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Live Video Streaming
With Autoxloo's Live Video Streaming (LVS) your car dealership willbe able to deliver live video of your vehicle inventory directly toyour target audience. Customers will have an opportunity to take alook at a specific car without even physically visiting yourshowroom! Go live and interact with viewers in real-time or recordand save for on-demand viewing. Share your dealership's vehicleswherever and whenever the need arise. Create deeper relationshipswith your clients through the power of video.
Autoxloo QUW 0.8.1
Use our application Quick Upload, which allows you to load vehiclesto our website incredibly easy and absolutely FREE. Software thatsaves your time! Just visit our website, scan the QR code and itsdone. You can use it immediately. There is no need to use someadditional tools. Application management is extremely simple,convenient and intuitive. You won't have to wait. Autoxloo deliversdata with a Punch Line. You'll enjoy it, we guarantee it!
The Heart of Bahá’í Teachings 1.0.27
Autoxloo mobile The Heart of the Baha’i Teachings applicationallows users to read genuine Baha’i writings in the Englishtranslation. Now you can enjoy all the books in one application andyou don’t need to search for a particular book or a prayer in theInternet. Everything you need is at your hand now and here. All thebooks are categorized for the most convenient search. If you can’tfind a proper book use a built-in search. For your comfort weimplemented the night reading mode and adjustable font size to keepyour eyes safe.
Autoxloo Live Help 1.1.1
Answer your customers questions directlyfromyour smartphone with Autoxloo Live Help! Help your visitorson-lineto find what they need and guide them. With itsCall-To-Actionfeature Live Help makes easy for customers tointeract with yoursales staff. Customers who are online can simplyengage with therepresentative and get their answer in no time atall if youinstall our application. Live Help gives your dealershipanopportunity to manage more than one customer question at a time.Whenever the visitor is interested in your dealership, youwillalways be ready for conversation. Use Autoxloo Live Help toreceiveinstant customer feedback.
MPS Presenter
Enjoy the power of Autoxloo mobile SimCasts™ MPS Presenterapplication allowing you to showcase the vehicle to a subscriber atthe last minutes of the auction bidding! The application providesquick access to the vehicle from the list by using the filters. Itallows streaming high-quality video to subscribers. Sales managershave a possibility to broadcast several video streams for onevehicle at the same time. Subscribers can interact with salesmanagers via text messages. For the watcher’s comfort, a presenteris able to adjust the camera focus and the flash to improve theimage quality. The video can also be muted. A presenter can quicklyswitch to the next vehicle with one tap. You will surely appreciatethe benefits of fast, simple, reliable and easy to use SimCasts™MPS Presenter application.
LVS Viewer 1.1.4
Feel free access to live video fromyourAndroid device with Autoxloo LVS Viewer application. Now itbecameeasier to take a look at a specific car through video tour.Withour application your Android device will provide videostraightfrom the dealership and share its vehicles withoutdilemmas.Download LVS Viewer and feel the power of video.
Wholesale your inventory much faster, and get paid for it in lesstime with the SimCasts™ Marketplace app! We have converted ourMarketplace’s desktop version functionality into the mobileapplication that is easy-to-use and fully-featured at the sametime! With the SimCasts™ Marketplace app, buyers are able to safelypurchase a vehicle from you whether they are at work, at home, oron the other side of the country. The interface of the SimCasts™Marketplace app is user-friendly and navigation is very intuitive.Everything that a buyer needs to know in order to purchase avehicle is fully displayed on their mobile device: - Live auctionslist (auto refresh) - Advanced Filtering and Sorting options - LiveBidding Panel - The Vehicle Inspection Report™ and Lights - VehicleGallery - Vehicle Watchlist - The Floating Bar with a ‘Place Bid’option - Saved Searches - New Vehicle Alerts - The FingerprintReader - In-app advertising - Reports SimCasts™ Marketplace is arich application that fits right into the palm of your dealer'shand. This application is intended for subscribed users only.
Webxloo Voice
Webxloo Voice is a mobile application for in-company communicationvia the Webxloo PBX System. Every employee can install it on theirdevice and after receiving a personal extension, they will bereadily available even being away from the office. Webxloo PBXSystem will bring you a number of advantages: - Redefines yourteam’s communication - Improves overall voice quality - Enablesyour staff to collaborate more effectively - Reduces communicationand network management expenses - Minimizes travel costs - Can beset up according to your company’s needs - Routes calls afterhours, thereby decreasing the number of abandoned calls - Can becustomized to any particular workflow - Helps you to run yourbusiness as if all of your staff were under one roof - The WebxlooVoice app allows everyone to stay connected and to be productivefrom wherever they are. NOTE: To use the Webxloo Voice application,you need to be a subscribed user. To receive/renew a subscriptionto the application, please contact us at
Simulcast Presenter
Autoxloo empowers you to showcase any vehicle you want tosellduring the auto auction. You can stream live video andreinforce itwith your audio comments to provide buyers with thefullest pictureof the vehicle. You can mute the audio any time aswell as stop thevideo. Switch between the lanes quickly and easily.With theSimCasts™ Simulcast Presenter app you will reduce yourinventorymuch faster by engaging non-local bidders. Don’t limityour salesby in-lane buyers, present your inventory to the wholeworld.
Webxloo Chat 2.15.0
Webxloo Chat is an integrated communication platform builtforteams. It is a tool that unites your employees and helps themtocollaborate easily and get work done on time. With one-on-oneandgroup messaging, audio and video conferencing, searchablechathistory, content sharing (docs, sheets, slides), GIFs,stickers,emojis, and many other features, your companyconversations arewell-organized and efficient. With Webxloo Chatyou will growbetter business relationships through more effectivebusinesscommunication. Connect with any member of your team,anywhere,anytime. Webxloo Chat is a secure environment that bringsyourteams closer together. Key features: - Limitlessbusinesscommunication through direct messages or private groups-One-on-one or group meetings with video chat - Live chats whileonthe go - Text and files sharing - Groupable chats -Starredmessages and favorite conversations - User presence andstatuses -Search through chat history and files list - Editablemessages -Notifications preferences for rooms - “Unread on top”feature -Different view modes - Customizable themes - Mentions,avatars - Anability to block particular users Webxloo Chat is areal-time chatapp for business. NOTE: To use the Webxloo Chatapplication, youneed to be a subscribed user. To receive/renew asubscription tothe application, please contact usat
VIR™ Vehicle Inspection Report™
Autoxloo mobile patented VIR™ Vehicle Inspection Report™softwareallows car dealers to easily and quickly upload vehicleinventoryand vehicle inspection reports from just about anywhere.Our modulegives accurate and detailed information about the truecondition ofthe vehicle and allows dealerships and auctions toseamlessly postvehicles to the marketplaces with a comprehensiveinspection reportattached. NOTE: To use the VIR™ Vehicle InspectionReport™application, you need to be a subscribed user. Toreceive/renew asubscription to the application, please contact usat
Webxloo CRM
Webxloo CRM for car dealers allows you to view, create andmodifyCRM data anytime, anywhere, via a tablet or mobile. Ourmobileapplication is just as flexible as the desktop version ofourplatform. Webxloo CRM is fully synchronized with yourdesktopversion. This app displays the performance of yourdealership inreal-time: manage your leads, accounts, and contacts,access yourcalendar, tasks, meetings, calls. We provide the systemthat isflexible to meet your changing needs: - Complete CustomerHistory -Personalized Client Experience - Convenient centraldatabase -Tracking sales leads from start to close - CRM Integratedwith DMS- Leads Management - Round Robin Leads Distribution -CallTracking/Routing/Recording - Escalation Wizard - IntegrationwithLive Chat & WhatsApp - Mass Email Campaigns - AutomatedCRMWorkflow Webxloo CRM will change the way you do business! NOTE:Touse the Webxloo CRM application, you need to be a subscribeduser.To receive/renew a subscription to the application, pleasecontactus at
Autoxloo Slingshot
Autoxloo mobile patented Slingshot Mobile™ software allowscardealers to easily and quickly upload vehicle inventory fromjustabout anywhere. For any dealership interested in MobileInventoryManagement and not only in entering vehicle details of anewlyacquired car, but adding video & photos in real-time,capturingall relevant information in 5 minutes with VIN decodingcapability,entering vehicle history in a few easy steps, SlingshotMobile™ isthe best choice! All data uploaded by Slingshot Mobile™issynchronized with the DMS. No need to enter data twice. Enjoytheability to upload or take a look at your vehicle inventoryoffline!There's no need to be tied to a computer, confusingsoftware, orInternet access for that very moment anymore. Simplyget in andupload vehicle stats, photos, even videos to yourinventory.Convenient and useful Mobile Inventory Management is justa clickaway. Check it out! NOTE: To use the Slingshot Mobile™application,you need to be a subscribed user. To receive/renew asubscriptionto the application, please contact usat