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Cupix 1.0
Resolution Games
Cupix, a game about rotating falling cubes, offers the player twofun and exciting game modes to chose from! Puzzle Mode has over 50picture puzzles of varying sizes and complexity in which playersmust rotate the falling cubes in order to match the target squarescolour. Doing so builds up a picture which is revealed once thepuzzle is completed. Each puzzle has a gold silver and bronze timeassociated with it. Matching the colour incorrectly adds time - howmany gold medals can you get?! In Endless Mode the goal is torotate and match the falling cubes as quickly as possible, workingagainst the clock. Each correct match rewards points and increasesyour remaining time, but also makes the cubes fall even faster!Build a chain of correct matches to add large bonuses to yourscore. Incorrectly placing a cube removes time from the game timerand breaks the combo. How fast can you rotate the cubes? How manycan you place before the time runs out? The faster you are thefaster the game gets - survive as long as you can to beat your highscore!
Revolve 1.0.1
Returning to the core values of long lost arcade games Revolvechallenges you to survive as long as possible by rotating titles tocreate a safe path. Fail to build the path and you fail toprogress!Use your reflexes and forward planning to beat your highscores. The game lasts as long as you can!
Node 1.0
Node is a puzzle game which challenges the player to make a seriesof connections to build a complete circuit. Nodes can make a setnumber of connections, which can result in multiple solutions. Whenyou have made all the connections you power up the circuit to testthe result.Each correct solution awards the player a star, the morestars the player gets the more puzzles they unlock!There are 50challenging puzzles to attempt, with multiple solutions, testyourself to find as many as you can!
Get Sum 1.0.2
Resolution Games
Get Sum is a fun and challenging matching game which tests theplayer’s quick thinking and forward planning!How to play:• Match ananswer tile to an equation tile• If the tile you answer touchesanother tile of the same colour it will also be cleared for bonuspoints!• Think ahead and try and build a big chain of the samecolour blocks!Features:• Easy to learn• Perfect for children andadults alike• Improve your quick thinking ability!• Global leaderboards to track your high scores!