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Knot Fun 1.10.14
Everybody's favourite pastime: Untying knots! All you do is untieknots. It's Knot Fun! Knot Fun is a very CPU intensive game andwon’t run well on older devices. I’m continuously working onoptimizations in this regard, so if the current build doesn’t runwell for you, it’s possible the next update will.
Jigsaw Story 4.20
~~ 2017 Google Play Indie Games Festival Runner-Up ~~ * Beautifulartworks from talented artists around the world * 4 Difficultylevels, with rotation option * Music and background customizationsare NOW FREE Our puzzle artists include Lucy Truman, theillustrator of Confession of a Shopaholic book series covers;Pascal Campion, the world-renowned independent digital illustrator;and Robert McCall, the NASA illustrator who designed the originalmovie poster for 2001: A Space Odyssey and many others. Pleasefollow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/myjigsawstory AdditionalDisclosures: - The game/book is free-to-play, and you may choose topay real money to unlock collections, and purchase in-game gems. -A network connection is required for downloading collections andmaking in-app purchases. - For information on how we use your data,please read our privacy policy at:https://www.happysquarestudio.com/privacy-policy - Advertisingcould appear in the game. - The game may ask you to connect withsocial media accounts. - If you encounter any issues with the game,please use “Help” within the game. You my contact us from there. ©2017 Happy Square Studio Inc. All Rights Reserved. Jigsaw Story,Jigsaw Story puzzles, and all related designs are trademarks andcopyrights owned by, in part or whole, Happy Square Studio Inc andits artists. Use of this application is governed by Happy SquareStudio's Terms and Conditions. It is available at:https://www.happysquarestudio.com/terms Collection and use ofpersonal data are subject to Happy Square Studio's Privacy Policy.Additional terms may also apply.
PalmPong 1.4.31
Four paddles, One Ball. Keep it bouncing, to win it all! Controlallfour paddles with one finger. How long can you keep theballbouncing? Let’s find out, shall we? Destroy shapes and starstocollect more points than your so-called friends!