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Super Plane Fly 3.0
Fly The planes through the caves whileavoiding the obstacles the longer you last the higher you earn ,Try new planes with the colors of your choice , Fly in fourdifferent environments and compete with the world in Leader-boardsEarn Achievements by earning points and crashing , level up inGoogle play by earning more achievements and Keep track of yourfriend's progress in leader-boards.+++++++++++How To Play+++++++++++Tap and hold to FlyRelease to come down++++++++++++++Extra Features++++++++++++++Achievements (Try to earn these in order to level up in googleplay)Leader-boards (Compete with others in the leader-boards)++++++++++Suggestion++++++++++The developer if open to all the suggestion, leave them in thecomments and may be they will be implemented in the game
Dude Driving - Multiplayer 4.0
A Satisfied Dude - Yeah it's cool dude andit'sdefinitely a 100% original idea I mean 10/10 Dude , you canskid andpark and it has small cars to big cars like buses ,leaderboards ,achievements and most of all , real time multiplayerand It is agreat driving simulator also the dude who created thisgame willconstantly be developing new levels and game modes.So yeah dude , go ahead and try it I mean play it, In thisgameyou drive like a dude and park like a dude- DudeExperience one of the best and simple first person cardrivingsystems. with a very low download size.- A lot of different cars- Unique offline levels- Unique online levels- Weekly updates with new levelsA Game By FlatTutorials And FlatPivot And Powered by Unity3DGame Engine (FlatGames inc.)
Splash Rush 2.0
How to play?Tilt you device like a steering wheel to control the boatorchoose touch controls in the settings.Kill time while you wait for your thing , swim in water anddrivedifferent types of boats while you also collect coins (unlocknewboats) and use power ups to get some super powers.Go on a Endless journey with your boat and keep your scorealwayson the top of the leaderboards.
Screaming Bird 2.0
Screaming Bird is a endless platformerwhereyou have to avoid obstacles and the longer you walk the morepointsyou earn this helps you compete in leaderboardsHow to playDo not make any noise if you don't want the bird to walkSpeak softly to make the bird walkScream to make the bird jump