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Djembe Drum Beats 1.0
Do you love Djembe Beats? Then why nothavethem as your ringtone? One app gives you 13 uniqueandprofessionally recorded Djembe Beats for your phone!Choose from 13 world percussion ringtones includingMiddleEastern, West African and Latin percussion. This popularselectionof upbeat tones will get your foot tapping when your phoneisringing.Bajo means 'come and dance' and is a groovy, feel-good piecefromGhana.Casablanca is a Middle Eastern styled piece with ahouse-typegroove.In Dogon we find one of the most uplifting Djembe groovesyou'llpossible ever hear.Fallahi is based on a traditional belly-dance rhythm fromEgyptwith an upbeat feel.Fankani is an exceptional example of a solid West AfricandrumensembleFwaja from Senegal exudes a lively and happyfast-pacedenergy.Garangedon is a joyous Malinke rhythm with a reallybouncygroove.Hip-a-delik Dnb is an exciting Drum n Bass groove forAfricandrums.Hip-a-delik Hop is what a Hip-Hop groove would sound like ifitwas played on African drums.Kakelambe is a forest spirit from West Africa. Kakelambe 4-4 isagentle, friendly yet uplifting rhythmic piece.Kakelambe is a forest spirit from West Africa. Kakelambe 6-8 isadriving and intense drumming piece.Kassa is a West African harvest rhythm and has apulsatingintensity.La Guajira has a chilled but groovy Latin feel.