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Easy English Teacher 1.3
This Application Helps to understand the English Language throughEnglish to Tamil translated sentence.Mostly this Application usedto Understand English Grammars and their appropriate Tamil andEnglish sentence Explanation. And have customized user interface
Spoken Languages 1.0
Learn Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam languages in free andoffline.All four languages are translate in english to learn abetter way.English Translation the following languages aresupported:Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam
Avanta Global
(Avanta in short) is one of the prestigiousservice providers in the region. We have ISO consultants who arealso approved by MOM to conduct safety training including bizSAFEcourses. Our valued clients come from various industries such asconstruction, ship building and ship repair, oil/petrolchemical,semi-conductor/wafer fabrication, metalworking, manufacturing andother service industries.Our duty is to serve and we serve to thebest that we can.In these times, it is indeed a good chance tochange and improve. When a journey is smooth sailing, there is notthat much of an impetus to turn things around but to remainstagnant is most unadvisable when your environment/surroundings areconstantly changing. The smart and wise decision is to moveforward. To invest in upgrading right now is to differentiateyourself for the future.We at Avanta make it our priority to enableour clients to focus on their real business while we take care oftheir intensive business processes behind the scenes. We do this byproviding a wide range of one-stop solutions in consulting,auditing, training and project management (QESH). Thus, helping youcommunicate effectively the importance of Quality, Environment,Health and Safety for your business and partners.
Spoken Languages - 2 1.0
Learn German, Russian, French, Spanish languages in free andoffline.All four languages are translate in english to learn abetter way.English Translation the following languages aresupported:German, Russian, French, Spanish.
Number Game 1.1
This game is a simple, fun, and addictive number mind game.Exploredeep challenge for your mind.Play 7 different type of number mindgames to improve your IQ.7 Number Mind Games are,1. Pick thenumbers 1 - 50 in order2. Pick the given numbers 3. Find the numberwhich is odd or even4. Match same number on both side5. Pick thenumbers 1 - 10 repeatedly 3 times.6. Count the letters from a givenword.7. Find the sum of given valuePlease give us feedback incomments, we will make it the best number mind games.
Singapore Matrimony 1.3
Singapore matrimony is an exclusive social portal offered byRefulgence Inc Pvt Ltd for the Singapore community in general. Itwill be your partner to find your life partner in Singapore.Primarily, it will serve for people who are working in Singaporeand searching for their life partner. Also, globally, people whoare seeking their life partner with a preference for Singapore willbe using this portal extensively. It will be a virtual dreamcommunity hall where people will be exchanging information to seeklife partners and the only common thing among them will be‘Singapore’ in their minds. It offers different levels of servicesbased on the preferences from free service to paid premiumservices. Brides and bridegrooms can post their profiles, browsethrough tons of other profiles which they are looking out for,share information, share interest, communicate and find their lifepartner in an serene & divine environment. They portal ispowered by advanced features like powerful search engine to findout your best match, top class security to keep your informationsafe and a convenient user interface to surf and find your lifepartner. Photo uploads, horoscope matches, chat engine are some ofthe striking features that come along.
Win Micro 1.1
Win Micro Pte Ltd is commitment & success is our customervalue, teamwork, easy direct, responsibility, accountability,technical knowledge and customer satisfaction. Our direct modelstarts and ends with our customer satisfaction and we are able toprovide customers with productive value & high-quality,relevant technology, customized systems, effective service andsupports. We have our valuable customers/clients and provide themwith sincere approach, better customer service and competitivepricing.We are currently serving clients in Asian countries and aswell as Mauritius, India, Sri Lanka, Brunei, Australia &Indonesia. We currently deal with all kinds of Major brands likeMaxtor, Seagate, I intel, Kingston, Samsung, Acer, Philips, Nvidia,MAC, IBM, HP, Panasonic and more. We thank our clients for theirvaluable support and look forward for successful years ahead.
Abirami Restaurant 1.2
Abirami restaurant was started in 2010. It is located at the mosthappening place in Little India – Buffalo Road near Little IndiaMRT. We specialize in traditional South Indian cuisine – bothvegetarian and Non-vegetarian dishes. Our specialities include avariety of Biriyanis to hot and spicy chicken, mutton, fish andother mouth-watering Indian dishes. We also specialized NorthIndian & traditional Muslim food varieties. Abirami Restauranta house hold name in the heart of Indian food lovers.
SanthiyaSree Collections 1.0.0
Santhiyasree collections, was started in the year 2001 and has beena pioneer of Fashion trends in Singapore since then. Located inTekka Market, in Little India, we specialize in Indian ethnic wear.We offer the latest fashion sarees, chudidhars, Kutis and all otherdress materials. And recently, due to the happy response from ouresteemed customers, we have started exclusive bridal wearcollections serving the Singapore community at the very specialmoment of their lives. We provide top quality dress materials at alow price. This has been the core factor which has made ourcustomers happy. Following are our specialities.
Sri Mullai Trading 1.1
Sri Mullai Trading app used for view our all kinds of vegetablesand fruits in one place with price.Order a vegetables and fruitswith basic information to save your time in buying.Sri MullaiTrading app makes you to easily listing and buy groceries at yourfingertips anywhere at anytime. Get away from queing in supermarkets and in vegetable shops. Have your convenience in doingmobile grocery shopping. Our easy to use app allows you to orderand buy fruits and vegetables to your needs.
Work Safe Consultants Pte Ltd 1.0
This app used for provide details about work safe consultantscourses and its registration for that particular courses.This appprovides call and email to consultants directly.
Tourland Tours and Travels 1.0.0
TOURLAND TRAVEL PTE LTD [Singapore] is a part of TOURLAND TRAVELSDN BHD, founded in Malaysia in the year of 1989, which laid itsfoundation to be a One-Stop travel Management Company. TOURLANDTRAVEL SDN BHD is a travel arrangement company which providestravel services for both domestic and international travellers forover 18 years. The company has developed tourism related businesssuch as Airline Ticketing, Outbound, Inbound, Ground Transport andHotel Reservation in Malaysia and International.
Eastern 0.0.1
A M&E company with a local reputation as an innovative,dependable and high quality service provider in facility sector andwe offer a complete good service and planned maintenance packagesfor all types of air conditioning plant in Singapore . EasternM&E prides itself in being a "solutions and service provider"in the facilities.
Customer Feedback Form 1.1
The app used for user can review about the restaurant foods. Itslike a survey about the restaurant foods and their professionalism.The app will collect customer's feedback and updated to respectiverestaurant owner.
Jewel of India
Jewel of India Restaurant Boasts a friendly gathering placesuitable for business luncheons and intimate dining, warm earthytones and jazzy style music will please the senses and enhance yourexperience at Singapore . Jewel of India restaurant, a trueneighborhood feel in the heart of old tradition proudly presentinga wide variety of dishesfor every taste, preparing and servingtasty, healthful food is everything.
Pari Hair Cut Salon 1.1
Pari haircut salon app used for list the aboutus, services andprovide slot booking to avoid waiting.The app provides book anappointment based on date and time.You can mail and call us thruour app.
SRM PCM Pte Ltd 1.0
SRM PCM Pte Ltd app used for information about field of design andconstruction services . You can check the different type ofservices and enquire with us. Our app shows different projectsavailable in industrial and residential work.You can call us oremail us via app.
Export O Asia 1.0
We are basically a trading company and currently our core businessis incense stick (Agarbatthis)apart from other products. Based inSingapore we buy and sell various other products also across Indiaand other countries of Asia.Some of our products (incense sticks)BlossomChampaKasturiMukoorthamMusic expressSamskrithiSandalSangamam
English Preposition 1.0
Prepositions play a pivotal role in oral communication. Would youlike to improve your knowledge in subject prepositions quickly?Good.Get in touch with this perfect app to know theprepositions.The app is one of the customized English guides thatmake you to understand the subject thoroughly.Master the subjectprepositions before you start your oral communicationIn this app,every preposition word is given with proper sentence structure.This is for your understanding.Preposition test is available foryou to test your English knowledgeThe app has built with quiz testfor your benefit. You are able to view the result after completingtest.This is the final destination on the app store to understandthe concept English preposition> So, browse the app store>Download the Educational app instantly> Learn Prepositionanywhere at any timeThanks for downloading the app. Learnpreposition properly.
SSBEC Mobile Banking 5.2
The management of SSBEC Co-operative society is very proud to saythat many Singaporeans are depend upon this thrift and loan societyto combat widespread usury and indebtedness. Since 1925, we engagedin serving Singaporeans dedicatedly. We are very glad to introduceour mobile app for the benefit of our pillars(Members). Yourbenefits in downloading the app > Check and apply loan in aminute. > Checking your contributions for deposit schemes andloan repayments. > View the statements and get messages relatedto SSBEC Features of the app > User friendly design for yourconvenience > Checking the deposit contributions in single touch> Apply for the loan anytime, anywhere and any place > Manageyour profile conveniently > Download the application to takeyour relation with SSBEC to next level
Snacks Recipes - Tamil 1.2
Fellow cooks and the snacks lover around the world! We havedelightful collection of snacks recipes.We all love crunching somegoodies in-between the regular meals.Snack Recipes for people ofall ages are handpicked and listed simply in this app you can finda healthy snack to kick start your wonderful evening with theseentire snacks item.An innovative app which will show your recipescoordinating to your mood, taste, season, preparation time and kindof ingredients that you have in your fridge.All the recipes in thisapp are explained in Tamil and in easy understandable manner.Youcan save a lot of time and effort and find that perfect recipes youhave been looking for.No more buying expensive cookbook or writingdown ingredients before you start cooking with this recipes app youhas all in one place.LIST OF SNACKS IN THISAPP:-------------------------------> Bajji> Samosa>Pagoda> Murukku> Cutlet> Vadai> Chips> Thattai>Sundal> puffsAnd lots of more. These snacks items have some subcategories.Features of this app:> Recipes by category.>Recipes are detailed in Tamil.> Tempting and tasty recipes formaking snacks.> Clear and best so you can view and make itclearly.> Quick and easy recipes.> Bookmark your favouritesnacks.> No Wi-Fi is needed you can check recipes anywhere youwant.With this snack recipe Tamil app you could surely improve yoursnack diary with new snack cooking ideas.Download now and make adifference in your snacks and enjoy.
Biriyani Kuripugal - Recipes 1.1
This app detail is about spicy biriyani which is used to preparebiriyani tasty. The dishes in the app give you a enamours taste byusing familiar ingredients only. Universal recipes are getavailable in this app, watch biriyani recipes make by yourself andserve your family. Always people should expect there food shouldhave blended of flavours, colours, seasoning, nutritional balance,fragrance tasty and crispy by mixing of all these the app is madeup off. Now even your kids can explore and create their own tastewith the safe and simple cooking. Our user friendly cooking appcomes with a host features: > 100+ recipes with differentcategories > All recipes in tamil > Clear User Interface Listof biriyani recipes available in this app > Fish biriyani >Prawn biriyani > Chicken biriyani > Mutton biriyani > Eggbiriyani Grab this free app in your mobile you will not regret itforever . Keep this app in your mobile and enjoy cooking .
Android Quiz 1.1
Android Quiz app having 200+ questions with answer for fresher'sand experienced android developer's.The app have some features likequiz type questions display. For Right answer : +2 points added andwrong answer : -2 points reduced, finally display the percentage,total questions attended, right and wrong answers count.Topicscovered :Android basics, activity, service, broadcast received,intent, user interface, android manifest, content provider,fragments and more.Finally you can surely learn more skills aboutandroid for interview preparation.
English Riddles 1.0
More than 200 riddles in english offline available in thisapp.While using this app, your creative thinking will bedevelop.Easy to share the english riddles to facebook, whatsup,twitter and more.
GK Quiz 1.0
Application will help you in your carrier plan and helps inpreparation of other government exams.300+ questions with answer inoffline and rich user interface to learn more skills about world'sgeneral knowledge without trouble.This app provides quiz summarywith score's to motivate your skills after completed your quizsection.You can view your reports with total individual points peruser.
Technical Interview Questions 1.0
This application is used for prepare interview questions fortechnical round in Android, IOS, Dotnet, PHP platform.Gathered fromnumerous sources including real interviews.Great for both aninterviewer to quickly come up with questions.Great for brushing upthe technical interview questions before an interview.500+technical interview questions with answer in offline.
Orion App 1.2
Orion App is a computer game center in singapore. All type of gamesavailable to play without boring.Book your slot using our app andplay without waiting.Register as member from our app.
Refulgence Inc 2.0
Refulgence Mobile App - is the application, that consists of entireinformation about Company profile, Products, Services, Newsroom,Clients of the company "Refulgence Inc". All information isrejuvenated on-line for mobile users.Products : Full on-linebrochure of products developed by the company with necessarytechnical information.Services : List of services rendered by thecompany including both technical and infrastructureservices.Clients : List of clients being the important assets ofthe company.Contact : Contact information of the company
Taste of India - Singapore 1.6
Taste of India Ordering App is a friendly gathering place suitablefor business luncheons and intimate dining, warm earthy tones andjazzy style music will please the senses and enhance yourexperience at Singapore .Taste of India Ordering App, a trueneighbourhood feel in the heart of old tradition proudly presentinga wide variety of dishes for every taste, preparing and servingtasty, healthful food is everything.In our app have facility toreserve the table for food, party order booking and view full listof menu with different categories.
Chill Corner Trading 1.0
Chill Corner Trading app is used for details about incense stickproducts.This app provides some features like call or email with usdirectly.The app provides list of incense stick products and usingenquiry to touch with us.
The user can able to view the latest Events & Festivals, Slogan& Mantra, Events Calendar, Enquiry etc.,short descMoreinformation about Arulmigu Velmurugan Gnanamuneeswarar Temple's(AVGMT).
SVA Consultancy 1.1
The app used for know about one of the Public AccountingCorporation, founded in 2005, offers customized services withprofessional manner in areas of assurance and financial managementto a wide range of businesses in Singapore.The app provide to viewtheir service for auditing, financial consulting and managementconsulting services.To Provide option to enquire about auditing,financial consulting and management consulting services.
Ashwatth Consultancy Services 2.0
Ashwatth Consultancy Mobile App - is the application, that consistsof entire information about Company profile, Services, Clients ofthe company " Ashwatth Consultancy Services". All information isrejuvenated on-line for mobile users.Services : List of servicesrendered by the company including both technical and infrastructureservices.Clients : List of clients being the important assets ofthe company.Contact : Contact information of the company.
ST Ruban - Haircut Salon 1.0
> Are you going to strengthening your hair withprovedmethods?> Want to have facial massage at certifiedaestheticspa?> Needs to give authenticate rates for allbeautyservices?Redefining your personal beauty is so easy nowSTRUBAN -HAIRCUT SALON is one of the famous places in Singapore toget allthe beauty services at the best rates. The salon isfacilitatedwith all the latest technologies. This leads our gueststo enjoysmooth services crafted with professionalism. Kindly, referallpages of the app to know more about the famous salon inSingapore.We are charging only minimum prices for all services.This ensuresthat our respectable services are catering to differentclasses ofpeople.Types of services offered in our salon are>Advancedstyling> Facial> Hair coloring> Hair care>Detain andbleachSome of the services under the category of advancedstylingare> Ironing> Perming> Straightening- Short&medium> Re-bonding- ShortOur beauty services make you togetenhanced personal appearance in limited time. Kindly, spentfreetime by visiting our facility and get groomed.Don’t hesitatetocontact us if you have any query or info about ourservices.Thanksfor downloading the app.
Maayaa Restaurant and Catering 2.3
Start making catering orders with this appHave happiness intastingdelicious Indian foodStart installing the restaurant app tomakeyour order on the go. You will know more information bycheckingother pages of this app. Make food order request if youwant totaste flavour of India at reasonable prices. Check the menuof therestaurant before making your request. Start making yourorder.Onecan expect- Tasty food- Good preparation by experiencedchefs-Competitive prices- Customer recommended app to make foodorders-App with customizable designs
Darma Muneeswaran Temple 1.5
Darma Muneeswaran Temple smart App provides anintuitiveuser-friendly smart interface with which devotees cancheck, getupdate and book for the Darma Muneeswaran Temple servicesand otherbookings. This app guide you to be updated with templeevents, toget the latest information regarding the Pooja timingsand festivalalerts of the temple. Online bookings for KattalaiArchanai, Prayerand Prasadam bookings and Hall bookings are madeeasy with thisapp. This app helps devotees to avail the serviceslike prayerservices, Ubayam, Prasadam and Outdoor services and tobook theservices. The Devotees can get updates of the Daily Poojatimings,auspicious/ inauspicious timing and fasting days timings.Updatesare also provided for events like temple festivals andgeneralfestivals. This app also includes activities such asRhythmaesthetic society, details religious education and classes.Alsoassists in providing Physical fitness (Bolly Dance) and yogaclass.