IsaacParker 应用

OBD 2 Code Definitions 1.0
Have an OBD-II scan tool but don't know what the codes mean? Thisapp is for you! Quickly lookup up any P-Series code (more codescoming soon!) and know what that check engine light means. Simplyenter your code (for example: P0301) and press the Search button.
Make Me a Sandwich 1.0
Ever needed to satisfy your inner geek with a tasty sandwich madeof 100% real geek food? Well then this is YOUR app! Simply pressthe button and VIOLA!! A sandwich will appear! What's more, theentire application has an XKCD feel about it because of the greatcomics from XKCD in this app!**This application requires rootaccess to function properly!****The function that requires rootingcan be simulated, as no permissions are really necessary to make asandwich****Really, it's just a picture****This app does NOT rootyour phone****This app features a couple of XKCD comics**