com.uluru.yatzy 1.0.5
Yatzy is the best dice game you will ever find! Get the app rightnow. It is a fast to learn game and you are sure to get lots offun! You have four different Yatzy game modes: solo, triples,versus opponent and local pass and play. Great graphics,customizable colors a much more. Yatzy is composed of thirteenrounds. You roll 5 dice up to 3 times each round. Then you canchoose one of the 13 category boxes to score the results. You canonly score once in each of these category boxes. As the gameunfolds the boxes start to run out. The goal is to achieve thehighest possible score out of these thirteen rounds. The game willbe constantly improved. We count on you to help us. The game isalso called Poker Dice Game, The Yacht Game, Yatzy, yahtzee tm,Yam’s, or Yatzee. Some common typos are yahtzy, yahtzee tm, yatze,yatsy, yazee and. It is a fantastic family dice game. This is thecoolest yatzy dice game ever. Enjoy!
Dominos Game * Best Dominoes 1.0.17
Dominoes is loved all over the world. This FREE puzzle Dominos gameis soon to be by far the most played FREE game ever. So, it ispretty simple. If you like Dominoes, then you must definitely playthis insanely addictive BEST Domino Game app developed for you!Improve your strategic skills with the BEST Game! Here, you willfind the three most played versions of this game: • All Fives (alsoknown as muggins) • Draw Dominoes • Block Dominoes Playing Dominosgame requires, if you want to win most times, of course, a lot ofskill and some good luck. So, go ahead and have lots of fun playingthis unique game. Your goal is to achieve a certain score to winthe game. In order to get the pieces (or tiles, or bones) together,the number of pips at the end of each of the tiles must match. Itis that simple. Go ahead, look no further. Start playing the bestdomino game right now. YOU will LOVE it. SPECIAL FEATURES • 3Dominoes versions: Play Classic Dominos, All Fives/ Draw or Block.• Table customization: Choose your favorite background, choose yourscore. The higher the score the more the chances to win. •Difficulty level: Improve your performance. Game Auto adjusts. Themore you play, the better you become and the more tricks you learn.• Opponent Strategy: Challenge yourself with the computer opponent,that knows how to play, and beat him. • Beautiful design: Play,relax and take it easy! • Detailed results & scores: Track yourperformances of Domino games and show how good and smart you are.Do you recall your childhood? INSTALL FREE DOMINOES GAME NOW!Sharpen your mind! Have tons of fun! Enjoy yourself a fantasticmatch with all-time Classic Dominos Game! Download the #1 Dominosgame and start playing anytime, anywhere! We work hard to make sureyou’ll get the best experience with regular and continuous updates.Do remember to rate us. It makes us happy to keep providing youwith even better and extraordinary experiences.