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Baby Toy Smasher 1.1
Liveset Media
Kids let's see how many toys can you find!!!Baby Toy Smasher is acute game for your baby. It will help develop you child'sattention, eye coordination, to learn new toys names and have alots of fun.Watch your kid react to all the different toys thatwill pop when smashing the gifts.
Baby Color Smasher Full 1.3
Liveset Media
This is the Ad free version of the popular Baby Color SMASHER gamemaking it totally child friendly (No internet access, no ads, noadditional purchases).Baby Color SMASHER is a simple, funny, yetcaptivating game suitable for your baby or toddler, but becareful... it might catch you also.Just splash those paint dropsall over the screen and you and your baby will have a lot offun!This game can help develop your baby's attention, eye-handcoordination and will also give you those precious 5 minutes for acup of coffee.
ranDAYmizer 1.0
Liveset Media
ranDAYmizer is a tiny free app that aims to assist you when youneed that 5 or 50 minutes break and don't know what to do. It willpop you a random activity that you can either do it or skip it.Share your experience and help us provide fun activities to all ofyour friends!ranDAYmizer gives you dozens of suggested activitiesto choose from with a growing number of new additions eachday.Boredom takes the productivity turn with a twist offun!-------------------------------------------Icons license:Iconsmade by Freepik from are licensed under CC BY3.0Icons made by Puppets from are licensed underCC BY 3.0Icons made by Anton Saputro from arelicensed under CC BY 3.0Icons made by Icomoon from www.flaticon.comare licensed under CC BY 3.0Icons made by Rami McMin are licensed under CC BY 3.0
Interactive Santa 1.0.2
Liveset Media
At this time of year, we sit aroundtheChristmas tree enjoying the company of our family and friends.Onemysterious old man, with long beard and red outfit, bringssmilesto our faces and leaves us with blushed cheeks. Without beingseen,he magically places gifts beneath our Christmas tree.There are many stories about good old Santa Claus. But whichisthe story he'd tell us?That's up to you to find out!Please rate if you felt warm and cozy!
Baby Color Smasher 1.5
Liveset Media
Baby Color SMASHER is a simple, funny, yet captivating free smashergame suitable for your baby or toddler and also for kids of allages, but be careful... as addictive as it is... it might catch youalso. Just splash those paint drops all over the screen and you andyour baby will have a lot of fun!This game can help develop yourbaby's attention, eye-hand coordination and will also give youthose precious 5 minutes for a cup of coffee.Features - adaptivespeed that will match your baby's tactile dexterity - kids ofhigher age won't get bored as the difficulty naturally increases -colorful paint drops and splashes - a new "Amazing" splash on every30 smashes - fun sound effects and music to keep your childinterestedThis is the FREE version of Baby Color Smasher.The Fullad-free version can be purchased here: by FreePik licensed under CC 3.0 Attribution. Waves VectorIllustration by Lovevectorfree.comTA DA Sound by Mike Koenig underCC 3.0 Attribution from