Bowler Hat Software 应用

Slot Treasures 2.0.2
Play video slots (straight from a Las Vegascasino) from the comfort of your sofa. Earn A Virtual Fortune. WithSlot Treasures, you'll enjoy 2 delightful slot machine games.Diamonds and Gold.Enjoy a classic video fruit machine... with some glittering richestoo. Spin the 5 reels to match juicy Cherries, Strawberries &Melons (11 symbols total) on up to 15 paylines. Get Wild with theLucky Clover to get a chance at the (huge) 25,000 credit Jackpot.Match three sparkling diamonds to enter the Bonus Mode -- then Spinthe Wheel for a chance to win big prizes.Sweet Shop Slots.Indulge with candies and cakes + other goodies in this slot machinewith a sweet treat theme. Play up to 15 paylines... on 5 reels with11 different scrumptious symbols... including special symbols likeTreat Yourself (it's wild), Sweet Overload (your ticket to theBonus Mode), and Scatter (matches anywhere -- not just on apayline). Feel pampered when you play the Cupcake Bonus Mode that'sguaranteed to win big. Feeling lucky? Win the Big Jackpot -- up to25,000 credits.Between trips to Vegas, relax in luxury with Slot Treasures fromBowler Hat Games.
Lucky Diamonds Video Poker 1.0.0
Play video poker (straight from a Las Vegascasino) from the comfort of your sofa. Earn A Virtual Fortune withLucky Diamonds. Includes 8 "delightful" video poker games!♠ The Classics -- Jacks or Better & Tens or Better♥ Get A Little Wild... Jokers Wild, Deuces Wild + Jokers andDeuces♣ For the Experts: Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, and Double DoubleBonus
Chroma Circuit 1.4.3
Rotate connected pieces and match all thecolors in 30 levels of this challenging puzzler. It seems easy atfirst, but find yourself addicted as levels start getting bigger.Use the transfer pieces move colors across the screen to newlocations, and watch out for bombs that explode when they touch thewrong color.
Qrossfire 1.3.1
Maneuver fast flying blocks andexplosivepower-ups in this exciting match-three puzzle game fromBowler HatGames. Get addicted to the skull power-up and itsdevastating BOMBBLITZ, where you have 30 seconds to detonate asmany bombs as youcan. It's a blast.Enjoy these great features, and more:* Three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Insane.* Complete against the world with online high scores. Seetoday'sscores and the all-time best players.* Quit the game right in the middle of the action, and youcancontinue right where you left off the next time that you'rereadyto play.* Qrossfire plays great on devices of all sizes. Enjoy it onyourphone or your tablet.
Gridshock HD 1.0.0
Match three or more connected lights ofthesame color to clear them from the board. Easy, right? Maybeatfirst, but the lights activate faster and faster the longeryouplay. You'll need all the combos and power-ups you can find ifyouwant to earn a high score. Get addicted to Gridshock HD onyourAndroid tablet today.Enjoy these great features, and more:* Play on the same full-size 12x8 grid as the originalFlashgame.* New lightning and nova power-ups add to the fun. Match fiveormore lights to find them.* Complete against the world with online high scores. Seetoday'sscores and the all-time best players.* The "Enable Patterns" setting enhances the game's colors byaddingunique shapes. Designed with color-blind players inmind.* Quit the game right in the middle of the action, and youcancontinue exactly where you left off when you're ready toplayagain.NOTE: Gridshock HD is designed for tablets and deviceswithlarger screens. If you want to play Gridshock on yourAndroidphone, you should probably get the non-HD versioninstead:
Gridshock 1.2.0
Match three or more lights of the same colortoclear them from the board. Simply tap the screen to activate anewlight. Easy, right? Can you discover the shock powerup? Unleashitsenergy and deactivate an entire row in a single move. You'llneedall the help you can get to keep up because things will onlygetfaster as your score increases.
Sweet Shop Poker 1.1.1
Experience Vegas-style video poker withSweetShop Poker. It's feel like just you're playing the pokermachinesat the casino, but you can curl up at home on the couchwith somecomfy pajamas instead. Sweet Shop Poker includes eightdifferentpoker variations designed for a single player, each withits ownyummy strategy. It's like picking your favorite treat from abox ofchocolates.♣ Get your sweet tooth ready by playing the original videopokergame, Jacks or Better. It's the classic five card draw gamethatgot video poker started.♣ Tens or Better makes one minor change. The most basic winninghandis a pair of tens instead of a pair of Jacks. Try it out for anicechange of pace.♣ Next, take a bite of Bonus Poker, Double Bonus, or DoubleDoubleBonus. Four of a Kind becomes more and more tempting in turn,andFour Aces will prove to be nearly as luscious as the bigRoyalFlush jackpot.♣ Jokers Wild will have you coming back for "just one morebite".Obviously, the Joker card is wild, and that means you canmake ahand with the ever-enjoyable Five of a Kind.♣ Keep all your twos when you place Deuces Wild. It's likeJokersWild, but you get to play with four scrumptiously wildcards.♣ Finally, Jokers and Deuces combines both Jokers Wild andDeucesWild. If you get all five wild cards in one hand, you'llindulgewith 10,000 credits, the biggest jackpot in the game.