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Citizen Calculator: GST 2018 2.0.8
Citizen Calculator app is very cool app, for calculate maths in anew cool way. This app looks like real Citizen calculator, withcooler & Smoother UI. You can simply use this app on yourphone, and calculate with it. This app is completely free to use,there are no hidden charges. If you are bored with your old CitizenCalculator app, then you can make your maths interesting with thehelp of this awesome Citizen Calculator app. So let's have a lookat this app now. Try our new Citizen calculator app with lots ofcool new features. This app is little bit different from otherapps. Features of this app -> GST Calculations. -> Add Custom% for GST. -> Plus or Minus any Amount from GST. -> M-, M+Supported. -> GT, MU, +/- etc supported. -> Check, CorrectFeature working. -> Real looking Citizen Calculator app. ->CT 512 Design. -> Enable/Disable Volume or Vibration anytime.This app is refined with new look & feel. Don't forget to trythis app. Our Citizen calculator app is very useful for businesspurpose, students, Office use, Tax calculate, GST Calculate et.This app is available all over the world for free. This app alsosupports Mark Up (MU) which is very handy. You can enable orDisable GST options from settings according to your requirements.If you have any suggestions for our app, feel free to contact usvia [email protected] Email.
Jewellery Photo Editor 2.11
Jewellery Photo Editor is a collection of Necklace, Earrings,Bindi, Crown etc with new trendy designs. Jewellery photo editor isa jewellery fashion editing app, in which you can edit your imageto add jewellery effects in It. This app is designed for women, soyou can add new jewellery to your pics without purchasing it.Effects will look like real if you apply them carefully. You canrotate/zoom in/zoom out/blur effects of your choice to make themfit into your image. Your pic will almost look like real with theseeffects. We have also added some special designs like tattoo. Youcan check our app. Following Effects Available in Jewellery PhotoEditor App -> Beautiful Collection of Bindi/Bindiya styles.-> Good Variety of Caps. -> All of the Chain styles designedto fit to any neck. -> Cool Crown designs. -> Earringsdesigned specially to make it look like real. -> Variety ofGoogles. -> Necklace -> Tattoo -> Text -> and more...How to Use Jewellery Photo Editor -> Open the App, Select yourPic from Gallery or Click from Camera. -> Crop image area if youwant. -> Add Chain/Necklace/Earning etc of your choice. ->You can pinch in/out for Zoom in/out/rotate effects, or use sliderat left and right side to adjust the design. -> Once you Done,Click Save & Share image along with your friends. For anyquestions or queries, simply contact us. Please leave your reviewso we can make this app better, Thank You!
Birthday Video Maker 1.2
Birthday Video Maker with Sound Effects. Want to surprise yourfriends & family members on their birthday? Want to dosomething special without much hassle? Well, this app is for youthen. You can easily create awesome Happy Birthday video just fromimages. This app have birthday sound, or you can import any othersound of your choice. This app is very easy to use. You can easilycreate birthday wishes from your phone with this app. You can notjust only create birthday video from this app, can do much morethings easily. We have mentioned some of the top features of thisapp, check them now from below. -> Name & Image on Cake.-> Birthday wishing Images. -> Birthday Photo card, just likea greeting card. -> Add Image on various frames easily. ->Happy Birthday Wishing Messages. (Huge Collection) So These weresome top features of This Birthday Video Maker app. You can createawesome birthday video from this app. For crate birthday video withsong, follow below steps. -> Open Birthday Video Maker app fromyour phone. -> Click on Create Your First Video Now. ->Select Images of your choice. -> SelectTime/Music/Theme/Stickers/Filter/Effects. -> Click on Savebutton from top right corner & you are done ! Yes, it's damneasy to create birthday video using our app. Then you can Shareyour video to any app like WhatsApp. This way you can createawesome birthday video without any hassle. For more query orfeedback, you can contact me via email.