Nikolay Kulchicki 应用

The whole Universe is riddled with many waves. Dive into thisinvisible world in the game VOLNA.Riding the wave, help yourpartner/satellite to achieve new frontiers. Avoid the dark matter,collect stars and create new heroes!Tame the wave!
Goshi's Method 22
When we look at some object, our brain from the very depths of oursubconscious offers us numerous associations that we connect withthis object. A paw print immediately makes us think of an animalwhich left it, but our subconscious offers us other options aswell: a movie scene, color or action. The options are impossible tocount! Goshi's Method is an arcade quiz where you will have to sortobject silhouettes into various categories. But the game itselfwill demand that you answer quickly, without giving you time tothink about your answer. Goshi's Method – an association game withyour own subconscious!