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Snooker Pool 2018 1.6.1
Bruke LLC
Snooker Pool 2018 is app for all snooker fans.Follow live scores ofprofessional world snooker players in this game.Simply the besttouchscreen snooker game. Realistic snooker ball physics Intuitivetouch controls; apply spin and swerve with ease.Now Enjoy the freecrazy snooker game,Good Luck!Features1. Snooker & pool2.Billiards3. 9 ball4. 8 ball5. classic game6. pool friends 7. freepool game.
Flappy Hungry Fish 1.2
Bruke LLC
Flappy Hungry Fish is an interesting game withan entirely different games,This is a role playing game where youhave to play the role of a fish,you are a small fish.You can onlyeat fish smaller than you.As you eat fish, you get bigger and caneat bigger fish and get angry. But if bigger fishes gets angry andcatch you, they will eat you up.So you have to be safe from thereand try to survive longer.HOW TO PLAY:Tap anywhere on the screen. Your fish will follow the tap andmove to the tap location. While moving towards the tap position, ifthe fish finds any fish that is smaller, the fish will eat thatsmall fish.
Gold Miner Sea 1.2
Bruke LLC
Sea Gold Miner will launch with classic leveldesign and environment that make you feel familiar.You’re a goldminer and it’s your job to mine as much gold、fish diamond and comeout with the most amount of money you can.After completing a level,you could be equipped with power-up items like dynamite, strength,lucky flower, rock collection book, diamond polish.They help youeasily to play in the next level.Explore game to know how to useeach item. You must spend money you earn to buy the items so ouradvice is to be smart to choose to buy the items.
Big Fish Eat Small Fish 1.3
Bruke LLC
This is a role-playing game, you have to play the role of a fish.You are a small fish, you are in a pond. You can only eatfishsmaller than you. As you eat fish, you grow up, you can eatbiggerfish. However, if you have bigger fish to catch, they'lleatyou.So, you must be safe from where survival time.