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Clumsy Bird Go! 1.3.4
Dang Minh Tien
Clumsy Birds needs your help! The survival of Clumsy Birds is atstake. The eggs are at risk of losing in the hands of thieves.Clumsy bird need to go back the nest to protect the eggs, and catchmore of the fat worm on their way. Not only with the inherentability to fly, but also they have the ability to control the carto overcome any danger on the road. It's your job to guide theselovely birds catch more of the fat worm, and go back the nest toprotect the eggs by driving and flying with Clumsy Bird's car.GameFeatures:Free play all the levels. When you finish each level, youcan go back to Level Menu to play the next level.Easy and fun toplay, but also challenging to fully master car.How to Play:TapForward or Back buttons to move forward or back down, using thisbuttons to create reasonable brakes.Tap Fly button to flyup.Combine driving and fling to fly farther.
Anger of Tank 3.0.1
Dang Minh Tien
You may want to create a quick game with friends . Here, " Anger ofTank " has created an online battle for you . You can challengeyour friends in the world or in circles Google+ . With Real TimeMultiplayer , your friends will know your fighting abilities andmore. Finally, Be a winner and make fun with friends.In Offlinemode;Anger of Tank creates a battlefield with a side of Tank teamis dominated by a boss and YOU. Join the battlefields Tank, you'llhave to deal with *Smart Tank Team* - constantly growing - Smart inmoving – add more Tank to protect Tank Boss. To win this battle youmust cut of the relationship between Boss Tank and the other bydestroying Tank Boss prevent enhance and assist, and destroy theentire Tank. This task will become more difficult as the level ofthe Boss grew up under the higher levels. But nothing isimpossible, as owner of the Tank, dodge all the flying bullets,along with tactics to attack and retreat reasonable, you willcontrol of the battlefield. Certainly, you will create fiercebattle have much fire. How to play: Easily Analog Control system beplaced on the left, simply Touch the arrow button dragged towardsthe move and TOUCH ANY LOCATION ON SCREEN to determine thedirection of fire. The controls ZoomIn and ZoomOut help you coverthe battlefield observation and clearer. Add a shot button atbottom right screen will switch to straight shot Mode. Scoringsystem: EXP will determine your experience how big fight. At theend of each level, Game will save the best experience you gain perlevel. Coins earned will be used to upgrade yourTank.----------------------------- - Like us onFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/AngerofTank - Blog:http://bbgamestudio.blogspot.com/
Joy Surf 1.2.3
Dang Minh Tien
* Surf as fast as you can.* Beautiful HD graphics.* DASH and DODGEthe Bus ,Van, Truck, Police Car, Barie as fast on the streets.* JoyHoverboard Surfer, High Speed Jetpack, Super Sneakers.Help Lucky,Juliet have your experience.