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Home: Boov Pop! 2.3.5
A FREE puzzle game that defies the laws of physics! Based on theDreamWorks movie, HOME: Boov Pop! offers a new twist to puzzlegames, by adding a unique gravity-based physics mechanism and outof this world 3D graphics!• Connect candy colored Boov bubbles tomatch 3 or more and make them POP! • Play with the characters youlove from the movie: Oh, Tip, Captain Smek and Pig!• Go on anadventure around the world across a variety of exciting andchallenging levels. • Each of the characters has unique abilities:Use Oh’s Moody Pop to make all bubbles of the same color pop, oractivate Tip’s Gravity Ball to swap colors and solve the puzzle,and more!• Choose from 3 power ups to turbo charge your game: crossblast, magnetic and Rainbowfy.• Beautiful 3D graphics and awesomebubble physics brings magic and life to the game!Like us onFacebook: is a 2015 movie fromDreamWorks, the makers of How to train your Dragon and Shrek. It isloosely based on Adam Rex's 2007 children's book The True Meaningof Smekday and stars Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin andJennifer Lopez. The saga takes place on planet Earth, where analien race called the Boov invade the planet. A girl named Tipbecomes friends with Oh, a fugitive Boov, and together with herfriend Pig the cat they go on adventure to find Tip’s mom
com.playforge.treeoflife 2.0.7
Can you grow your tree to the sky and make it a home for adorablecritters? ** DISCOVER over 300 different critters, from theadorable Caterpillow to the legendary Nautilus! ** COLLECT themall! ** GROW your tree through layers of forest to unlock newsurprises! ** CUSTOMIZE your tree to make the perfect home for yourcritters. ** TRADE critters with Pippy and Friends! ** CompleteADVENTURES to rescue critters from the Gnome King. ** More featurescoming soon! Tree World can be played online and offline, but besure to connect to the internet to download the latest critters!GET SUPPORT Contact us for help at CONNECT WITH TREEWORLD FANS AND FRIENDS! Like us on From the makers of Zombie Farm andZombie Battle.
Pro Feel Golf - Sports Simulation 3.0.0
Experience real-world golf strategy and action, with more precisionthan ever before! Pr Feel Golf is the ideal game for casual andcompetitive play, anytime, anywhere. New to golf? Anyone can becomea virtual golfing legend with Pro Feel Golf’s intuitive one-hand,one-touch controls and level-based 1on1 matching. Hungry forcompetition? Invite players to one-on-one matches and compete forrewards in live, world-wide championships. Bring out the tiger inyou and drive, flick, strike or putt your way to victory! -Champion your rank to earn league rewards and compete with thebest! - Unlock multitude of breathtaking courses and uniquefairways around the globe, all with unique challenges. - Stay inthe green (and out of the woods!) and master your golf skills withhundreds of golf challenges. - Compete in 1vs1 tournaments. -Upgrade your clubs and use powerups to give you that extra edge. -Customize your golfer. - Bring worldwide tournaments and majorsright to your pocket with perfect simulation. Watch this space forupdates with new and improved content! “Pro Feel Golf is easy tolike because it feels realistic without being overly complex. It'sgreat as a side dish or as an entree, and that is its ultimatecharm.” 148Apps “I am really a Pro Feel Golf fan. A game worthhaving in your iPhone or iPad” Appstribune “The game benefits froman intuitive one-touch interface" USA Today Follow us on
Cops - On Patrol 1.4
Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when theycome for you?PUT A STOP TO AMERICA’S BAD BOYS just as our law enforcementheroes do in the hit TV show! Preserve liberty by joining thepolice force to trump ever-increasing vice with justice.COPS is an exhilarating police game were you race in the pursuitof criminals on wild car chases full of action and danger. Put yourdriving skills to the test on the streets, where you’ll need to puta stop to the latest shooting, theft, or general mayhem pulledright from the local news. Heart-stopping moments from the show areat your fingertips!- Swerve through traffic, avoid accidents with civilians, andcatch the bandits!- Capture known criminals and capture them in high speed carchases- Patrol streets of a large city which creates a fun environmentfor different capture and escape routes- High quality 3D graphics and rich physics engine- Intuitive one-hande touch controls to disable, evade, and pursuecriminals and bring down the crime rateCOPS is the most renowned police reality TV show in the world.It follows police officers during patrols and other policeactivities in the city, including vice and narcotics stings. Newepisodes air on Spike, a Viacom channel (Spike, Comedy Central,MTV, Nickelodeon and VH1).
Love & Hip Hop The Game 1.52
Join the cast of young, hot rappers all hungryfor success in Love and Hip Hop. As an aspiring artist in New YorkCity, you can make your own unique story, climb to the top of thehip hop charts to dominate the music industry and become astar!Love and Hip Hop The Game is a FREE game where you can dominate themusic industry to land a record deal, create chart popping hits andbecome a celebrity. Break into the industry, write a blog, begindating new people, create a web of drama, stir up a little trouble,record a hit and go on tour until you are recognized as thepinnacle of the industry.This is about LOVE, and HIP HOP! Relive your favorite season orepisode and get all the juiciest gossip right in the game:⋆ EXPLORE the glamorous lifestyle of the hip hop musicindustry!⋆ DRESS to impress with the hottest fashions and stand out thanksto your blazing shopping skills!⋆ RISE to the top of the charts, thanks to your relationships withmanagers and other stars!⋆ HANG OUT with your friends, use Game Center and Facebook to helpeach other out– even though you both covet the top spot!⋆ DESIGN your character, pick your perfect body, hair, makeup andmore!⋆ DATE new and glamorous people on your rise to stardom (girl orboy)!FOLLOW US:Facebook: & Hip Hop (LHH) is a hit American music media franchisewith several reality tv series on VH1. The shows feature the livesand relationships of hip hop & R&B musicians, such asAfrican American celebrity K. Michelle. VH1, as well as MTV, areowned by Viacom.PLEASE NOTE:- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real moneyfor some extra items- Please buy carefully.- Advertising appears in this game.- Linking to social networking sites are not intended for personsunder age 13.- A network connection is required to play.
Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™
Command the Night's Watch in an original Game of Thrones story. Usethe power of the weirwood trees to play characters like Jon Snow,Melisandre and Daenerys Targaryen. 48 years before the events ofthe Game of Thrones TV show, Lord Commander Brynden Rivers, betterknown as “Bloodraven”, disappeared while ranging beyond the Wall.Now it’s your turn to take command of the Night’s Watch. • Recruitfor the Watch from the Seven Kingdoms and beyond to build yourultimate roster and defend the Wall. Collect Game of Thronescharacters Use the ancient magic of the weirwoods and greensight tocollect different costumed versions of heroes such as: • Jon Snow •Daenerys Targaryen • Jaime Lannister • Melisandre • TormundGiantsbane Master each character’s unique abilities in tactical PvPcombat Range Beyond the Wall • Send your ravens far and wide tounlock and upgrade Items, Tactics, Traits, and Abilities in pursuitof perfecting your Night’s Watch roster • Explore the HauntedForest in Weirwood Forays in search of ancient knowledge • CommandRangings where you lead a band of heroes to endure the hazards ofthe Milkwater River • Build your Night’s Watch by sending recruitswith special skills on custom Expeditions to find rare resources •Participate in special Legendary Events to recruit familiar facesand fill your codex with power • Defend the Wall from regularWildling attacks and guard the realms of men Experience theThree-Eyed Raven’s past Succeed Bloodraven as the next LordCommander and follow his footsteps into the dark mysteries beyondthe Wall. • Meet new characters such as First Ranger, Alvar Spyreand Mayla the Woods Witch across a full campaign story Command theNight’s Watch Recruit characters from around the Known World toguard the realms of men across multiple game modes: • Crossbowmenfrom The Westerlands • Scoundrels from King’s Landing • Spearmenfrom Dorne • Exotic fighters from The Free Cities Master thebattlefield • Assemble your favorite characters from dozens ofsquad combinations to dominate hand-crafted battlefields • Battlein a classic grid combat system optimized for mobile playability •Outmaneuver your enemies and unleash a vast set of specialabilities from the rush of the Stormlands Brute to the dragon fireof Dracarys Night gathers... and now your Watch begins! Don’tforget the fine print! Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall™ is free todownload and play, some game items can be purchased in-app. If youdo not want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases inyour device’s settings. Official Licensed Product. Game of Thronesseries title, artwork and photographs © Home Box Office, Inc. AllRights Reserved. HBO and related trademarks are the property ofHome Box Office, Inc. Game developed by Behaviour Interactive Inc.and Beijing Gaea Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd. OfficialWebsite: Follow us on Twitter: Learn more on Facebook:
Dead by Daylight 1.1.4
More than ever, Death is not an escape. The popular 4vs1 survivalhorror game on PC and console is now officially available on mobilefor free! Experience the intensity and thrill of Dead by Daylighteverywhere with other players around the world. Play as anunstoppable Killer or one of four Survivors trying to evade agruesome death, from a wide roster of characters—some of them fromthe most well-known horror franchises. KEY FEATURES: SURVIVETOGETHER… OR NOT - Survivors can either cooperate with each otheror outlast the others. Your chance of survival will vary dependingon whether you work together as a team or if you go at it alone.Will you be able to outwit the Killer and escape their killingground? A FEAST FOR KILLERS - Dead by Daylight draws from allcorners of the horror world. As a Killer, you can play as anything,from a powerful slasher to terrifying paranormal entities. Mastereach Killer’s unique power to hunt, catch and sacrifice yourvictims. DEEPER AND DEEPER - Each Killer and Survivor has their owndeep progression system and plenty of unlockables that can becustomized to fit your own personal strategy. Experience, skillsand understanding of the environment are key to being able to huntSurvivors or outwit the Killer. REAL PEOPLE, REAL FEAR - Thevarying levels and real human reactions to pure horror make eachgame session an unexpected scenario. You will never be able to tellhow it’s going to turn out. The ambiance, music, and chillingenvironments combine into a terrifying experience. With enoughtime, you might even discover what’s hiding in The Fog.
Golf Champions: Swing of Glory
Welcome to the new free-to-play golf app: Golf Champions! Competeagainst people from all around the world in Golf with 1v1 gameplay.- Our game is created for a wide audience, so it is easy to playbut hard to master! - Both beginners and pros will enjoy thiscolorful and intuitive game. - The goal is to unlock and completeyour collection of various exciting golfers (not clubs or balls asin the other golf games). Each golfer (up to 20) come with theirown stats and special abilities. - Feel the rush of competition asyou climb in the leagues to become a Golf Champion. - Eachtournament and live event will allow you to win rewards. Theserewards can include upgrades for your golfers or a package ofpowerful special golf balls. - Through the game you will play on avariety of outdoor courses that are more beautiful, realistic andchallenging comparatively against each other. - By playing GolfChampions you will relax and become addicted to your daily game atthe same time. - Join a passionate community on our social mediaand share your strategies or ask your questions at Facebook,Twitter and Gamepedia A network connection is required to play thisgame. User Agreement: PrivacyPolicy: for assistance or inquiries