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Ripil 1.5.0
Charley Ripil
Ripil is a free app that lets you connectwithpeople on a human level, express your kindness toward theworldaround you, and allows you to keep track of the continued goodthathappens after your deed is accomplished.Earn badges and increase your kindness score by loggingeverydaydeeds, recruiting new people to Ripil, and by getting yourdeedspassed on. The interactive Ripil map will allow you to followthenext step in your deeds journey.Your deed could be passed on to a friend, someone you'venevermet, maybe even a popular celebrity or athlete, even thePresidentof the United States. Who knows, your "ripil" could leadto a worldchange.Become the kindest person in your city via the RipilLeaderboardthat keeps track of the Top 10 kindest people in the Top10 kindestcities around the world.Compete in "head to head" kindness challenges with yourfriends,have your city go up against another city to see who iskinder, orhave a local school challenge another school to see who'sstudentscan hit a certain amount of deeds first. Companies smalland largecan compete with each other as well as we find out who thekindestcompanies in the world are.Ripil can be your own personal kindness journal or a way tosharemore kindness throughout the world.
Ripil 4.4
Charley Ripil
Ripil is Social Media for Good. If you want to do good, see goodhappening around you and the world, Ripil is the place. Ourplatform was built with every tool possible to keep people engagedand inspired to do and spread good around the World. A newsfeed ofall that is happening around the user, ‘Deeds nearby’ to connectyou with those in your community doing good, a ‘follow’ function tohelp grow your impact on the world. Create a public group foranyone across the globe or a private group just for your company orschool. A Kindness Leaderboard will show you the kindest users,kindest groups and kindest cities in the world and a “Deed gauge”will give you up to the minute stats of how many deeds havehappened today and throughout the year. A direct messaging featurewill allow you to speak with people you have connected with insideof Ripil and the “Good news” section brings the user in contactwith every piece of good news published, each day, throughout theworld.Whats New- Updated homepage- Public and Private accountoptions at signup- Add post feature- Direct Messaging- Update PushnotificationsNewsfeed of users activity- Comment on Deed- Love aDeed- Ripil a deedWorld Deed Population Gauge- Deeds listed bycountry- Deeds listed by state- Deeds listed by cityKindnessLeaderboard- Deeds- Ripils- Cities- GroupsUpgraded Groups Feature-Public/Private options- Approve members if private- Categoryoptions- Search function- Newsfeed inside groups- Deed populationgauge- Add post- Delete group functionFollowing/Followers feature-Follow any user on Ripil- Be followed by any user on RipilGood NewsSection- Add your own good news article- See all good newspublishedDeeds Nearby- Photos- Map of Deeds around you- List ofdeeds and users around youDeed activity bar- History of posts-History of Deeds- History of activity on deeds