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Zombie Shooter War 1.8
Zombie Shooter WarSniper, take your weapons! Let's fight the zombies back to hell!Survive or die, you are the last hope!Zombies are crumbling everywhere. Evolved zombies walk out fromdark places, more people getting infected by zombie virus. Peopledied in fighting zombies war. Those who had survived in thiswarfare had fled away, hoping to escape. You as the elite zombiekiller are the last hope. Save the remnants of humanity byinfiltrating the zombie-infected city, stocking up on supplies,rescuing the civilians and ushering them to safety whileslaughtering those mutants that gets in your way! Wait for what?Zombie Sniper-Survival War is the first person shooter (fps)experience for android mobile and tablet! It’s time to load outyour weapons and get yourself fixedSniper, go to the zombies war frontier, now pick your weapon forcesand assault the walking dead, make a kill shot and stop this zombiesensation of this zombie world war!What shooting weapon we have got?Shooting guns, MP series, sniper refiles, revolver, crossbow, shortgun, dagger, Nihontou, electric saw, machine gun, p90 series,katana and more. Which is your favorite? Short distance or medium ,your choice.Props: bomb, bullets, silver bulletsWhat Zombie enemies we are facing?Normal zombies: man and woman turned zombies;Powerful zombies: athletes turned, huge zombies, creepy zombies,fast zombies, etcAnimal zombies: dogs, bat, birds, almost all creatures areinfected.Evolved zombies: evolved ones walk out of dark places. They wantblood and brains. They are gathering , organizing and attackingpeople.What strategies against the zombies?1) Search zombies and shoot: Tunnels, dark undergroundplaces.We are facing zombies from four sides, it is too dark to see clear,but they are around us. No hesitate, shoot and fight or you willdie and turn into zombies. Remember to shoot in the head, otherwisethey are not that easy to kill.2) Fake targets attract zombies: Evolved zombiesEvolved zombies gathering everywhere , even in light places, toproof, platform, station, streets, they are attacking people. As anelite American sniper need to take a high sniper shooting point,and use fake targets to attract them and use bomb to blow themoff.3) Kill the mutant animals first.Those transformed bloody animals are vicious, can attack with moredamage. Kill them first .4) Upgrade weapons and equipmentIt is too time consuming to load bullets. Upgrade weapon to loadmore bullets.Equip yourself with armor, props, gloves, and weapons. To deducedamage , avoid being infected by zombie virus.5) Choose right weapon for special zombiesSome zombies have evolved, they can resist gunshot. Yes, acrossbow, silver bullets, heavy fire gun to blow their head off isthe most efficient method.6) Endless mode : kill as more zombies as you canTake a point, and start to sniper the zombies. They will appearmore and more, challenge and let us know how many you can kill inendless mode.7) LIVE UP YOUR SNIPERBe the hunter before you are huntedTo be the terminator of zombies!Test your shooting skills against other real snipersFind your target! Aim! Shot!Visit more classified locations in your hunt to eliminate thosevicious zombies. You are the frontier of this battle against thehigh risk of this world!Follow us:
Kill Zombie 1.5
Sniper, pick up your weapons and prepare todefend yourself! Virus came, bringing enlightenment and zombiesroaming the world. Now that all the survivors have beentransferred, the whole city was filled with an atmosphere ofzombies, you have been selected to stay elite, you need to bevigilant and always keep yourself a sober mind, it allows you to golonger .Adjust your sniper's time to level, the virus raging in place tokeep your finger on the trigger, sadistic sense of FIG ensurezombies will not hurt you survive, remember to upgrade your skillsas an elite soldiers, upgrade your weapons, and use your skills tokill as many enemies as zombies as you can.Come on, so bad in all this time did not think, as much as possibleto prevent zombies.preventive solutionSearch zombie shooting: underground garage, tunnels, casinos,rooftops, nighttime road.We are faced with zombies in each direction, it was getting dark,it is not clear, so you must be careful, it's all around us. Notime to hesitate, to be shot and killed them, or next fall is you.I remember in the first shooting, otherwise they will not be soeasy to die!Attract zombies: they are evolvingWhere there is light at the roof, station, street, you, asAmerica's most elite sniper, have to find high ground, controlthem.Mutated creaturesIf there has mutated, please kill them as soon as possible, theyshould be a threat to you will be even greater.Upgrade weaponsRemember to replenish your bullets, do not wait until theammunition runs out, and if so you will die miserable.Select a specific weaponAfter some zombies evolve, they will produce antibodiesconventional weapons, so you have to prepare some new restraint ofweapons to destroy them, laboratory verification newest weapon willprompt youEndless mode is to kill as many zombiesIn the game as much as possible has high scores, do not letyourself or to be protected by the zombie attack.If you're a fan and you like FPS weapons games such as COD, deadtrigger or brother, then kill zombie is your next adventure! Thisis a first-person shooter game that lets you experience the realworld of immersive excellent graphics!
Crazy Kill Zombie 1.5
Kill Zombie! Shoot to kill zombies andsurvival in zombie viruses city!Crazy Kill Zombie is a action shooting zombie game.You are face with zombies attacking you from all sides, no support,the only thing you have to do is kill all the horror zombies andsurvival.Zombies are revolting! Make this task possible with your armyshooting skills, you must save the zombie apocalypse in the city.In zombies frontier you have to arm yourself with all the modernarms and walk out of the hunt for immortality, they had brutallymurdered humans.Game features:- Many zombies to your hoard as you can.- For all the family carnivorous crazy fun!- Optimized for Android smartphones and tablets of all models- Intense zombie shooting action game.- Kill zombies different.- Enjoy shooting, kill the evil feeling.- Cool 3D graphics fidelity.- Intense zombie blasting actionNow, take up arms to prevent the attack and swept zombie, provewhether you are to rescue the only human survivor. Crazy killzombies in Crazy Kill Zombie.
Zombie Road Death Racer 1.5
Zombie Road Death Racer #1 action gamethatcombines the sniper and racing gamesFire your gun and kill all the zombies in your path. Avoidothercars and obstacles and get as far as you can. Eternalboundariesracing game. The rules are simple - kill the endlesswaves ofzombies, the zombies squad lets you choose your car andupgrade. Bychanging its weapons or armor of your car. In addition,you canalso buy new models in the store.When your home is invaded by a zombie when the only thing left todois to let you quickly became clear - now you can drive your waytothe zombie apocalypse! zombie traffic roadkill see you notonlydriving your way through hordes of walking dead, but allows youtoshoot down the car with the use of machine-gun fire and RPGgameszombies.Zombie road racing is a milestone in the genre ofphysics-basedracing. Race against the unrelenting Zombie Hordeacross the greatwastelands in the never-ending game of survival.Shoot the zombiesahead with your impressive arsenal of weapons andwitness trueragdoll-packed gore galore! In a race where the onlyrules are killor be killed, are you willing to do whatever ittakes?Top Game features:- Excellent graphics.- Amazing game.- A lot of zombie killing fun.- Beautiful high def graphics- Enjoy it.Zombie traffic roadKill you'll like it! The game offers carandweapons, never seen like! Come and challenge it!
Zombie Killer Shot FPS 1.0.2
Snipers, zombies everywhere.Evolutionaryzombies out of the dark place, more and more people bezombie virusinfection. Take your weapon! Let's play zombie back tohell!Survival or death, you are the last hope! Every minute you areindanger, you need to act quickly and effectively, in ordertosurvive and leave the hell city.Trying to survive in the zombie holocaust. Walking very fast,getangry and dangerous!!!If you shoot their legs out, they willclimb.Save ammunition, aimed at their head, looks like a ninja, oryouwill die soon. You have set up roadblocks to protectthemselves,but the zombies will break it soon. Epinephrine duringimpulseguarantee! Be careful around the space, the walking deadwaitingfor a hero. The fate of the human beings could face a lotofoutflows, now in your hands to find safe land.We have a shooting weapons?Shooting a gun, MP series, sniper review, revolver,crossbows,machine guns, p90 series, pear, daggers, Japan, chainsaw,samuraiswords, etc. Which is your favorite? Short or medium, yourchoice.Props: bombs, bullets, a silver bulletZombie Killer Shot is an Fps game where you can:- Experience 3D shooting time as a zombie hunter- Enjoy the realistic sound effect and music- Bring smash death to zombies which are chasing you.- Be a killer to slay zombies in style with epic weaponsystem- Intense action shooter and scary atmosphere.- The big Boss look like a crazy terminator which huntingyoudown.- Various environmental sound to create the bestimmersivegameplay
Tsunami Zombie War 1.0.0
You are a good strategy, you is to preventthemfrom being hurt by the more people, now the city's residentshavebeen evacuated and left is not for you, action as soon aspossible,they will be more and more serious, so the whole process,you willalso need to constantly update and upgrade equipment, toensure thatthey are impossible to complete the task. Test yourskills in snipertask and virus survivors in frontier defensesecurity support.Zombies terminator this bad luck.Through multiple cool game mode fight for survival. Keep yourfingeron the trigger you want to make sure that your survival in aworldof viruses wreak havoc. Upgrade your skills as a survivorandzombies terminator in front line combat, raise your arms, suchasthe sniper rifle shotguns and rifles.GAME FEATURES:- See the amazing 3 d graphics and detailed textures- The most hardcore and intensive shooter with towerdefenseelements- Set your nerves to the highest level, to deal with differentkindsof zombies- poured death into zombies to chase you.- enjoy the realistic sound effects and music- Free download
Dead Zombie Shooting 1.0.0
Dead Zombie ShootingIn a high-tech laboratory, did not change the future society,theirprisoners to death to do experiments, the results appear intheprocess, a parameter appeared abnormal values, they didn'tpayattention at first, until the end was found, but it is toolate,variation, it has hurt the building of scientificresearchpersonnel.You are a good tactic, you is to prevent them from damage tomorehuman, now the city's residents have been evacuated, leaving isnotthe time for you, the action as soon as possible, they will bemoreand more severe, so the whole process, you also need toconstantlyupdate and upgrade equipment, in order to ensure theircomplete themission impossible.GAME FEATURES:- See the amazing 3 d graphics and detailed textures- poured death into zombies to chase you.- enjoy the realistic sound effects and music- The most hardcore and intensive shooter with towerdefenseelements- Set your nerves to the highest level, to deal with differentkindsof zombies- Free download
Zombie War Frontier FPS 1.0.0
Zombie War Frontier FPSInto a dark world, human life is involved in the ultimate battleinthe face of a global zombie apocalypse. To save the worldandespecially in the design of championships won an incrediblerealprize.Get ready people, here they internet-service providers.Participatein global tasks and rewarded. Complete achievement, meetthechallenge, and acquire the exclusive in-game currency. TheJoinwarriors from all around the world and fight in the Arena underthecustom gladiator rules every week, Become a legend in newPurgatoryArena.Game Features- 3 d experience was taken as a zombie hunter- enjoy the realistic sound effects and music- visit different regions.- explore the unique environment.- from various kinds of weapons to seize your favoritezombiefighters.- strong action shooter and terrible atmosphere.- big Boss look like a crazy the terminator, it hunt you.