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Let's Jump Lessy 1.1
Happyfire Inc.
Hello my dear friend,This is Lessy again, during this hot days, I spent lots of time toexercise, polish myself, Now I can jump easier, faster and happier,all the game levels are redesigned, polished, and let me tell you"Let's Jump Lessy" is a very casual relaxed game .....Do you believe this ?NONONONO...this is no true..LOL , "Let's Jump Lessy" is not a casual and easy game!!Listen!! this is a very challenged interesting game, only verytalented people can finish this game and rank on LEADERBOARD andunlock lots of Acheievements!!If you think you are talented enough and not afraid of challengehard, Come and play this game to prove yourself NOW!!SHOW ME YOUR POWER.Looking forward to see you in the leaderboard!Your friendLessy.