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Easy BMI Calculator - Fitness Companion 1.0.3
Pawan Modi
Easy BMI calculator is an android application to calculate bodymassindex. This is a easiest way to calculate BMI. Easy BMIcalculatorhelps you in tracking the BMI regularly. Easy BMIcalculator appkeeps you fit and healthy. Easy BMI Calculator appis quick andlight weight. Your body mass index BMI is now at yourfinger tips.Easy BMI doesn't need any special permission. Nointernet, no extrapermission. Just calculate Body Mass Index andbe healthy. Shareyour BMI with friends on social sites. Email BMIto friends. Keeprecord of your BMI over the time. Play BMI gamesand participate inBMI challenge with friends. We all want to livehealthy life. How doyou make sure your body is healthy. Doctorshas described anattributes which can tells us if we are healthy.Body Mass Index isan attribute to confirm our body state. Use EasyBMI Calculator tocalculate your BMI and take appropriate steps tokeep BMI inrequired range. Use BMI calculator for you, your familyand behealthy. After-all Health is Wealth. Every person willhavedifferent BMI value. Your BMI depends on your body stats. Youneedto provide height in centimeter, weight in kilogram and genderinfoto calculate accurate BMI for you. Following chartdescribesvarious BMI values. BMI < 18 is Underweight Body BMI> 18&& BMI < 25 is Normal healthy Body BMI >25&& BMI < 30 is Overweight Body BMI > 30 isObeseBody. 2.0.2
Pawan Modi
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