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Hermit • Lite Apps Browser 14.4.3
WHAT ARE LITE APPS? Fast, Tiny Web Apps with awesome Androidintegration With Hermit, you can replace your large native appswith Web-based Lite Apps. Browse faster, save data, block ads,protect your privacy, browse in Night Mode, Reader View, andcustomize your Lite Apps with over 20 different settings for everyLite App! All in a 3 MB app. UNLIMITED LITE APPS, FREE FOREVER FreeForever: No limits, no ads, no tracking, no payment! Premium: Getaccess to current and future Premium features with a ONE-TIMEpurchase: Read More: ACCESS PROGRAM Subscribe to use all the newest featuresbefore everyone else! Read More Why: We respect your privacy,so we don’t collect any personal information or sell your data. Youare our only source of support for many more years of innovativefeature-packed updates. Thank you! BROWSE FASTER. SAVE DATA. Hermitspeeds up your browsing while also protecting your privacy. No Ads.Not even in the Free Version. Ad Blocker: Makes all web pages lean,tiny, and beautiful again. Popup Blocker: Prevents unsafe anddeceptive sites from opening new tabs or vibrating your phone.JavaScript Blocker: makes most pages load faster. Data Saver Mode:Speeds up browsing by reducing image size. PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY.Privacy Focused: No ads, no behavior tracking, no personalinformation collected. Phishing and Malware Protection: Hermitblocks any attempts to install native Android apps & integratesGoogle’s Malware Blocker. Incognito Keyboard: Any site URLs youtype will be marked private by your keyboard, and not used topersonalize auto-completion. SUPERIOR BROWSING FEATURES Scriptlets:Run your own custom extension scripts! In-built support for GoogleTranslate, Lite Pages, QR Code, and many others. Reader App: ReadArticles from any browser/app using Hermit’s article extractiontechnology. Night Mode: View any web site in Night Mode with a darkbackground and light text. Estimated Reading Time: See how long anarticle will take to read, and jump to Reader View. Multi Window:Use two Lite Apps at once on Android Nougat and above. Text Size:Increase/decrease text size to improve legibility. Double Back:Ever got stuck because the back button takes you to the same page?Try Hermit’s Double Back feature! ANDROID SYSTEM INTEGRATION DirectShare: Share text & links from any Android app to Hermit LiteApps. Add Home Screen Icons: Other browsers merely add an icon andforget your settings. Hermit makes it into a true Lite App. Comparefor yourself: TabReuse: Hermit doesn’t open new tabs if your Lite App is alreadyopen, just like native apps. Atom/RSS Feed Notifications: Getimmediately notified when a web site publishes new content. WebMonitors: Feeds not supported? Hermit can monitor any specific partof any web page and notify you when it changes. UNLIMITEDCUSTOMIZATION No other browser lets you customize as many settingsas Hermit, and they’re saved individually for each Lite App. CustomIcons: Pick any icon for your Lite Apps, or create a custommonogram! Color Picker: Create your own theme. Text Size: Changeand save settings individually for each site. Desktop Mode: Loaddesktop sites instead of mobile sites. Frameless Mode & FullScreen Mode: You’ll have to try these out for yourself!Orientation: Choose whether you want a Lite App to always openVertical or Horizontal.
Tip Calculator — Minimalist 2.0
Calculate tips in as few taps as possible. I grew tired of bloatedtip calculators that take forever to launch and have a boatload ofadditional features.So I wrote this.It’s minimalist, it doesexactly one thing. And nothing more.By installing this software,you agree to the following End-User License Agreement: Thissoftware is provided to you as-is, with no express or impliedwarranty. In no event shall the provider of this software be liablefor any damages arising out of the use or inability to use thisproduct.
Hermit Premium • Unlocker 3.4.0
UNLOCK EXCLUSIVE PREMIUM FEATURES Get access to specialPremium-only features in Hermit Lite Apps Browser! Every versionbrings new Premium-only features. Check out our Help Article forthe growing list of Premium features in the current version. ALREADY PURCHASED, BUTNOT BEING ACTIVATED? Some users have reported problems whilepurchasing Hermit Premium through the In-App Purchase. This isunfortunately a long-standing well-known bug in Google Play. Checkout our Help Article for a suggested solution: If you are having troublepurchasing Hermit Premium through the main Hermit app, you canpurchase this Unlocker app instead. If you have already purchasedthe In-App Purchase Premium upgrade, and the suggested solutionabove does not work for you, please contact us UNLOCKER ONLY There is no functionality in thisapp, it is ONLY an Unlocker for Premium features in the main Hermitapp. If you don’t already have the main Hermit app, download itfirst: POLICY If you refund this app or uninstall it, HermitPremium will go back to the limited Free Mode. This app must remaininstalled on your phone to keep Hermit Premium unlocked.
Tip Calculator — tiny • no ads • 100% free 2.0.0
FEATURES • Calculates tips efficiently, in the fewest keypressespossible. • Updates As You Type: No “calculate” button: everythingupdates instantly as you type. • Dark Theme. Material Theming (MD2)inspired. • Splits final amount among 1-15 people. • Remembers yourprevious tip percent. • Round Up: The tip percentage updates inreal time when you round up the total or per-person amount. •One-click Share or Copy: send the total to your friends so they cansend you their share. NO NONSENSE • No ads • No in-app purchase •No permissions • No tracking • No personal data collection • Nocrash reporting • No bloat: tiny app < 120KB • No backgroundservices • No high fructose corn syrup • No cholesterol • Nopeanuts • No genetically-modified organisms • No animals harmed inthe making of this app • No chemicals known to the State ofCalifornia that may cause cancer or reproductive harm. CREDITS •Montserrat font: © 2011 The Montserrat Project Authors; SIL OpenFont License. • ConstraintLayout: © 2017 Google, Apache 2 License.