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Narutimate Ultimate Ninja Hero 3
In each game fighting of the series, theplayercontrols one of several characters directly based onNarutimateUltimate Ninja characters. Players then put theircharacters intoanother character, usually controlled by the gamesbut this couldalso be another player depending on the mode beingused. The goal ofeach game is to reduce the opponent's strength tozero by usingbasic attacks and unique special techniques for eachcharacter, andderive from the techniques they use in the sourcedocument.For some techniques, the characters are available"psychometricgauges", which degrade upon execution. Most of thetechniques arenot performed in real time, and instead there is anaccompanyingmovie theater. Also, some characters can be transformedintoalternate forms of battle alternation, though their status barisleaked or the players cancels the transformation, playerscanchoose a partner character to help them in battle. Eachpartnercharacter has different abilities based on their skills fromtheseries. While Ultimate Ninja Heroes allows the choice of uptothree partner characters, although both abilities can becombinedto create stronger effects.Depending on the completion time and remaining stamina, theplayeris given an "S" rating through "C", where S is the highestpossiblerating. If it receives S or A, a rampage occurs.Features:- Nice-looking graphics 3-D.- A lot of challenges and stages.- Easy controls on phones and tablets.- Classic sounds create excitement of playing.