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100 Doors Game - Mystery Adventure Escape Room
Get ready to escape all possible places dedicated to differentrooms and location, solve enigma and open the door. Uncover the newmystery of an adventure. 100 doors escape journey is the sequel ofpoint and click nature with more riddling puzzles. Try to break allthe doors and mysterious locks. Prove yourself and solve the baffleto exit the room. * Train your mind with mindfulness and logicalthinking. * Your intention is simple – find and use hidden objectsand solve the baffle. * Defy yourself with the amazing baffles inmany divergent locations. 100 doors mysterious room escape withstunning graphics and exciting puzzles, excellent sound effects andunforgettable atmospheric experience. You need to work your brainand think out of the box to solve some extraordinary baffle withthe help of inkling. Have fun! One of those brain-teasing,challenging room escape game. Don’t miss it! Interesting game playthat you don’t get bored. You need to play more than 100 doorsxscape and exit the room. Interact with objects and solve thepuzzles to achieve the task in the escape game. Unlock the doors atevery levels give you a thrilling adventure and exciting feel. All100 levels are taken into imaginary world and fulfilled of dreamthrough escape. Solve mysterious logic puzzle; use your potentialto open the door. Improve the user’s experience and brainefficiency. Solve the baffles, inventory the hidden objects to usethem to open the room and go to the next level and Use your skillsand do whatever it takes to escape. Game Features: 100 AddictiveLevels Bunch of riddling puzzles More than 50 Hours Game play Dailygifts and rewards available Humane hints are available Gametranslated in 25 major languages
Room Escape Game 2020 - Sinister Tales
SINISTER TALES - It is an epic combo of point and click typethreeunique stories escape game that will pick your brain and testyourintelligence. Fight Asura, Destroy the evil puppeteer, and Winaprankster party this Halloween that, we assure, won't be aneasytask. RISE OF ASURA - A kid who belongs to a family thatworshipsTammuz is kidnapped by Asura. It's a sentimental, andthrilling faraway journey of his father who fights Asura with thehelp of Tammuzto get back his child. RAGE OF EVIL PUPPETS- Aninnocent baby girlis captured and turned into a puppet by an evilpuppeteer who seeksdark power. PRANKSTER PARTY - It is a wickedtale of a group ofteenagers that plans a huge prank on Halloweenthat turns out to bea difficult journey. This is an epic journey ofa father who fightsthe dark power to get back his daughter.Halloween room escape backto you! This time we have prepared 45different locations - allstuffed with high-end puzzles, amazinggraphics, mind-blowingriddles and much more! This game is suitablefor kids, girls andall genders The game completely filled withscary themes and kiddygames combination. Find hidden objects, solvesome puzzles throughplaying this mystery adventure Halloween party.If you love puzzlegames, you will not miss such a wonderfulchallenge. Let youconstantly observe, judge, calculate, untilescape When you areconfused, hints help you to escape Gamefeatures: Best Room Gameswith 45 Levels Variety of 3 DifferentStories More than 50 PuzzlesUnlimited Free Hints Localized in 21major languages Best BrainChallenge Fun Game
Criminal Files Investigation - Special Squad
This season, engage in mysteries of crime cases in the city, inoneof the best role-playing point and click type room-escape gamein astory-driven narrative and it's developed and released byHFGHidden Fun Games. Are you ready to solve the criminal cases?GAMESTORY Special Squad – Crime Mysteries is a detective story.Mr.Ervin is the lead secret agent in a special squad. Thegovernmentappointed top five unidentifiable cases to Mr. Ervin. Youare anassistant to him. The reason for the death of sprinter,rescuingthe agent, murder of a female victim, untraceable case ofManagingDirector and reveal the reason for the death of yourcolleague. Thegame is totally in the latest form of room escapegame and filledwith tricky challenging puzzles. Lot's of thrillingtwistthroughout this full journey. During this journey, you have tofindclues and suspect through your detective skills. Escape gamesarefully filled with crime and investigation stories and havingmanythrilling rooms waiting to escape. But they are easy to playandgive more challenge to you. Various location waiting foryourinvestigation. Try to find out the hidden clues, solvesomepuzzles, unlock a few rooms through your intelligence. If youaresearching a best investigation based escape game then this oneisthe right choice. Are you ready to face the challenge of escapeandsolving the mysteries? GAME FEATURES 101 Brain ChallengingLevelsMore than 250 logical puzzles to challenge. Gameplay consistsofmore than 30 Hours Examine clues & analyze evidence Bringthekiller to justice. Challenge yourself with mini-game puzzlesandachievements to earn extra coins. Stuck in Game - Get Help -AnySuggestion about the game, please contact us through belowsocialmedia links. We are ready to help you...Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Ena-Andriod-Games-317895295064950/Twitter:https://twitter.com/EnaGamesAndroid Google+:https://plus.google.com/u/0/102488694792304952641
Escape Room Adventure Mystery - Alien Impact
One of the best point and click type room-escape game inastory-driven narrative and it's developed and released byHFGHidden Fun Games. Are you ready to escape? Let's start theamazingadventures of alien impact. The mission is behind you!Challengeyourself to complete the mission. The alien escape fromthe bio-labas a prisoner. The mission is to impact alien on theearth. BeBrave!! Smash everything, The loss of satellitecommunications putthe space station in danger. Aliens must usingpuzzle tricks, to dothis smarts puzzles to recruit a group of bravealiens. During thismission the alien has to overcome many obstaclescomplete severaldangerous and thrilling task. The lab environmentand sound effectwill keep the suspense and excitement at its peak.Tap and collectthe each item is to be important and need to beperform it. Themission start out easy and get more & moredifficult as yourskill level improves. The alien may be transportedto the earthonly if there isn't another alien blocking its path.Investigatethe space station, search for the alien and complete thepuzzle inorder to return back. There is a endless amount ofexcitement andobjectives in alien escape to keep you waiting for anew unlock oneby one. Game Story: Covert Agent falkor an alien whois welltrained as a Spy. His mission is to infiltrate the earth toobtaininformation about earth. . Can you solve the mystery whatthisplanet holds for you? Explore the futuristic world and Useyourwits to solve the amazing puzzles in order to return home!Lot's ofthrilling twist throughout this full journey. Feel theexcitementand thrill in the escape game. Escape games will surelymake allthe players addicted to it and it will definitely testyourintelligence through your escaping skill. • Beautifulgraphicsbring the futuristic City to life! • Unique challenges:Becomeinvisible, Infiltrate the facilities, Invent the cool gears•Gather tools and items to help you survive! • Outsmart thehumansand their technology with your skills FEATURES: * Free andeasy toplay * 25 Challenging levels * Amazing graphics and gameplay. *Try to find the riddling hidden objects * FamilyEntertainingsuitable for all ages. * Having step by step hintfacility *Challenge yourself with puzzles * Localized in 25languages.
Word connect - 500 Levels Word Finder Game
HFG ENTERTAINMENTS released the new word connect game for allthegame addicts . Learn new words to train your brain to beat thewordblaster game. Improve your vocabulary and test yourspellingskills. Enjoy the fun of brain teaser and use your brain toenjoythe word finder. If you are a Word creator, install the gametoprove that you are a brainiac person are not? Take a breakandrefresh your mind with word connect. You can easily improveyourvocabulary, concentration and spelling skills. It’s a quick,funway to practice English vocabulary and new words. Play thegamewhenever you get bored and feel relaxed. Challenging levelsthatmake it always fun to play. The ultimate word challenge gamewith500 of brain teaser levels to boost your knowledge. Enhanceyourmemory ability when you try to find the best words. Trytochallenge yourself by finding all the extra difficult words. Itisalso an educational game that allows kids and adults toimprovetheir spelling, vocabulary, and IQ memory power. FEATURES: @500levels of brain twister especially for thinkers. @ Play OfflineNoInternet Required @ Earn rewards through finding extra words.@Simple and easy to play. @ Fun and challenging levels. @Amazingtime filler, time pass and have fun. @ Leader boards tocomparebest with friends. @ Test your ability and skills @ Trainyourbrain and learn new words every day. @ Suitable for everyonetotrain word search skills. @ More Levels to be added soon.
Brain Games Mind IQ Test - Trivia Quiz Memory 1.9
HFG Entertainments released the new brain game for all thegameaddicts. Do you want to have fun playing games as well assharpenyour mind and intellectual skills ?? Kill your time andsharp yourmind smarter and cooler than ever before. Challengeyourselfaddictive puzzle and enhance your knowledge. Sharpen yourbrain andtest your memory power, mathematical skill ability,concentration.Level by level Increase your mind active, sharpen andincreasesyour thinking ability. Delight mind stimulating games buttestsyour logical reasoning. It is fully free offline game so thatyouplay at your leisure time Mind games used to check yournumericalreasoning ability and IQ test your mastermind knowledge.Bang–upyour mind with different kind of features to prove that youare abrainiac person. Its addictive free fun that improves yourthinkingknowledge, enhances your reasoning ability, and findsthedifference between pair picture. Follow the pattern solvethelogical reasoning and improve attention to your mind.Aftercompleting each level you get rewards and share options andenjoythe fun math riddles It is suitable for all ages and reflexesyourmind and knowledge, and exercise your brain. Now we releasethefirst 100 levels and much more levels are coming soon. Downloadthegame and start having fun. Features : 100 Brain SharpeningLevelsCompletely Free Fully Offline – No Internet Required Suitableforall age group. Test your skills innovative and creative braingamesSimple and logical reasoning that test your IQ Unlimited FreeGiftsDrain your mind everyday Easy and simple control EasyAddictivegame play More Levels to be added soon. Initiative Userinterface
Santa's Homecoming Escape - New Year 2020
FANTASTIC POINT AND CLICK ADVENTURE ESCAPE GAME FROM HFG HIDDENFUNGAMES FOR ALL THE ESCAPE GAME LOVERS The whole world iscelebratingChristmas without the presence of Santa Claus for thepast 100years. What really happened to him? What's the mysterybehind hissudden disappearance? Join hands with 'Steve' in thisadventurousrescue mission by time traveling from past to thefuture. Timetravel to the past and mark yourself in history. EnjoythisChristmas with our most exciting point and click escape game.Thisgame specially made for all age groups and combined with muchmorechallenging puzzles. In this festive season, you will take afunchallenge with your family members by playing this game. EnjoythisSanta Party with 40 brain challenging levels. Colorful handpainteddecorative Christmas and New Year designs. Kids are mostliked thisjourney and try to prove the brain power. SPECIALFEATURES: Embarkon a grand journey against all odds to save yourfather! 80 trickyand challenging puzzles Exotic more than 40locations with engaging40 levels 10 intriguing characters withexciting game plots A timemachine – change the history to your willEnjoy the futuristiclocations Nostalgic moments with Leonardo Davinci High-end,immersive gameplay, optimized for tablets andphones!
Parallel Room Escape - Adventure Mystery Games
We are introducing the another interesting adventure mysteryroomescape game, so get ready for this new parallel room escapegame2020 and enjoy this interesting challenge from beginning toend.Game Story: James is an air force pilot , he is willing to takehiswife for an romantic peaceful trip, but the situation istotallyvice-versa, the TRIP CHANGES INTO TERRIFIC TRAP ,James andLara gettrapped in the volcano base virus research centre and theyenterinto that new parallel world it is so different and beautifulbutthe strange worlds are like a fear trap, Finally they escapefromthe parallel world but base people know the real impact ofthevirus research, Earth people get affected by the anomalousdisease,Our James will protect the world from volcano base byblasting anddestroy  the disease  by the guilty guidanceof basepeople everything goes wrong in the initial stage buteverythinghappen for a reason, Suddenly James opens his eyes fromthe morningdreams and he realizes this is a dream, but same thingshappenedafter he wake, but he cancels the trip and ready to attendtheceremony function. Travel through the different rooms andwitness aseries of mysterious events that led to the greatestdiscovery involcano base virus research center. Use all your witsto find outthe scientist. Collect the clues and start building theplan toescape the way out. All the 25 levels you feeldifferentastonishment thrilling adventures. Find all the Objectswith whichyou can unhitch hatchway otherwise are very difficult toopen. It'snot easy to find the hidden objects. You can’t escape thefeelingthat there is hidden secret revolving around the lab. You’remorethan right detective; your puzzle progression is accompanied byanexciting story! The entire puzzle adventure contains severalhoursof play time. Search the rooms for hidden items, find clues,usethe logic and solve brain teaser puzzles, find the keys andescapefrom the room. You have to find a way to escape from therebyfinding useful object, hints and solving baffles. Enjoy an hourofmind blending fun! Challenge yourself! Solve the mostdifficultpuzzles in all different rooms to prove you are adventurelovedperson. Features: * 25 Challenging Levels with Addictive storyline* Numerous Riddling Puzzles * Hints helpful for next move*Realistic Background designs * More than 8 Hours Game plays *Dailygifts and rewards available * Game translated in 25 majorlanguages* Fantastic Mini games & Exquisite Game scenes
Escape Room Adventure - Enchanting Tales
Enjoy your adventure in HFG entertainments escape games and findthehidden objects, solving quests by completing challenginglevels!There are Four chapters for you to play and all of themhave a niceendings! Each chapter takes place in a different placeand each hasdifferent mazes to solve without getting caught.Welcome to the newadventure journey with different chapters oftales. * Each chaptercontains a different location and themes. *Set About an amazingexcitement in Fantasy horror-based world. *Get ready to get out ofthe room game and escape the lock. * Provethat you are good atstalking and solve the riddles. Tales only foryou! Enjoy thefascinating scenes, the magnificent graphics, andintuitive gameplay. Solve all the tales mysteries in just a fewclicks on yourmobile phone. - Get ready to find the occult insidethe enchantedcastle and you can find many strange to find themysterious object.- Continue the adventure of the Enchanted Talesin this much longerpoint-and-click style puzzle adventure game.Find clues, solvepuzzles, and uncover tools along the way neededto unlock andexplore the secret fantasy of the world. - Ready tochallenge yourbrain? Here's a collection of puzzle escape, horrorroom escape, andbrain teasers for you to solve! Prepare yourselffor the thrillingenchanting adventure Xscape games withsuper-challenging levels!Train your brain with a classic escapegame. Finding veiled objectswill challenge your searching skillsand boost your thinking skills.If you like the challenge must notmiss it! Try to open all thesecret doors to finding hidden objects& Solve the epic puzzlesto become the best detective.FEATURES: * 100 Challenging levelswaiting for you. * More than 100puzzles. * Amazing graphics andgame play. * Game localized in 25major languages * Daily gifts areavailable * Having step by stephint facility.
Room Escape Adventure Mystery: Secret Mission 2021
HFG Entertainments has proudly present a new collection ofaninteresting room escape Secret Mission challenge 2021. Planyoursecret mission and find hidden objects to escape from one leveltoanother level. Challenge yourself and explore different kindsofhidden riddling puzzles in a point and click adventure mode ofgameplay. Game Category 1 In the city, some dreadful diseasesarespread all over the city. It's time to show your skills andMovethrough the different locations solve the mystery puzzle andescapefrom the zombies. There are many difficulties and scaryobjects toreduce your potential for survival from the place. Yourmain goalis to find a way to escape from the rooms of zombies. GameCategory2 Enjoy immersive game play and engaging story lines asyouinvestigate murder cases, interact with intriguingcharacters.You’ll visit unique locations and examine troublingmurder scenes,collect the clue from the place and look for anyevidence in themurder. Adventure through the dark secrets missionis to find allthe items hidden in the room that will allow you tosurvive whenthe door opens. Each of them Stimulate your thinkingpower andtests your concentration skills, you want to think out ofthe boxto exit the doorway. You'll never be stuck since everypuzzle hasplenty of hints including the full solution. Just findthe baffleyou're stuck on below. You are locked in a room and haveto figureout clues, complete tasks, and find the key to escape…Finally, Useyour Logical skill and thinking abilities to solve thenumerouspuzzle and finds a way to the end of all the zombies ingivingpeace and happiness to the City. A mission should beachievedbefore running out of lives. There is nothing impossible toreachthe mission. Game Features: * 100 Addictive Levels. * Morethan 150riddling puzzles. * Examine clues & analyze evidence. *Morethan 50 Hours of Game play. * Daily gifts and rewardsavailable. *Humane hints are available. * Game translated in 25majorlanguages.