MSA Development 应用

MySecurity Account 2.7.1
MSA Development
MySecurityAccount is designed for users ofResidential and Commercial security systems. By providing instantaccess to the security monitoring database, MySecurityAccountallows customers to have all of their security system's informationat their fingertips.MySecurityAccount Features:View system statusView account informationView detailed Event HistoryEnter/Delete No Action periodsView system ContactsView system PasscodesView system Zoning configurationView system Equipment detailsQuick No-Action - place your system on test with two quick pressedof a
MySecurity Account Pro 1.6.0
MSA Development
MySecurityAccount Pro is a tool built to giveyou the power of accessing your security systems from your Androiddevice. View detailed event history, account information, contacts,messages, enter no-actions, and even modify accountinformation.
Life Safety Monitoring 1.1.0
MSA Development
LifeSafety Monitoring allows users to accesstheir medical monitoring account information, place their accountinto Test Mode, view recent activity, view contact information andmedical information with the monitoring center.
LifeSafety Monitoring Pro 1.1.0
MSA Development
LifeSafety Monitoring Pro allowshealthcareprofessionals to access their client's information, aswell asenter test periods. Users can also access all accountinformationand modify contact medical information.