NeoFrontier Technologies 应用

WhatsMyIP for Android 1.1
This free Android application will display all IP addressassociated with the interfaces on your Android device. It will alsoretrieve your IP address as seen by servers on the internet. ieyour external internet IP address. It will display IPv4 and otheraddresses like IPv6.A convenient refresh menu item is included tocheck for a change in address. This application can be used inanyway the user sees fit. Most popular uses are like findingnetwork problems ( fault finding and debugging ) and monitoringchanges in IP addresses.Any suggestions for future upgrades to thisapplication are welcome.
Device Information 1.1
Find the CPU type and clock frequency of your device, the amount ofcores and more CPU information. This application will displayinformation about your device hardware and software. Like screensize and resolution, amount of RAM and storage memory, and generaldevice model information. Which sensors does your android devicehave ? This application will show you a list of the sensors on yourdevice and give useful information about them. Like: Type of sensor( Like Gyroscope ), make of sensor ( Vendor, STMicroelectronicsalps electric co etc... ) and its maximum abilities ( MaximumRange).Need to see what your android device specifications are ? Usethis Device Information application.
Chinese Checkers 0.9
This is the ancient board game of Chinese Checkers forAndroid.Single player against the computer supported,multi-playerssimulated, and you can play against humans. Helpsystem provide toshow you how to play Chinese Checkers.
Chess for Android 8.6.2
Play chess against your Android device or online (FICS). Featuring2000 practice positions, 500 puzzles, UCI engine support, Chess 960and more. It's also possible to set up a position on the board,save and edit games, navigate through history and import/export viae-mail or clipboard.A classic game played worldwide.
Period and Ovulation Calendar 1
Mark any two start of period days and get a future prediction ofyour next period days and ovulation.You can back up your data.WARNING: It is not recommended to use this calendar to avoidpregnancy. There are more accurate methods, like measuring thebasal body temperature.
BallMazes for Droid 1.2
A logical maze puzzle game based on thepopular 2D tiltmaze collection at Do notunderestimate the challenge these puzzles can pose. Work out a pathfor the ball to the blocks, and watch out that you don't trap yourball. The ball will only move in straight lines until it hits awall. Move the ball by tilting your device or drag swipe the ballin the direction you want the ball to move. If you want to do it bytilting your device it is best to lock screen rotation in yourdevice settings. If you prefer swiping, disable the tilt feature asfound under the menu.
FreeSudoku 1.1.5
FreeSudoku is a popular logic-based numbers game.The aim of thegame is to place 1 to 9 into each grid cell so that each number canonly appear once in each row, each column and eachmini-grid.Features:*You can save your games *Change the layout.*Everything you need in one package. Have fun !!
Battery Temperature 1.2
This Free Android application will display the battery temperatureof your Android phone or tablet in degrees celsius and fahrenheit.It will work on almost all devices. Used to monitor batterytemperature for battery care or other scientific purposes likeresearch. The battery temperature will give a good overallindication of the phone temperature. If the phone is drawing littlepower from the battery and is not charging the battery temperatureindicator will be close to room/ambient temeprature. Like when itis in flight mode and not doing much.
Missile Intercept for Android 0.5.2
Protect your cities by intercepting the missiles as the come down.Touching the screen in strategic places to do so and get points fordestroying missiles.Enjoy a game from the past.
Solitaire 1.12.3
Solitaire, Spider and Freecell forAndroidphones and tablets. Save your games resume them. Plenty ofoptions.Perfect for when you don't feel like working or are bored.It islike the Windows game Solitaire.
HexaWorld Conqueror 6.6
Hexaworld conqueror is an unique puzzle like and adventure game.Collect treasures and outsmart creatures. It starts easy, but soongets difficult. For those looking for a different and unique game.This is it.
MineSweeper Plus 37 1.2
This puzzle game contains Minesweeper for Android and 37 otherpuzzles like Guess, Keen, Cube, Bridges Dominosa, Flip, Inertia andmore. A comprehensive help system is provided with each game. Thisis the perfect game for puzzle lovers.
Battery Life Timer 1.0
This application will tell you how long a single battery chargelasts. It is used to determine the battery life of Android devices.It has many uses. For example: Android device reviewers might findit especially useful if they want to determine the actual truebattery life of a device under specific use conditions. Generalusers can use it to check if their battery is getting low on chargecapacity and needs replacement.
Battery Level Reporter 1.0
This Android application, suitable for most Android devices new andold, will report the battery level of the device via thetext-to-speech (tts) driver. It will do so at user specifiedbattery levels in percentage. You may select the voice dialectalso. You can set it to start up automatically at device reboot ifyou prefer your Battery Level Reporter to be always up and running.Since most Android devices will only report very low batterylevels, this application is useful for users who would like earlierreporting of battery levels, or hear the actual levels read out.Since you get a verbal readout it is useful when you cant see thescreen or don't want to look at it. It is handy for motorcyclistswearing bluetooth headsets connected to their phones.Thisapplication has undergone lots of testing before its beendistributed. However, if by any chance you experience problems withit please email us and allow us to correct the error before youreview this application. We can not respond to reviews so it is notsuitable for constructive two way communications.
Battery Voltage Readout 1.1
A simple battery voltage readout ( meter ) for those in need toknow the actual battery voltage of their device for debuggingpurposes or other.Batteries may suffer overcharge for variousreasons and sometimes devices indicate the wrong state of charge. Afully charged Lithium Ion cell will have a voltage of around 4.3Volts under charge - the voltage should ( generally speaking ) notexceed that.For monitoring of Battery Temperature freely use thisapp: Battery Temperature App For monitoring of Battery Level withtext to speech readout alerts freely use:Battery Level Monitor App
Free Fall Ball 1.6.1
Tilt your device to make the ball fall through the gaps. Collectthe items to make time go slow or bomb away all the obstacles.
Cell Tower Info and Signal 1.3.7
This android application displays the currently connected cell (mobile ) tower information like: GSM Signal Strength, GSM Cell ID(CID) and GSM Area Code (LAC). Also the Mobile Country Code (MCC)and Mobile Network Code (MNC). It is mainly used for debuggingcellular connectivity problems, but use it in any way you like:).This application has been tested on various devices. However, ifby any chance you experience any problems with it, kindly email usto give us a chance to correct the error before you rate thisapplication. If you have some reason to rate this application low,and feel adamant to do so, please at least provide the reason foryour rating in a review so others may see what reason is given.Thanks.
Thief Alarm Basic Free 1.0
Use this free Android motion detectionprogramto alert you when someone moves your phone or tablet. Use itas aMotorcycle Alarm or a Bicycle Alarm its up to you. Use it togiveyou an alert when anything is moved, just attach your phone toit.Protect your drawers and cupboards or rooms etc.Configure it to make an audible alarm siren and/or phone asecondphone and/or SMS a second phone.It uses the device's accelerometer to detect movement. Alarmtriggersensitivity can be adjusted.Pin protection option included.This application has been in use and tested for sometime.However, If by any chance you have any trouble withthisapplication please contact us via email. Please do not usetheratings area to report any possible error. Give us a change tofixany possible problems before you rate this application.Thanks.
Temperature Alarm Alert 1.3.6
To avoid having to search for this app again later I suggest youbookmark this page. This Android application is used to monitor thetemperature of a room like a server room, Hydroponics lab,greenhouse or outside in a crop field. Anywhere you need to monitortemperature. The app will dial a number or sound an alarm if thetemperature reaches user specified levels. It can be used as afrost alarm alert system. Or as an overheat alarm. The length oftime it will dial can be set to a specified amount of seconds. Nobilling needs to occur that way, it will only dial and then hang upafter x amount of seconds. It will also give a battery low alert ata specified level. The app uses the device's ambient temperaturesensor if present else it will use the battery temperature sensor.Please notice that if it is using the battery temperature sensorthat the reading is only accurate if: The device is not undercharge. The device is not drawing a lot of power from the battery.Leave the screen turned off else the power drawn will affect thereading. The battery temperature sensor will only give an accuratereflection of the ambient temperature under those specifiedconditions. We also have a Temperature Monitor app available forreading the temperature and battery level via Wifi on a secondandroid Device .
Wireless Temperature Monitor 1.2
This app is used to monitor the temperature reading and batterylevel of a remote device running the Temperature Alarm Alert appdistributed by us. To complete a wireless temperature monitoringsystem. The two devices needs to be connected to the same networklike a local Wifi hotspot network.Used in:frost alarm systemsserverroom temperature monitorserver room temperature alarmEverywhereelse temperature monitoring is required like laboratories.The costefficiency of this system beats all other systems which requiresexpensive hardware.
Frozen Bubble Classic 1.7.1
Android port of the Frozen Bubble game. Knock the bubbles down byforming clusters of three or more bubbles. A fun puzzle gamesuitable for the whole family young and old.Want more levels ? TryFrozen Bubble Neo or a level editor appl from the play store.
Pinball Classic Vector 1.5.2
This game is based on the classic vector pinball arcade game. Ithas really nice sound effects. The graphics is deliberately simple.The focus is on gameplay and accurate physics and smooth running onvarious old devices as well as new. Various play layouts areavailable and zooming is possible. Read the help system if you needassistance playing. Toggle the OpenGL rendering found in thepreferences if you have any problems with jittery or tacky running.
Atomic Builder Puzzle 1.0.1
A puzzle game to teach you atomic structures and make you puzzle alot to build them. Have fun ! Chemistry teachers might want to showtheir students this game.
Punch Power 1.0
This Android application is a toy, a game and a self defencetrainer. Depends on how you would like to use it. Hold your Androidphone or tablet and move it fast like you would to strike or punchsomeone. It will then make a punching slapping or kicking noise. Ituses the devices accelerometer to detect motion. It will show themaximum acceleration your punch caused on the screen during apunch/strike session. It can therefore be used to record the powerof your punch. Play with your friends to see who can strike thefastest. Or use it for combat ( self defence ) training. Or justswing it around for some fun. The motion sensing direction andsound trigger sensitivity can be adjusted. And you can selectdifferent sounds. You could tie the device around your wrist forease of use. Play with this application and let your imaginationgo... Slap your boss, your mom or whoever angered you ;). ( justdon't do that for real ). This game is good for stress relief.
Auto Balance Enquiry USSD Codes 1.1
Tired of repetitively entering USSD codes like *100*502# forcellular balance enquiries or banking ? Use this application tocreate shortcuts to various USSD codes. Just press any of thebuttons to execute the relevant USSD command instantly. Make lifeeasy for yourself.We are also available to write custom Androidapplications for you...
Wifi Signal Strength Meter 2.2.9
This application will display all the signal strengths of all theavailable WiFi access points in your vicinity. Signal strengths aregiven in dBm. The MAC address or BSSID of the access point is alsodisplayed.This application is a tool used for debugging WiFinetworks. It can be used to track down WiFi networks. Can be usedto find the best signal in your home or office etc... Thisapplication will run on almost all Android devices with WiFicapability, like phones and tablets.A straight forward and simpleinterface makes reading easy and the application easy to use.
Frozen Bubble Neo 3.5.2
If you like bubble puzzle games you will like this one. Shoot thebubbles so they pair up and fall down. Increase difficulty level ifyou find it to easy. Play arcade or puzzle mode. Play with a secondplayer via WiFi or Bluetooth. Choose your control method: Tilt toaim or swipe or just shoot where you touched. Have fun and enjoythe funky music while figuring out how to get the best score. Neo,but if you liked the classic Frozen Bubble then you might like thisone even more.
Bluetooth Signal Meter 2.0
This application will not display connected devices. Ensure thedevice you need to detect is not connected. A minority of devicesmust be in discovery mode before they are detected, like some BTHeadsets.It will display the signal strength in dBm of all nonconnected Bluetooth devices it picks up. A list of devices withtheir Bluetooth names and MAC addresses will be displayed with asignal strength meter for each. You can use this to find yourmissing FitBit or other Bluetooth device. You can also use it todebug Bluetooth connectivity problems.Signal updates can take up to15 seconds to one minute on some devices. Please be patient whenyou use this application. Depending on various factors, a minorityof Bluetooth devices will not be detected at all by thisapplication. This is mostly out of the control of the developerunless Android is changed in this field. Please consider otherpeople when you rate this application. For most people it works.But if it gets to many low ratings it must be removed in order tokeep the developer name high with other apps. And then no-one getsanything. So here is the deal. Rate this app low and I will removethis app and next time you will have nothing to try.
FreakLabs Underground FPS 3D 2017-9
This is a new FPS game in the somewhat retro style and tradition ofgames like Wolfenstein and Doom. It uses the same game engine asGloomy Dungeons, a great open source work deserving of much credit.This game was designed to run smoothly on older Android devicesalso. Yet it is modern, fun and challenging. The controls aresimple and easy as you would find in the older traditional games.Although a game controller is usually preferred over touch screencontrols. It has lots of settings available and will work with yourgame controller.The whole game is under 5MB to download :)If thisgame gets enough high ratings, constructive reviews andencouragement it will :Get support for Side By Side imaging so youcan use it with your Google Cardboard, other similar Head MountedDisplay or a 3D viewer. New levels will be created for upgrades anda FreakLabs II can be expected.Freaklabs II SpacePort is now in theplanning phases. Work on it will commence soon. It will beadvertised in FreakLabs UnderGround when completed.
Sun Moon Times 2.0.7
This app will display useful information about the sun and themoon. Like: Sunrise and sunset times for your location or any otherlocation you set. Moonrise and moonset times. It will alsographically show the current phase of the moon along with apercentage illumination readout. It will also display the time ofthe onset of twilight and the end of twilight. Along with all thata neat time and date display is provided for use as a clockdisplay.This app is useful not only for seeing current times butalso for determining future full moon times or dark moon times. Thesame for sunset, sunrise etc. And you can do so for any location.Hunters, lovers and fishermen may find this app useful. You may useit in any manner you like for whatever purpose you choose.
Cooking and Baking Timers 2.1.5
Start as many parallel timers as you want. Manage and create yourown timers or use the predefined timers. You can create your owntimers in several categories. Features:* Start as many paralleltimers as you want* Timers run in background* Favourites * Createyour own timers and categorize them ( baking, cooking, lab timersetc)* Create your own categories with icons * You can also start atimer without saving it, just press the play button after enteringa time* To delete all timers (incl. the predefined ones), press themenu button on the start screen and choose the option to deleteallIf you would like more features email us.
Identify the Unknown Caller 1.7.5
If you receive a call from a number which is not on you contactslist, this application will do an advanced internet search for thatnumber. It will do an advanced search to include searches forvarious ways phone numbers are written. The results are accessibleby tapping on the notification it gives or tapping the desktopicon.
Freaklabs II - SpacePort - FPS 2018-12.a5
In the genre of Classic Traditional Style FPS Games,NeoFrontierTechnologies presents to you the long awaited FreakLabsII -SpacePort. The programming challenge was to keep this gamebelow9mb to download, keep the music and graphics at a fair leveland atthe same time provide hours and hours of playing fun.NeoFrontierTechnologies succeeded in the challenge. Now yourchallenge is toshoot the crap out of everything that moves andcomplete alllevels... Have fun !
Battery Information 1.0
Displays: Battery Level, Voltage, Temperature, Battery HealthandBattery Type. Useful for monitoring your battery.
AVRFlasher Test Version 1.0.2
If you want to upload your precompiled Arduino sketches toyourboards via Bluetooth from your Android device then this is whatyouare looking for. This is the test version, the full versionisavailablehere: is found here: . Itworks withalmost any Bluetooth module. Included is a serialterminal monitorwhich works via bluetooth to see program output asprinted withSerial.print() etc. This app does not compile yourscetches to hexfiles for flashing. You can use ArduinoDroid tocompile yoursketches.
AVRFlasher (pd) 1.0.2
If you want to upload your precompiled Arduino sketches toyourboards via Bluetooth from your Android device then this is whatyouare looking for. You can try before you buy by trying thetestversionfirst is found here: . Itworks withalmost any Bluetooth module. Included is a serialterminal monitorwhich works via bluetooth to see program output asprinted withSerial.print() etc. This app does not compile yourscetches to hexfiles for flashing. You can use ArduinoDroid tocompile yoursketches.