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MyNutriDiari 2 2.8.0
MND2 is Back! Kindly re-login with your previous registered accountFood is a part of our lives and lifestyles. So much so that it'sintake can adversely affect ones health and lives especially whenwe live in a food abundant country like Malaysia. The NutritionDivision of the Ministry of Health Malaysia has taken manyinitiatives to encourage the population of Malaysia to eat and livebetter. Following the technology trends, the Nutrition Division haslaunched the MyNutriApps applications for mobile to disseminateknowledge of healthy eating and living to Malaysians. Now, weproudly introduce the MyNutriDiari, an enhancement of the previousapp that aims to provide a tool to allow anyone to manage theirintake of food, to encourage and to allow them to self manage theirbodies and health and to develop a new healthy mindset andlifestyle in everyone especially the new Generation Ys.MyNutriDiari has the following functions; - A complete nutritionresource center in an app in your mobile - A built in calculator tocalculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) which will tell you whetheryou are normal, thin or otherwise. - A built in estimator that willestimate your daily calorie intake needs based on your age, genderand program. e.g. if you want to lose a kg a week. COMING SOON - Asuit of diary's which will allow you to monitor your own healthincluding a daily calorie diary which allow you to manage your foodintake, monitor the calories your take in and burn, record yourwater intake and there is also a weight monitoring diary that willhelp you record your weight and see your progress. We plan to makethis app a tool to have, for everyone including youngsters andchildren. Do you know that with the app, you can also manage thediary's of your kids and spouse. This app is a must for healthenthusiast and those who are in the healthcare world. We hope youenjoy MyNutriDiari. Be on the lookout for new features and upgradeoften as we plan to put a lot more functions and content in the appand service. NUTRITION DIVISION MINISTRY OF HEALTH, MALAYSIAMyNutriApps and MyNutriApps II : MyNutriDiary are owned, managed,operated and copyrights of the Nutrition Division, Ministry ofHealth and the Malaysian Government. DISCLAIMER : While theNutrition Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia and its developmentand operating partners strive to provide the best applications andservices, users of this app will use it at their own risk. Thedivision, ministry and its partners will not be liable for anylosses, injury or death which may occur to the usage or misuse ofthis app, content or services. Please talk to your healthcareprofessional should you have any problems relating to your diet orhealth. Thank you.