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The Stickman Ninja 1.0.14
Stickman Ninja - in this game you have to fight with the hordes ofenemies. Against you will be swordsmen, archers, magicians and muchmore. In your arsenal is a bunch of different shurikens and avariety of helmets. All the stikman are made on ragdoll physics.Check your ninja skills. After all, according to the legends,ninjas were brave trained people who had been trained sincechildhood in the very complex art of ninjutsu, which included a lotof skills. Write your suggestions and ideas in the comments. Wewill make the game together.
The Stickman Vikings 1.0.6
Welcome to the harsh world of Vikings, where power and freedom,fear and cruelty prevail! Feel how to become a Viking and provethat you are the most powerful warrior. Try yourself in the role ofa Viking. Take part battles against archers, armored swordsmen andeven magicians. Throw axes at opponents and hit them. For you willbe available different axes such as: a poisonous ax, an ax thatcreates a black hole, a fire ax and others. Features: ✔ Gorgeousgraphic design. ✔ Free game mode. ✔ Lots of helmets and shields. ✔Different axes with special skills. ✔ Wonderful physics. Important!The Stickman Vikings is free, but you can buy coins for real money.You can turn off the option of in-game purchases or set a passwordin your device's settings. The Stickman Vikings is an excitingarcade game played by users from all over the world. We constantlyimprove the gameplay and prepare interesting updates for you. Shareyour ideas and wishes - together we will make The Stickman Vikingseven more exciting! You are Viking! You are hero! For Valhalla!
The Stickman Wizard 1.0.7
The Stickman Wizard is a unique arcade game in which you will haveto fight for a magician against a large number of opponents.Everybody dreams of carrying a magic staff, and now it is possibleto find it from the stickman, and now he will use his strength andcapabilities to fight with enemy soldiers. Now you can download TheStickman Wizard on Android and go through a new adventure. Stickmanbecame a true master of magic along with a staff. As it turned out,the staffs are able to create real miracles and shoot magic balls.Ahead is waiting for you to meet with a huge number of enemygoblins, orcs, archers, swordsmen, spearmakers, as well asmagicians and others, ready to go for everything to win. Eachopponent has his own skills and characteristics, some of them canbe teleported thus dodging our shots, somebody runs up and explodesthereby undermining us, somebody can tear off his head and throw atus and many others that you learn by playing in The StickmanWizard. But our magician has his magic staff with whom he is readyto meet his enemies. Each staff has its own characteristics play agame and find out what. The staffs can shoot explosive, poisonous,icy, fiery, black holes and many other magic balls. What would lastlonger and survive in the game is armor and helmets that willprotect you from enemy attacks, as well as you will be helped byskills that can heal and also destroy the enemy and protect ourhero. This game is a wonderful combination of beautiful explosiveeffects and realistic physics. Features: ✔15 staffs with differentcharacteristics ✔For more than 50 outfits to protect ✔More than 30skills for attack and defense ✔More than 20 opponents withdifferent characteristics ✔Realistic physics ✔Excellent graphicdesign