to move forward and back : tilt up and downto move left and right : tilt left and right.snow surf-mobile ski is a game with accelerometer tiltcontrols.The position your device is in when you load the gamedeterminesthe neutral position.Tilt forward or back and side to side to ski.Grab rocket boosts along the way to improve your time,butbecareful to control your speed around the turns.
Missing Bird 1.0
Missing Bird Game is a Best Time KillingGamefor Android.Bird VJ and RM are two Birds Missed formtheremother.They want to reach there mother and want to see her.sohelpthem in finding there mother.-------Just Tap the screen to fly the Bird.------Avoid the obstacles and reach the High score.----- submit your score in comment section and findyouropponent.