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Briefing 3.2.8
Briefing for Samsung puts what’s important at your fingertips.Swipe left on your home screen to quickly access the latest newsand stories. Select all your favorite topics and get full coverageand perspectives from the world’s most credible sources. Briefingprovides a great summary of personalized news in a beautifulpackage. Invest in yourself, stay informed, and feel like you’vespent your time well. Focus on what matters to you, not the randomposts of other people’s lives. You can disable Briefing by pinchzooming out on the home screen, then swipe to locate Briefing.Uncheck the box at the top, then tap to return to your home screen.If you have questions or need help, please select Contact athttps://about.flipboard.com/help-center/.
Flipboard:你的专属杂志 4.1.3
Flipboard,作为全球最大最知名的移动资讯阅读App,个性化聚合阅读的鼻祖,我们致力于为用户带来了创新炫酷的阅读体验。在这里,订阅你感兴趣的内容,即刻开启专属你的阅读之旅。• 你信赖的他们,都在这里:财新、哈佛商业评论、FT中文网、36Kr、VOGUE、VICE、LonelyPlanet、HYPEBEAST、知乎、豆瓣、虎扑、时光网、好奇心日报、下厨房、橘子娱乐……•读得多不如读得好:编辑团队甄选栏目《每日精选》、《今日热点》,为你每天精挑细选美文和热点。•看世界、学英文:这里汇集Wired、Quartz、Mashable、NationalGeographic、TechCrunch、Food &Wine、ESPN、LENS、People、Esquire等顶尖英文媒体,原汁原味、与全球同步。• 只要点 +按钮即可打造你自己的专属杂志,用智慧和双手,展示你的热爱。Flipboard, 改变你世界。联系我们&意见反馈:邮箱:support_zh@flipboard.com微博:@Flipboard微信:FlipboardAppFlipboard,as the world's largest and most renowned mobile news reading App,personalized reading polymerization originator, we are committed toprovide users with innovative cool reading experience. Here, whatinterests you subscribe to instantly open your reading exclusivetrip. • Do you trust them all here: the new wealth, HarvardBusiness Review, FT Chinese network, 36Kr, VOGUE, VICE, LonelyPlanet, HYPEBEAST, know almost, watercress, Tiger bashing, timenetwork, curiosity daily, the kitchen, orange entertainment ......•Reading is much better to read well: the editing team selectioncolumn "daily specials", "today's hot" for you and carefullyselected Essay hot day.• see the world, learn English: Thiscollection Wired, Quartz, Mashable, National Geographic,TechCrunch, Food & Wine, ESPN, LENS, People, Esquire and othertop English media, original, global synchronization.• Just point +button to create your own exclusive magazine, with wisdom and handsand show your love.Flipboard, you change the world. Contact Us& Feedback:E-mail:support_zh@flipboard.comMicroblogging:FlipboardMicro letter:FlipboardApp