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Mouse in Home Simulator 3D 2.9
Mouse in Home Simulator 3D Mouse In 3D Simulator House -findyourself in the place of all your favorite rodent! You havetolearn all the complexities of the life of an innocuous mouse.Becareful, the house is full of dangers that wait for youaroundevery corner! Long do not stay in one place, are in motion,so youwill be more difficult to catch. Eat yourself food in theform offood leftovers. Get experience points and discover new typesofmice, even more agile and quick. Plunge into anunforgettableadventure filled with various trials! Share the appwith yourfriends. Have fun together. Show who is the most dexterousmouse inthe house. Study the space around you, hide in suitableplaces, butdo not stay there for long. Incredibly dynamic game,filled with anatmosphere of danger. Do not miss the road or thelong queue! Thisgame is suitable for both children and adults!   -Modern 3D graphics. - A well-designed location of thehouse withmany loopholes for rescue. - Qualitative musicalaccompaniment. -The mechanic of rodent control is unique. - Thechoice of mice willplease you with its diversity. Start the gamenow!   Share your opinion in the comments and leaveestimates! Play withus!
How to Make Hand DIY Slime at Home 1.3
How to Make DIY Slime Home How to Make a Lizun House - Make aUniqueSlaym with Your Own Hands! Detailed instructions in brightpictureson making lizuna at home! The three most popular recipe ofthelegendary toys with unique properties! The first method issimpleand not intricate! We will need: shaving foam (5tablespoons), tetrasodium borate (2 teaspoons), clerical glue (200ml)! Pour thenecessary amount of glue into a specially preparedcontainer, thenadd shaving foam and mix thoroughly! Add thecoloring pigment ofyour favorite color and again we mix everythingtogether! The nextcomponent will be sodium tetra borate in thevolume of 2 teaspoons,adding it again to mix the resulting mass! Aunique homemade lime isready! The second way is slightlydifferent! We will need: clericalglue (200 ml), gel for washing (5table spoons), coloring pigment!To begin with, in a speciallyprepared container pour out thespecified amount of glue! Then addthe coloring pigment and mix!Then add the gel for washing andagain carefully mix! One more slimeis ready! The following recipewill require from us such ingredientsas clerical glue (200 ml),coloring pigment, gel for washing (2tablespoons), polystyreneballs! Pour the glue into a pre-preparedcontainer and add apigment of your favorite color to it! Then addthe washing gel inthe indicated volume and mix thoroughly! Next,pour the balls ofpolystyrene and mix again! The task is completed!You can startplaying with an unusual lizunom! Share instruction onmaking slideswith friends! Have fun together! Leave your commentsand ratings!Create the most incredible lizunov with us!
Rescue Girl 5.7
New Levels every week! Rescue Girl is a vivid adventure where youneed to save a girl and help her escape from hell. You need tosolve puzzles and complete levels in castles and dungeons. Pull thePin out the rods and pin move the levers as in an advertisement.Also go through the rooms and choose from different actions: onlyone choice will save the girl. Free other captives and collecttreasures. Help the brave princess overcome all the difficultiesand obstacles in her path, solve interesting logical puzzles. Youwill find fascinating levels and interesting puzzles. Get bonusesin the form of gold coins. Buy new clothes and hair. Create yourown unique avatar. Play for free on any device. Complete the firstlevel and you will fall in love with this game. New challengesevery week. Only 10% of people will be able to complete the game tothe end. Do you have a high IQ? Let's check!
Smash Diy Slime - Fidget Slimy 16.3
Smash Diy Slime - Fidget Slimy - Make your own unique or use aready super realistic slime simulator. - Use your fingers to playin the simulator of the slim. Fill a happy glass with a Slime! -Break the Liquid screen in the form of a slime app . - Create yourown drawing on the slima and stretch it! - Add 2d and 3d objects tothe slime. Show your friends what kind of satisfying lizun youhave! - Many fantastic and magical effects in textures. - Clickerfor money. The more you play, the more you get! - A large selectionof ready made slime and heroes. Choose a color, texture, gradient.- Over time, you will make your evolution slime. - Become idletycoon Slime. - Use pocket slim in stress situations. The game isexcellent Squishy anti-stress! - Play jelly on the screen, add bearantistress. - In the game you will learn how to make a slime athome and how to make squishy your own hands. - Learn how to lizunon easy recipes at home. - In the game you will see a slime withoutglue and sodium tetraborate. - Leave us your feedback and we willconsider them in the updates! Happy Halloween!
Kitten Rescue - Pin Pull 2.7
Kitten Rescue - Pin Pull Everyone who loves pets is welcome to thisbright logic puzzle! A fascinating story of a kind cat awaits youin this Kitten adventure. Unbelievable dangers and many enemiesawait you. Beware of cunning dogs that just want to bite a cat bythe tail, sharp spikes can injure paws, and lasers can burn fur!Save the cat from mortal danger, escort him to his mom or to theshelter. Dress your pet in different outfits and change the colorof the fur. Kitten Rescue - Pin Pull - will give you fluffyemotions and plunge into the world of cats. Start your purringadventure now!
Idle Hell Party 1.7
Idle Hell Party - Hot tap-tap clicker, where you are waitingforfunny torture and mockery of sinners. Build your own hot empireanddevelop all the circles of hell. Gather souls with the helpoffaithful servants. The more souls, the more expensive thereward.The silent bearer Charon will lead souls to purgatory, andthedevil will thank you for your work. Upgrade torture rooms andspendrewards on building new hellish stations. Hire moredevil`sservants, expand your possessions. Become a successfulhellishtycoon and don't forget about bonuses, servants work withthemharder, souls appear more often, and new tortures open faster.Yourretinue is ready, it remains only to turn on the game and givetheman order to start a hell of a party!
Slime Shop 3D 1.0
Slime Shop 3D Do you want to make a do-it-yourself slime? InSlimeShop 3D you can make slimes as you want. Manage your slimestore,complete orders and make a wide variety of slimes. Fill thebase,paint the slime with all the colors of the rainbow, decoratethefinished slime with beautiful accessories. Make money andupgradeyour store. Buy new shapes, colors and decorations. Feellike areal artist and give emotions to customers. Create superrealisticslime, play for free and without the Internet on anydevice. ThisASMR game will immerse you in a real creative stream.The slimesimulator in your mobile phone will bring you fun and joy.Startyour journey as a tycoon of slime and make your toy store themostsuccessful.
How to Make Spider Hand 2.5
How to Make Spider Hand How to Make a Hand of a Spider -aninstruction to create a spider's arm! Have you dreamedofpossessing super ability? Everyone thought about it! It's timetoturn dreams into reality! This appendix details how to makeadevice for shooting spiderweb! Everything is not as difficult asitseems! Three variants of execution are presented! In thefirstcase, we need tubes made of paper of different diameters!Supportframe, also made of paper! Two mounts on the arm! Twopistonmechanisms and a hitch! The lower piston together with thehitchforms the trigger mechanism, for which the upper piston isfixed!The upper piston will push out a shell made of paper and awhitethread! Look carefully at the pictures and follow theinstructions!Press the trigger! The second way is similar to thefirst! We needseveral tubes of different diameters, made of paper!The thirdoption and other the most difficult, you will learn in thegame! Wefasten the mechanism to the fastening and everything isready!Spinning all your friends with a spider's hand! Feel yourselfahero! Now you jokingly can shoot cobwebs like a spider! Sharetheapp with your friends and have fun together! Start to inventrightnow! Leave your comments and ratings! Invent with us!
The Floor Is Lava House Simulator 2.1
The Floor Is Lava House Simulator Paul This Lava House Simulatorisa game based on the popular Challenge! Escape from the lavafillingthe entire floor area in the house! Flee from the oncomingthreatover untouched islets! Gain experience points and openstrongershoes that will increase the chances of salvation! Hold outfor amaximum amount of time! Set survival records! Compete withyourfriends! Have fun together! - Excellent 3D graphics will allowyouto immerse yourself in the survival process! - The space ofthehouse, bounded by walls, will make you feel danger everywhere!-Bright design will give a lot of positive emotions! -Qualitysoundtrack will create an atmosphere of anxiety, urging theplayerto action! Sex is lava - a viral flash mob whoseparticipantsremember the children's game, escaping from imaginarylava! Atpresent, this entertainment has spread all over the worldandgained unprecedented popularity! The point of the sensation istoget as quickly as possible with your feet, after someoneshouted"Paul is lava"! The game can catch you at any time in themostunsuitable place! Are you ready for a hot test ?! Leaveyourcomments and ratings! Play with us!
Karaoke Microphone Speaker Simulator 2.1
Karaoke Microphone Speaker Simulator Karaoke MicrophoneSpeakerSimulator - microphone simulator with built-in speaker!Karaoke inyour phone as a joke! Entertainment for fans of singing!Developyour voice! Learn how to play the most difficult songs! Singthesongs of your favorite singers! The louder and more beautifulyouwill be able to sing, the more points you will get! Sing at thetopof your voice, opening up new microphones with extrafeatures!Collect the entire collection for unforgettable homeconcerts! Playyour friends, try yourself in different styles! Pop,rock, rap oropera singing! Choose the right one for you! Arrangemusic battleswith friends! Compete at parties as a performance ofyour favoritesongs! Feel yourself a star of the scene! Learn tocorrectly takehigh notes! Become a vocalist with a wide voicerange! Performfestive songs at solemn events! Glad your loved oneswith thebeauty of your vocals! Take your first steps in singingnow!Attention! The application was created for the sake of jokesandentertainment! Leave your comments and ratings! Play with us!
Brain Puzzle - Easy peazy IQ game 1.7
If you love smart games, then this app is made for you! Downloadthe best selection of brain puzzles and tune your brain for extrawork mode! Get yourself a full brainwash! Over 100 brain testtricky puzzles, logic tests and fun thinking games await you.Updates every week! Do you think it will be easy and simple? Nomatter how it is! Some of the brain teasers are harder than theyseem. Therefore, strain your mind and forward to the peak ofknowledge! Play iq games and get brainy! Surprise everyone withyour knowledge! This app will make you smarter in just a week!Features: - Exciting free brain game that will try to outwit you. -Many different brain tests and tasks will not leave youindifferent. - No internet connection required, play even in thewilderness. - Tricky brain games with unexpected solutions. -Simple and addictive gameplay. - Play with your soul mate, friends,children and even your cat. Download our brain game for free.Updates every week! P.S. Caution! The game is addictive!
Prize Machine Spinner Simulator 5.9
Prize Machine Spinner Simulator Prize Machine Spinner Simulator-get the spinner of your dreams! The prize-winning device isfilledto the brim with different spinners in your phone! Carefullymanagethe capture and get your favorite anti-stress! The cranecontrolkeys are at your disposal! Smoothly pressing them, get thecovetedprize! Get experience points and open spinners of thebrightest andmost unusual design! Collect the entire collection ofpopulardevices! Compete in the mastery of capture control withyourfriends! Have fun together, arranging contests for the numberofspinners mined! You will find an incredible attraction with lotsofprizes! Spinners - toys that are loved by adults and childrenandwhich have an anti-stress effect! Spinning the devicecaneffectively deal with the excitement and be distracted fromthemonotonous work! In the game the claw machine's prize is notonlyspinners, but also other interesting toys! 2D and 3DModes!Antistress turns fascinate and soothe! Get the most commondeviceright now! Leave your comments and ratings! Play with us!
Help the Hero 2.6
Help a brave Superhero save this world from villains and troubles.You and your avatar will travel to fascinating and full ofdangerous places: space, the past, amazing countries on the planet.It depends on your decisions whether the hero will cope with hismission. A game in which your choice really decides. Go your way ofadventure and become a real Superhero. Choose costumes and masks.Solve tricky puzzles. Be smart and intuitive. The path to greatnessbegins with small steps. The first one is to download Help The Heroand start on the path of glory!
Real Flip Sequin - Live Screen 2.9
Real Flip Sequin - Live Screen Pull screen - Real Sequin! -Createsequins on your phone! - More than 50 species! - Go throughall thearcade and quiz! - There are such riddles as footballteams,brands, logos! - Open the sequins with the help of thegamesymmetry! - You can draw and create sequins in your phone! -PutLizun and Slime on the picture! - Take a photo and turnthepictures! - Manual evolution sequins are always with you!Thewallpapers are very beautiful! - Anti-stress is a good way tofeelgood! - Try your luck! Leave us a review, we will consider itinthe update! Merry Christmas!
Stretch DIY Slime Simulator 2019 6.3
Stretch DIY Slime Simulator 2019 - popular jelly-like toy inyourphone! Incredibly fascinating fun in the form of real DIY Slimeisalways at your fingertips! Roll the lizuna to the specifiedpointsand gain experience points! Open new DIY Slime in differentshapesand colors! Collect the entire collection for real fun!Thissimulator will not let you get bored in a long journey or alongqueue! The physics of the game is as close as possible to therealproperties of your favorite antistress! Bright design will givealot of positive emotions! You are in a good mood! Take a breakfromschool or homework! Slime - the famous jelly-like anti-stresstoyswith unique properties! They resemble dense mucus, stretch,smear,but do not spread and leave no trace on your hands! Lizunshelp tocope with excitement and distract from monotonous work!Startplaying right now! Attention! The application was created forthesake of jokes and entertainment! Leave your comments andratings!Play with us!
Idle Archeology Tycoon 1.5
Idle Archeology Tycoon Would you like to have your own museum?Andto find the bones, fossils, alien technologies fragmentsofcivilization and evolution? Welcome to the new idle games. Youwillbe tap dig master and digger-archaeologist. You will buildaresearch camp in different locations of the world and leadtheexcavations. Digging games have never been so fun and exciting.Youdigging blocks and find exhibits for the museum. Dig it!Dinoskeleton, statues and UFOs will bring you gold. Improve yourteamof archaeologists and find even more antiquities. Digouteverything that is stored underground and become the bestidletycoon in archeology. Fame and fortune await you - hire thefirstworker and break the first block right now.
Idle Pet - Create cell by cell 4.9
Idle Pet - tap-tap idle construction 3d. Our pets are ourfriends!We love cute furry animals. But do you know what is thestructureof the animal? Idle Pet is a skeleton game that will showyou howthe body of petshop inhabitants, starting with the veryfirst cage.You will find a unique pumping pet. Create a livingcreature fromscratch. Watch how organs pass into the body, justgrow them fromstem cells. Use powerups and boosters like a realidle tycoon.Evolution has created a dog for millions of years. Andhow soonwill you make a person? You are waiting for cute animalscreatorsimulator ready to run. Start playing for idli making rightnow!