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Feeling Good Teens 1.2.6
Positive Rewards
Feeling Good Teens has been developed for the educationalproject,Positive Mental Training (PosMT) for schools, todevelopself-esteem, resilience and goal focused motivation inyoungadults,(seehttp://www.foundationforpositivementalhealth.com/for-schools/).Thisproject is funded by NESTA (an innovation charity) and isbeingpiloted in 11- 13 year old pupils (senior 1 year) inselectedschools across the UK. The ‘Feeling Good Teens app’ has 9short(3-7 minutes), age-appropriate relaxing audios,incorporatingOlympic Sports coaching techniques. These have beenderived fromour NHS accredited ‘Feeling Good; Positive Mindset’ appfor adults,which contains the full length (18 minutes) PosMTtracks. PosMT hasbeen well researched and shown to reduce worry,and increase mood,self-confidence and sleep. The app is free todownload and comeswith 2 free tracks. Please read the details ofhow to use the appin the settings page. Pilot schools are givenfree access to alltracks with referral codes. SubscriptionInformation: Feeling Goodallows you to upgrade to premium whichgives you access tounlimited content within the app You have twosubscription options:• 1 Year £9.99 • 1 month £2.49 Payment will becharged to PlaystoreAccount at confirmation of purchase. Youraccount will be chargedfor renewal within 24-hours prior to the endof the current period,and identify the cost of the renewalSubscriptions may be managedby the user and auto-renewal may beturned off by going to theuser's Account Settings after purchase.Any unused portion of afree trial period, if offered, will beforfeited when the userpurchases a subscription Terms andconditions:http://www.positiverewards.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Feeling-Good-Teens-App-Terms-Conditions-1.pdfPrivacypolicy:http://www.positiverewards.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Feeling-Good-Teens-App-Privacy-Policy.pdf
Feeling Good: Mental Health 3.0.69
Positive Rewards
The Feeling Good app is accredited by NHS digital - a mark of itseffectiveness, safety and good function. The app contains thescientifically proven CBT programme Feeling Good for Life a seriesof 12 Mental Health focussed audio tracks to help you buildessential skills, not only to deal with mental stresses andstrains, but to bounce forwards and become mentally stronger andmore resilient. This programme combines deep relaxation,mindfulness and meditation with Olympic sports mindset techniquesto: * Develop deep relaxation to calm your mind and body andsupport your mental health and wellbeing * Lift your mood, helpingyou feel more positive and relieve symptoms of depression * Let goof worries and aid in anxiety relief * Sleep better and deal withstresses more easily. * Increase motivation and confidence to helpyou reach your goals It can also help with physical symptoms ofstress, such as headaches, irritable bowel, fatigue and chronicpain. It improves your ability to focus on a task, to feel positiveabout yourself when talking to others, to perform at your best whenyou need to. Like traditional CBT, these audios can help changeyour thinking patterns, which will change your behaviour andgenerate more positive feelings. Just as repeating physicalexercise builds muscle strength, so with repeated listening to ouraudios you can build mental strength. There are other modules onthe app, to help you sleep better, feel positive about ageing, stopsmoking and be your ideal weight. All contain the same beginningtracks from Feeling Good for Life to give you a good foundation.The app is free to download with free access to several tracks.Unlock the whole app with a referral code or a one-time payment.Updated cool new features - choice of reader and music includingrelaxing nature sounds. Track your listening progress with growingleaves and monitor your mood at 2 and 7 weeks. Listening to thisapp is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice or treatment.We recommend that you read the guidance on use in the setting tab,before listening to the tracks. How it started The tracks inFeeling Good for Life started out as audio CDs, when Dr AlastairDobbin, a GP and Dr Sheila Ross, a health promotion specialist,teamed up. They wanted to help people build good mental health andso adapted a Swedish Olympic Sports performance programme, drawn toits a positive self-development focus, rather than a clinicalillness-based approach. Since then research has demonstrated itsability to build positive emotions and good psychologicalfunctioning, as well as recovery from depression and anxiety. TheApp is used in the NHS by staff for their own benefit as well astheir patients and recommended in Public Health England ‘Every MindMatters’ campaign. We are working on making the Feeling Good App asaccessible as possible so everyone who wants to can use the app.Please read our accessibility statement here:https://www.feelinggood.app/feeling-good-app-accessibility-statement/