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Civil Society app 0.9.1
Andrii Pertsiukh
CIVIL SOCIETY APP, THE POWER OF PEOPLES'COOPERATION IN THE DIGITAL ERAThe Civil Society app will be useful for individuals and differentgroups, which are interested in implementation of life-long activecitizenship, based on e-democracy, social investment, socialentrepreneurship to address to local issues and globalchallenges.This application provides citizens with new possibilities fore-participation, cooperation and solving various problems,improving their environment, implementing the most relevant,progressive and demanded ideas in communities as well as globalinitiatives. It can provide important data for social entrepreneurs(demand for changes) and can help to provide evidency-basedpolicies in a place where you live (at local and nationallevels).The Civil Society app's tools are conventionally divided into 4modules: decision-making, social investment, socialentrepreneurship, and the information environment. Decision-makingtools may be used by members of various associations (condominiums,NGOs, political parties, co-investors of program, localcommunities), local authorities, as well as for primaries,elections and the exit polls. Usually, a person cannot be competentin all areas so most of the Civil Society app's tools allow usersto act directly or intermediary at their own discretion. Forexample, during decision-making for concrete question user can votedirectly, or delegate his/her voice to the respected expert withthe ability to revoke his/her voice at any time before making adecision. Tools of this module can be useful to define publicopinion, demand for changes (marketing for social entrepreneurs andinvestors, as well as data for evidency-based policies at local andstate level.Civil Society app defines “social entrepreneurship” asnon-for-profit activities aimed at charitable, social and\or civicoutcomes. This category includes volunteer projects and charitablerequests for help too. So, this module is based on cooperation withnon-for-profit organizations and has 3 basic tools: “Project”,“Project on Call” and “Request for help”. “Project” aimed to helpuser to find support for own idea, “Project on Call” is aninstrument to apply for a Call within concrete “Program” of users,“Request for help” is a regular instrument for charity.Module for social investment has 2 basic tools: “PersonalFoundation” and “Program”. “Personal Foundation” is an instrumentfor targeting of donations, “Program” is the basic tool of users'common demand for solving important questions based on theirgoodwill. Both of them aimed to improve cooperation of users andNGOs and provide new opportunities for common social investmentwith better individual control.Module for the informational enviroinment (news) has 3 basic tools:1) “News of users” - based on their records in journal of actions(autogeneration); 2) “Top news” – marked news of the thirdinstrument according special parameters; 3) “News of the system” -major updates and other news from the developers.There are also next additional services: trust list (to delegatevoice with targeting for difference types and spheres), 6 types ofuser's identification to minimize risk of bots, fakes etc.), anduser profile information.Civil Society app was created with a participation of thefoundation “Moloda Gromada” (“Young Community”, Ukraine) andsupported by the ISOC and by the Democracy Grants Program of theU.S. Embassy in Ukraine. The views of the authors do notnecessarily reflect the official position of the U.S.Government