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Egg Shoot 5.6
Eco Game
Egg Shoot - This is jungle version of bubble shoot game. This gameis very cool and suitable for all age.There are three playing mode(classic, puzzle, time). They are totally different playing styles.There are two or three difficulty levels in each playing mode 1.Classic modeGet a high score by surviving as long as you can(endless if possible). Eggs move down continuously from slow tofaster and then crazy faster. Some time new eggs is drop down, ifyou miss hit it. New egg is generated after that. There are a lotof bonus types (multiple 2,3,4 times) help you to get best score.You can get bonus score too when hit vibrating eggs.2. PuzzleYoucan choose medium level for beginner (58 levels). Or choosedifficult level (180 levels) for pro shooter. A lot of difficultpuzzle levels are waiting you. All these level are nice designed soenjoy it before destroy! Obstacle stones can't be destroyed, becareful with them. Shot smart and accurately to eliminate them bydropping.Challenge you by get all 3 stars all puzzles. You can skipdifficult puzzle now.3. TimeShoot as fast as possible to clean alllines of eggs. Time is measured.
Lines Deluxe - Color Ball 2.8.21
Eco Game
Lines Deluxe - Color Ball is a wonderful game. It is easy to play,but to become a master is a challenge. The goal is simple: Keep thescreen as clean as possible by arranging balls of the same colorsinto lines to make them explode. A line can be: Horizontal,vertical, cross up or cross down. Features will support you to playeasily and get best scores: - Undo/redo features - Resume last gameplay option- Save and load game (visually) - High scoresinformation - Sound on/off- Show next ball optionTips: 1.You shouldnot just concentrate on one line, play with multiple lines is agood strategy. 2.If you have a good choice and you think more, youwill get a better choice.
Pet Connect 2.1
Eco Game
Pet Connect is a very funny game test your smart and reaction Gamecontains a lot of tiny cards with cuted animals (pig, monkey, cat,panda, bee, frog, dog.)You find a pair of identical cards those canbe connected by maximum three lines (can be 1 line, 2 lines, or 3lines). You can see more detail by reference to How to Play ingame.After you find and choose a pair of cards. These cards will beremove and you get a score.The game ends when you remove all cards(You Win) or time is over (You Loose).The faster you are, thehigher score you have.Game includes three difference playing modes.They will bring to you a lot of relax time. 1. Classic 2. Puzzle3.TimeNote: 1. You can use a few Hints (Magnifying glass icon) tohelp you when you feel difficult to find pair of cards. Number ofHint is limited.2. This game is same to mahjong game but in 2Dstyle.3. This game is smart game for your kids too.
Bubble Shooter Galaxy 1.0
Eco Game
Bubble Shooter Galaxy is a wonderfulBubbleShoot game style.Game have 4 playing modes1. Classic mode:This is very interesting playing mode. You have to keep bubblesfromreaching the bottom line.It has a lot of bonus types to help you get best score.2. Puzzle mode:More than 250 interesting maps bring you a lot of fun. All mapsaredesigned beautiful and challenging.Some levels have stone obstacles. Be careful, stone can notbebroken. Let's play wisely.3. Adventure mode: (totally new and interesting)More than 120 awesome maps. It is not only an open versionofPuzzle, it brings you a totally new playing style.If you love Puzzle levels in this game, you definitelyloveAdventure levels.4. Time modeChallenge your shooting speed. Play fast to clear all rowsofgems.How to playShoot bubble to arrange at least three adjacent bubbles withsamecolor. They will explode.Feature:- Each playing mode has 2 levels (Easy and Hard)- Allow you to choose 3 types of bubble- Show/Hide arrow- Challenging ranking system for each playing mode
Trivial Drive (Unreleased)
Eco Game
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