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Great Little War Game 2 - FREE 2.0
The crazy troops return in this FREEinstallment of the franchise loved by millions.Command your troops wisely and try to prevail against themassive 60 mission campaign that says you can't.Core Features:▶ Loads of unlockable and upgradable units▶ Portrait mode for easy play on the go▶ Optimised for Phone, great on Tablet.▶ Full 3D terrain affects gameplay▶ Hilarious graphics and sound effects▶ High replayabilityGreat Little War Game 2 is a turn-based strategy game, followingon from the success of the original Great Little War Game. Apartfrom the brand new 60 mission campaign, other enhancements from theoriginal include:▶ Clearer displays with easier to use controls▶ Portrait mode for easier use on a phone▶ Faster mission starts and replayable objectives▶ Splash damage▶ Blowy uppy buildings▶ Lots of minor playability tweaksIf you've not played any of the Great Little War Games before,this is an ideal place to start. No prior knowledge is required -just jump in and start shooting.NB: This FREE version of the FULL game contains a heavyamount of advertising. If you like the game but don't like the ads,a paid ad-free version is also available on the store. We're doingthis to provide a freely accessable trial/demo, so please don'tone-star us for it!
Cupcake Frenzy Slots 1.3.1
Mouth watering cupcakes that payout when youmatch 3 or more? What's better than that?!Cupcake Frenzy is a new Vegas style casino slots game thatunfolds around you as you play. Racking up the big wins also gainsyou experience points (xp) which allow you to "Rank Up", revealingnew game features. There's always something new to aim for as youpump in more free coins.And what's more, it has cupcakes in it. Mmmmmcupcakes....35+ Rank Up RewardsEach time you rank up, a new feature or other way to win big isrevealed, and you don't find that in any casino. Typical rewardsare extra pay lines, extra mini games, bigger bonuses, etc. Keep aspecial lookout for the Cherry Bomb!25 Pay LinesCupcake Frenzy starts out with a manageable 5 pay lines, but someearly rank up rewards soon swell that to a frenzied 25. That's whenthe combo jackpots and epic wins really start to pile up.Scatter BonusOur reels are packed to bursting with bonus scatter symbols. Get 4anywhere in view to start the bonus game which ofers minigames toplay, spot prizes to win, and a variety of other payouts thatincrease as you play. You will also see a lot more cupcakes here.Mmmmm cupcakes....WildcardsEach reel has a generous amount of wildcards that extend yourwinning power and leads to plenty of big combo payouts. Can you hitthe 7 wins in one spin achievement?Mini GamesRevealed by ranking up, we also present two mini games for yourwinning pleasure. There is a mild skill element to these, not tomention lots of cupcakes. (Oh, we did actually mention thatafter all)100 Collectable PrizesAs if all those cupcakes wasn't enough, the bonus game alsofeatures a chance to win one of a hundred different prize toys eachtime. Collect these toys to earn achievements and also because itfeels good. Almost as good as eating lots of cupcakes.AchievementsAs if all this cupcakery wasn't enough to keep you playing forever,there are also 35 different achievements to aim at. Some of theseare easier to attain than others, so can you unlock them all?LeaderboardsThere's one thing better than eating cupcakes, and that's doing soin front of your friends and family. There are a few differentleaderboards to compare notes with, so make sure you get to the topof at least one of them.NB: Leaderboards (and showing Achievements online) requires aGoogle Play Services sign in, which you can find in the game'smenu. A facebook version of these features is coming soon.NB2: This game is provided free to play courtesy of in-appadvertising. Some permissions are also required for that. There areno in-app purchases - you can play for free without losingout.Disclaimer:No animals were deprived of their lucky horseshoes during themaking of this game, but a lot of lucky shamrocks did gettrampled.
Great Big War Game Lite 1.2.6
Taking military "advice" from the ridiculousgeneralissimo, can you battle your way through this truly massive,content-packed military campaign?Plan your mission, deploy your "forces", try not to fall off thesofa laughing!▶ "An essential download for any strategy fan" - GamersTemple▶ "A deep and rewarding experience" - Game Dynamo▶ "You’ll love to sink your teeth into this great game" - AndroidAuthorityYou've plenty of units to play with, covering land, sea andairborne combat. Be warned though, these funny cartoon troops arenot exactly "the right stuff"!▶ "It’s simply an amazing turn-based strategy game" - TouchArcade▶ "It's the real deal" - Slide To Play▶ "This is a wonderful game, accessible yet challenging" -Gamezebo40+ hours of campaign mode not enough? There is also unlimitedskirmish play vs the AI for quick fixes, on a wide variety ofcustom maps.And there's still more - Multiplayer. You can Pass & Play ona single device, or join our thriving online community, playinghead to head at a pace that suits you.▶ "This game plays beautifully and looks fantastic" - AppAdvice▶ "Not downloading it is damn near criminal" - MoDojo▶ "Just buy it, plain and simple" - IGNPaid Game Features:✓ 50 Mission single player campaign✓ Online asynchronous multiplayer✓ Pass n Play & Skirmish vs AI✓ Achievements to unlock✓ Stunning visuals✓ Simple, intuitive control method✓ Tons of humor✓ No birds were harmed (or made angry) during development!▶ PLEASE NOTE: The above feature list is for the main game only.This free demo version features just the first three missions ofthe single player campaign, plus a single multiplayer/skirmish map.It is meant as a trial/demo for the paid app, and as such we'vestripped it down to be as small as possible for yourconvenience.Find us on Facebook:
Great Little War Game Lite 1.3
★ Officially one of the BEST strategy gamesever made! is the hit 3D turn-based strategy game that everyone'stalking about. With a unique comical style and plenty of laughs andexcitement, you'll keep coming back again and again for "just onemore go."Core Features:❋ Campaign mode❋ Skirmish mode❋ Four difficulty settings❋ Lush visuals❋ Full 3D terrain affects gameplay❋ Simple control method❋ Lots of units❋ Lots of terrain types❋ High replayability❋ Tons of humour❋ Absolutely no birds or zombiesTake command of your army and battle the foe on land, sea andair but be sure to make wise decisions as you go. You want todeploy your soldiers to take full advantage of the higher terrain,natural choke points, ambush spots and defensive walls. Get itright and the bad guys will lose to your superior strategyskills.See what other critics are saying:❋ TapScape review: 10/10"Great Little War Game is just that: a well-designed and enjoyabletactical war game perfect for those who enjoy the lighter side ofvirtual warfare."❋ Touch Arcade review: 5/5"I'll call Great Little War Game "great" without hesitation" ..."the kind of game you can really sink your teeth into, which israre enough. So I'm delighted to discover that it's also rich infeatures, good looking and full of humor."❋ First place (march)"The lavish production values of the game, incredible attention todetail and excellent animation gives you a sense of aerial, navaland land warfare that gets as good as you can expect on a smallscreen"Varied missions are the order of the day here - capture the enemyHQ, escort the Generalissimo to safety, guide small squads behindenemy lines, defend your get the picture. There are 30missions included, so it's going to be one crazy ride if you decideyou’re brave enough to give them a try.What are you waiting for? Right now, as you sit reading this,there is a battalion of soldiers just waiting for your command.Download Great Little War Game now and take your place alongsideyour troops. Lead well, live long and have fun.NB: This is the lite version of the game, with 10 missionsincluded. It's also peppered with adverts where the full premiumgame, also on the store, has none.
Poker Slots Deluxe 1.3.1
A slots game with something actually new!If you like video poker, slot machines or yahtzee games thenthis one is for you. Like all of those together, mixed with somestrategy and cunning, and you just hit the jackpot!Poker Slots Deluxe plays like a slot machine, but you don'tmatch 3 fruit or other symbols, you use the five reels to makepoker hands instead.Play is level based with increasingly difficult challenges tomaster. Each time you complete a challenge, you level up and unlockor upgrade a new feature of the game, so the slot machine unfoldsaround you as you progress.There is also a bonus sixth reel that brings various benefits,including bonus games, mini games, spot prizes, win multipliers andnudges.Why not give it a try now and see what you think, because thebest bit of all is, it's FREE.Infinite ChallengeEach level has up to three objectives to complete. Each of thoseobjectives is chosen from a pool of challenges such as "win x fullhouses", "get x triple combo wins","Use x jokers" etc. Thisprovides an infinite array of challenges that are regenerated everysingle time you complete the previous level - there's alwayssomething to play for.50 Level Up RewardsYou can play forever, but the first 50 levels all unlock or upgradenew features of the machine. This introduces new features, likenudges and bonus games, at a steady rate whilst allowing you timeto figure how best to make them pay out big.Multiple PaylinesStarting with just the one, completing certain levels unlocks moreand more paylines up to a maximum of nine. Playing more paylinesleads to chains of combo wins and longer winning streaks that payoff in the bonus games, etc.JokersJokers act as wildcard symbols and can be vital in later stages ofthe game to notch up the big winners. You start with none, butseveral level up rewards will add an extra Joker to each reel.NudgesStop the bonus reel on a nudge symbol, then nudge the reels to lineup even better wins. Using your nudges to make an optimal win canbe quite a challenge, especially when you take into accountmultiple pay lines and wild card jokers. Optimal play requiresgenuine skill and cunning.MegaNudgeLuckily, you get a number of MegaNudges at the start of the gameand can win more by levelling up, unlocking achievements, winningthem in the bonus game, etc. When you stop the sixth reel on anudge symbol, simply hit the MegaNudge button to scoop up the goodcoin. Using a MegaNudge adds one extra nudge to the total availableand then automatically nudges in the best possible combo win.34 AchievementsJust for fun, we've set aside 34 different achievements for you tounlock. Some of these are easy, some not, so good luck!Bonus GameDrop a bonus symbol on the sixth reel to start the bonus game,where you can earn spot prizes, collectable toys or one of threemini-games that provide even bigger wins.100 Collectable PrizesAs if all this isn't enough, you can also win 100 different prizesfrom the bonus game. These come in sets of five from various themessuch as Candy, Dice, Fruit, Slot Cars, etc. Make a full set tounlock an achievement and earn extra MegaNudges.And lots moreWe don't want to spoil all the surprises here. Poker Slots Deluxeis bristling with features, and the best way to experience them isto download the game and see for yourself. You won't bedisappointed.(This game is kept free thanks to occasional advertising. Ifyou prefer, a small in-app purchase can be made to permanentlyremove them and score extra stuff into the bargain.)
Spin Master Bowling 1.0.0
Spin Master Bowling is a fantastic new 10 pinbowling game with a unique swipe based control that allows for fastnon-stop bowling action.No messing around with spin and direction controls, it's alldone with a single swipe!You can choose from Classic mode, with all the standard scoringthat goes with it, or select "Arcade Mode" and try to create theperfect bowl and get the 10X multiplier, the key to awesome scores.In Arcade Mode extra points are awarded for bowling with speed andmore importantly, spin.This of course is coupled with extra arcade style visuals!Feel like you need to show your friends just how good you are?Simply play an Arcade game and after achieving a massive score,challenge your friends to beat it!Download and play for FREE!Features:▶Unique gesture mechanics - swipe to bowl and add spin with onegesture.▶Arcade Mode with score multipliers, strike bonuses and arcadestyle effects.▶Classic Mode featuring standard score mode for the purists.▶Challenge your friends on Facebook to beat your score!▶Leaderboards to rank you against your friends.▶Upload Strike replays to Facebook for fellow players toview.▶Pass and Play mode (2 players on one device)▶Vs AI mode with 5 difficulty settings.▶Achievements ranging from simple to ultra tough.This app is ad supported, but there is an option to remove themand access more balls for a once only $0.99 iap.
Astro Invaders Slots 1.0.16
A free slots game like no other, we think thisis the best free game around. Win Big!Astro Invaders is a new Vegas style casino game that unwraps aroundyou as you play.Notching up the big wins also gains you experience points (xp),which will eventually allow you to "Rank Up" and win even more.Ranking up reveals new game features, free slots, bonus minigames,bigger wins, etc., so there's always something new to aim for asyou pump in those free coins.Main Features:• 48 Rank Ups, providing 48 gameplay expansions as youprogress.• Many scatter symbols for lots of bonus rounds.• Generous amount of wildcards leads to plenty of big combopayouts.• Up to 25 paylines for big jackpots and combo wins.• Minigames add skill and variety.• 100 collectable prizes to, er, collect.• Drop special symbols on the center position to start "Invasion"and "Rocket Attack" bonuses.• Achievements and Leaderboards to show off to your friends.• Variable bets and auto spin.• Complete lack of cheese. No horseshoes, lucky 7's, crock o goldor green dwarves anywhere. Lots of free slots.(This game is kept free thanks to occasional advertising. Ifyou prefer, a small in-app purchase can be made to permanentlyremove them and score extra spins into the bargain.)Disclaimer:No leprechauns were hurt in the making of this game, but a lot ofshamrocks did get trampled. Slots still as free as ever.
Zombies Dead in 20 - Free 1.0.11
All is lost. You're completely surroundedandit's waaay too late to run. The only question now is, how longcanyou survive...?Simply tap the screen to shoot the zombie hordes. If youshootlike a maniac you might just live long enough to grabtheshotgun.That is all. You're on your own with only your skills andyourlactic acid tolerance to help you. We don't think you're gonnamakeit...* Zombies D20 contains twitter and facebook options to shareyourbest times and check your friends on the leaderboard.* If you don't like adverts in free games, there's also apaidad-free version of the game elsewhere on the store.
Word Search Ultimate 1.1
Word Search Ultimate features hundreds of word puzzles, organisedinto many categories from US presidents through to chemicalelements, plus lots of original ideas you won't have seen in othergames. Who knew there were so many words starting with Q without afollowing U! Play word search now and expand your vocabulary whilsthaving fun. FEATURES: Each new puzzle grid sizes itself to yourdisplay and selects a subset of words from a larger list, so whenyou play the same puzzle again it will offer a brand new challenge.A clean interface without any over-engineering. Just drag yourfinger over the words to mark them off, whilst trying to beat yourpersonal best time and go for a world record. Pick your favouritepuzzles by hand or start a new puzzle at random. Family friendly:Whilst you might find themes such as cocktails or French wines,there are no rude or "adult" themes/words. Also, there are NOin-app purchases. NEW FOR THIS UPDATE: 10 new wordsearch PREVIOUSUPDATE: 30 new puzzles Enhanced HD graphics for big devices,graphics fixes for small ones. Included our worldwide scoringsystem - compete for times, or turn it off to zen out.
Mahjong Solitaire Free 3.5
Tap the tiles to remove matching pairs and clear the level in thebest time possible. Play can be untimed if you just want to zenout, or you can earn stars for beating the worldwide average timesand/or setting new world records (no account creation needed). Fromthe small 48 tile quickie levels, to the challenging 220 tilemarathons, you'll always find a favorite puzzle to match youravailable play time. We frequently add new free levels too, sothere's always a fresh a challenge. Tons of customisation options,beautiful soundtrack, rich and full HD graphics. This game is alsoknown as Mahjong Solitaire, Mahjongg Solitaire, Shanghai Solitaire,Taipei Solitaire and pretty much any other historic Chinese townfollowed by the word Solitaire! Free Mahjong, what could be better!Download right now and chill out... New for this update: 70 new"tiny" puzzles 4K Ready New for previous update: 25 new "small"puzzles 10 new backgrounds, or load your own photos
Sudoku Free 1.2
Sudoku apps are simple enough things, but we have a stand outfeature for you that you won't find anywhere else. After muchresearch and development, we bring you the first free sudoku puzzlegame that generates random puzzles which actually feel custom andhand made. What that means to you, is you get an infinite number ofexcellent puzzles to solve without ever running out. Try it and seefor yourself, you won't need any other sudoku apps after this. Youwill find various difficulty settings within the random puzzlegenerator, so you can test your abilities and train your brain tothe max. Do you have what it takes to beat one of the evil levels?If that's not enough, you can also send a challenge to a friend tosee if he/she can beat your time for the same identical puzzle.Just complete a puzzle and send it to anyone in your friends listor address book - they don't even have to have the app installedyet. With leaderboards, achievements and our unique multiplayerchallenge, you can show your friends how well you are progressingand how you have become a force to be reckoned with in the Sudokuworld. This is a family friendly game with no in-app purchases. Thegraphics are full HD and 4K ready, dynamically adjusting to yourdisplay size for a perfect fit. Download for free right now and putour bold claims to the test.
Minesweeper Flags 1.0a
Minesweeper Flags Challenge requires tactics and strategy touncover hidden mines before your opponent beats you to it. It's amodern take on the classic free minesweeper game, for two players.If you don't have a friend handy, you can play versus an AI at arange of difficulty levels, or progress through the 50 level solocampaign. This is not a pure minesweeper clone, in this game youhave to REVEAL the mines before your opponent beats you to it.FEATURES: Classic grid : Use tactics to beat the computer asquickly as possible, beat your personal best and compare times onthe leaderboard. Campaign mode : 50 levels of custom maps, rangingfrom easy to super hard! Online : Challenge your friends via GooglePlay Games. Bombs! : Think strategically in order to deploy bombscapable of revealing large chunks of the level in one hit. You canonly use one per game though, so chose your timing wisely - andremember your opponent also has one! We think this is the best freeminesweeper game on the store. Why not download now and see if youagree?
Connecto Versus 1.2
Connecto Versus is the best free four in arowgame on the play store.PLAY ONLINEStomp your existing friends or make new ones with therealtimeonline feature.PLAY OFFLINETry your skill against our cunning AI with selectabledifficultylevels. Playing in a human-like way, our AI solver is oneof thebest that the academic world has come up with, allowing youtobuild your own skills at your own pace.Choose from a variety of different board sizes to connectthree,connect four or connect five of your tokens in a row.This is a family-friendly free game with NO in app purchases,soplay for free on us.
Code Breaker Ultimate 1.0
The challenge requires tactics and strategy to uncover the hiddencode, are you up to the job? Are you the top code breaker? Ifyou're looking for a game to give your mind a workout or to burnsome time whilst waiting for the bus then this modern take on theclassic Mastermind game is just for you. And this family-friendlyversion comes with NO in app purchases! Features: Four boardlayouts. Select the number of different colors used. 12 Difficultylevels. Google+ Achievements. Master your mind and become theultimate code breaker. Try it now!
Checkers Versus 1.0d
Checkers Versus is the best free Checkers game on the play store.PLAY ONLINE Stomp your existing friends or make new ones with theonline feature. PLAY OFFLINE Try your skill against our cunning AIwith many difficulty levels. Playing in a human-like way, our AIsolver is one of the best that the academic world has come up with,allowing you to build your own skills at your own pace. You willnot beat level 7. This is a family-friendly free game with NO inapp purchases, so play checkers free on us.
Solitaire Patience 1.0
Test your patience and kill some time with our new free solitaireoffering. Featuring four popular games in one, this app can scratchall itches. Featuring Three Card Klondike, Classic Solitaire, SpeedSolitaire and Freecell, Solitaire Patience has what you needwhenever you need it. If you want your card matching with a bitmore kick, you can try to beat your personal best times for allgame modes, and/or see where you rank on our world leaderboards.Can you take the top spot and get a world record? Optionally, youcan use our unique shuffling/undo system if you get stuck. Theartwork, card backs and etc. are fully customisable and future freeupdates will be expanding on this theme. Struggling to add moretext at this point, it's a free solitaire card game. Try it now forfree? This is a family-friendly patience game with NO in apppurchases.
Strike Master Bowling - Free 3.9c
Features: • ONE SWIPE BOWLING - gets you bowling Strikes in notime, but also helps you develop skills to master an awesome bananabend. Free bowling games have been waiting for this - control thespeed, trajectory, and spin on your ball in one simple swipe tolaunch it down the lane. • DESIGN YOUR BOWLER - Unique to StrikeMaster, select face type, hair, eye color, clothes and more tocreate your own unique bowling character. Use him/her online toshow off and make people remember you. • ONLINE ACTION - take onthe best, or your pals in online or local multiplayer matches. •SKILL SHOT CHALLENGES - 40+ hand-crafted special shots with pins inlines, pinball-style poppers, ramps and more. 10 pins doesn't seemso easy when they're in a line. • CUTTING EDGE - Full of fancy 3Dshaders, animated alleys and with the best and most accuratephysics engine around, Strike Master Bowling has everything coveredand in full 3D. • ACTION REPLAYS - Celebrate your strikes andspares by watching them again in slow motion, all beautifullyrendered. • 11 TOURNAMENT MODES to play, including Free Roll, Smallis Beautiful, Strike Master Challenge and Risky Rumble. • FOUR GAMEMODES to get stuck into; Practice, Tournament, League and On-line.• EIGHT AWESOME LANES to bowl from the glamour of Vegas to asubmarine lane in an aquarium, a neon palace or even an alieninvasion themed folly! • 125 BOWLING BALLS - from beautifullymarbled, baseball and basketball like balls, and even glass bowlingballs encasing flowers and even particle emitters! • ACHIEVEMENTSto bag including ‘Millionaire’, ‘Elite Bowler’ and ‘Local Champ' •SAVE GAMES across devices with Cloud Save – climb up the leagues onmultiple devices and never lose your progress. Strike MasterBowling gives you it all, in one handy 3D game, and best of allit's free with no need to spend endless money to get anywhere.
FunFair Coin Pusher 4.0
Progress through many exciting levels, meeting variouschallengesalong the way as you strive to become the master coinpusher. Eachtime you finish a level, there's a new feature, newchallenge, newability, or something fresh to look at. This is themostcomprehensive pusher game you will ever see, building on yearsofexperience gained through creating similar titles. CORE FEATURES:*20+ gameplay widgets, like the Helter Skelter and Prize Cannon,todiscover and upgrade as you progress through the game. * 400prizesto collect and/or cash in for greater rewards. * Daily Bonusgivesyou fun random stuff each day. * Cloud Save means you'll neverloseprogress when upgrading your phone or switching devices. *Goldcoins, jewels, prizes, candy and more in abundance. * Agorillawith a pink hat. What other game gives you that?! * A wholeload ofpure awesome. Download for free right now and see foryourself...
Epic Little War Game 2.010
Rubicon Development
It’s time to mobilize because the Little War Game is back and thistime it is EPIC! The latest in the 3.5 million selling series ofstrategic war games offers an immense array of challenges that willpush your battle tactics to the limit, and beyond. With a hugesingle player mode, online one-on-one or six player skirmishes, andgazillions of maps to dominate (not to mention a random mapgenerator), Epic Little War Game raises the bar for strategy.Product features: • Loads of single player missions, tons of maps,map generator, co-op or skirmish online or local play and uniquevisuals make this the most comprehensive strategic war game onmobile! • Single player campaign mode teaches newbies ‘the ropes’and develops battle tactics across an array of intensive missions •Take on your friends or ally with their forces to defeat the enemywith up to 6 player Skirmish mode • A massive selection ofbattlefields, from epic mountain valleys to lush lakeland passes,frozen cliff-top encounters to the heat of vast jungles 
 • Randommap generator for infinite replayability, plus the ability to savethe maps you love playing 
 • Online co-operative or PVP gameplay -are you epic enough to take on the world’s greatest Generals? 
 •Complete freedom to develop your own tactics, deploying yourwarriors and hardware, as you see fit – every battle is different!• Take on several enemies at once and climb the leaderboards toshow the world what you are really made of! • This pay once andplay forever game has true console quality and depth. Don’t becannon fodder, be the greatest military Commander ever. BE EPIC!Thanks for playing Epic Little War Game. Please let us know whatyou think with a review or join us on the Epic Little War Gameforum at NB: There are no IAP's. Thereason it says so in the display is a mistake that will becorrected when we do our next free update.
Jungle Coin Falls 1.3
From our Best Free Game range, Jungle Coin Falls. You've playedtherest, now try casual gaming at it's best. Progress through thegameto unlock or upgrade over thirty special features, specialcoins,special bonuses, precious jewels and collectable toys - thisgamehas it all. Each time you level up, there's always somethingnew tosee, so you'll be coming back again and again for just onemore go.Who knows what that next level up will unlock... MainGameplayFeatures: - Actually impressive, state of the art 3Dgraphics -Actually amazing, state of the art realistic physics -Many specialcoins and prizes - Random Daily Bonuses - You even getcandy!Collect them to start special features - 25 rare jewels -collectand cash them in for bonus coins - 38 achievements - canyoucomplete them all? - 100 collectable toys, with more cominginfuture updates - A sommersaulting monkey. What else do youneedafter that? We supply free coins as you play, and you evenearnsome whilst away from the game. If you want to play even morethanthat, there are both free and cheap options to get tons morecoins.(These are provided by advertising and/or in-app purchase.Neitherare required to fully enjoy the game.) A personal note fromthedeveloper: "There are many coin dozer clones on the store, butI'vetried to bring you something actually original, written fromtheground up and developed with passion. I hope this comes acrosswhenyou try the game out, and if you like what we've made, pleasetellyour friends - we don't have the marketing budget of theseothermega corporations." -- Paul Johnson. What are you waitingfor?Download and play today, for FREE!
Fairground Coin Falls 3.1
Fairground Coin Falls comes straight from your favoritearcade,casino, carnival, state fair, or park and onto your droidThe megaaddictive time waster game you and your kids have spentcountlesshours playing, now in the palm of your hand! No cash,quarters ortrip to Vegas needed. Push shiny gold coins and excitingprizesinto your hands by dropping some from your pocket through theslotsand into the coin pusher. Watch out though! Try not to letthemdrop off the sides of the machine and out of your reach.Collect aprize like teddy bears, furry dice, sparkling gems,special coinsand more for many special bonus effects or even morecoins! It’sokay if your coins run out, more money will be ready topushthrough the slot and into the dropper soon! Keep checking backtoadd to your fortune & complete your collection of prizes!Levelup to unlock or upgrade all the special features, get morecoins topush and game bonuses to drop, precious gems to collect andcash inand collectable toys just because we love them - we believethisfree game offers the most varied game play in the whole coindozergenre. By miles. Machine Features: - "Duck Smash" where youget tofire coins at the passing ducks - "Coconut Shy" what othergame hasa gorilla firing baseballs at coconuts?! - "Crazy Clown"fill theballoon with coins for a free bonus - "Test Your Strength"ring thebell for a jackpot win - "Wheel o' Fortune" spin formassive winsand free spins - "Pinata" hit it to splash candyeverywhere, thenwin those for big payouts - Much more besides. Eachtime you levelup, there's always something new to see, so startingpush thosefree coins in now and you'll be coming back again andagain. Whoknows what that next level up will unlock... FairgroundCoin Fallsbrings you the classic gameplay mechanics you'd find in aphysicalpusher or dozer machine, plus a ton of features you'll onlyfind inour video game. And the best bit? We give you the coins forfreeevery day - no waiting in line for the change machine. This isthethird game in our coin dozer series so please also check outJungleCoin Falls and Goldrush Coin Falls, both available right hereonthe play store. Main Gameplay Features: - State of the art3Dgraphics - State of the art realistic physics modelling waymorecoins than our competitors - Leaderboards to compare progresswithfriends (requires google+ sign in once) - Many special coinsandprizes and sub games - 20 rare gems - collect and cash them inforgreat bonuses - 34 achievements - can you unlock them all? -150collectable toys, with more coming in future updates - DailyBonus.Each day, something extra to spice up your game play. - Allforfree!
Great Little War Game 2.1
Rubicon Development
★ Officially one of the BEST strategy games evermade! GLWG is the hit3Dturn-based strategy game that everyone's talking about. Withaunique comical style and plenty of laughs and excitement,you'llkeep coming back again and again for "just one more go."CoreFeatures: ❋ Campaign mode ❋ Multiplayer mode ❋ Skirmish mode ❋Fourdifficulty settings ❋ Lush visuals ❋ Full 3D terrainaffectsgameplay ❋ Simple control method ❋ Lots of units ❋ Lots ofterraintypes ❋ High replayability ❋ Tons of humour ❋ Absolutely nobirdsor zombies Take command of your army and battle the foe onland,sea and air but be sure to make wise decisions as you go. Youwantto deploy your soldiers to take full advantage of thehigherterrain, natural choke points, ambush spots and defensivewalls.Get it right and the bad guys will lose to your superiorstrategyskills. See what other critics are saying: ❋ TapScapereview: 10/10"Great Little War Game is just that: a well-designedand enjoyabletactical war game perfect for those who enjoy thelighter side ofvirtual warfare." ❋ Touch Arcade review: 5/5 "I'llcall GreatLittle War Game "great" without hesitation" ... "the kindof gameyou can really sink your teeth into, which is rare enough.So I'mdelighted to discover that it's also rich in features, goodlookingand full of humor." ❋ First place (march) "Thelavishproduction values of the game, incredible attention to detailandexcellent animation gives you a sense of aerial, naval andlandwarfare that gets as good as you can expect on a smallscreen"Varied missions are the order of the day here - capture theenemyHQ, escort the Generalissimo to safety, guide small squadsbehindenemy lines, defend your get the picture. Thereare 30missions included, so it's going to be one crazy ride if youdecideyou’re brave enough to give them a try. What are you waitingfor?Right now, as you sit reading this, there is a battalionofsoldiers just waiting for your command. Download Great LittleWarGame now and take your place alongside your troops. Lead well,livelong and have fun.
Yachty Free 4.5
Have fun with friends, family or online opponents with thisbelovedclassic board game. Featuring: ★ SOLO MODE ★ A standardpatiencegame for one player. Supports multiple yachty bonus andwildcards.★ MULTIPLAYER GAMES WITH FRIENDS ★ Play games withfriends andprove you’re the best dice roller Social multiplayergames whereanything can happen! ★ TRIPLES MODE ★ A more in-depthpatience gamefor one player, using three scoring columns. Use yourbest strategyand pick your scoring columns wisely out of the x1, x2and x3 scoremultipliers. ★ PASS & PLAY ★ A two-player gameneeding nointernet connection - just pass the device to your friendwhenyou've taken your turn and have twice the fun. ★ ACHIEVEMENTS★With lots of different achievements to chase down, you willneverbe short of extra challenge. ★ REALISTIC DICE ★ The dicearerendered in full 3D and shaken using an advancedphysicssimulation. This brings an unprecedented level of realismtoAndroid dice gaming. ★ HOW TO PLAY ★ Rules of the game, forallgameplay variants, are included within the game.
Great Big War Game 1.5.3
Rubicon Development
▶ GAME OF THE YEAR, WINNER !! (Mobile category, Game Dynamo2012)Taking military "advice" from the ridiculous generalissimo,can youbattle your way through this truly massive, content-packedmilitarycampaign? ▶ STRATEGY GAME OF THE YEAR, WINNER !! (Mobilecategory,IGN 2012) ▶ BAFTA NOMINATED Plan your mission, deployyour"forces", try not to fall off the sofa laughing! ▶ "Anessentialdownload for any strategy fan" - Gamers Temple ▶ "A deepandrewarding experience" - Game Dynamo ▶ "You’ll love to sinkyourteeth into this great game" - Android Authority You've plentyofunits to play with, covering land, sea and airborne combat.Bewarned though, these funny cartoon troops are not exactly"theright stuff"! ▶ "It’s simply an amazing turn-based strategygame" -Touch Arcade ▶ "It's the real deal" - Slide To Play ▶ "Thisis awonderful game, accessible yet challenging" - Gamezebo 40+hours ofcampaign mode not enough? There is also unlimited skirmishplay vsthe AI for quick fixes, on a wide variety of custom maps.Andthere's still more - Multiplayer. You can Pass & Play onasingle device, or join our thriving online community, playingheadto head at a pace that suits you. ▶ "This game playsbeautifullyand looks fantastic" - App Advice ▶ "Not downloading itis damnnear criminal" - MoDojo ▶ "Just buy it, plain and simple" -IGNMain Features: ✓ 50 Mission single player campaign ✓Onlineasynchronous multiplayer ✓ Pass n Play & Skirmish vs AI✓Achievements to unlock ✓ Stunning visuals ✓ Simple,intuitivecontrol method ✓ Tons of humor ✓ No birds were harmed (ormadeangry) during development! Find us onFacebook:
Great Little War Game 2 2.1
Rubicon Development
The crazy troops return in this latest installment of thebrandloved by literally millions across the globe. You will needforwardplanning and good execution if you want to tackle themassivesingle-player campaign, deploying a variety of troops wiselywhilstmanaging your resources carefully. ❝Gaze upon itsawesomeness❞ --IGN Next mission: Defend with armor and snipers, ormaybe pushahead with tanks and artillery? You'll need to make goodchoiceseach time, but remember - you need to be reactive as wellasproactive as no plan survives contact with the enemy. ❝ahighlypolished, tightly packed turn-based strategy game that's alot offun to work through.❞ -- Pocket Gamer Core Features: ▶Massive 60mission campaign providing hours and hours of challlenge.▶ Highreplayability with high scores per mission ▶ Difficultysettings(defaults to easy) for even more replayability ▶ Loadsofunlockable and upgradable units ▶ Portrait and Landscape view-snaps on demand ▶ Full 3D terrain affects gameplay ▶Hilariousgraphics and sound effects ▶ No iap's, no adverts, nodistractions.Pay once and play uninterrupted forever. Great LittleWar Game 2(GLWG2) is a turn-based combat strategy game, followingon from thesuccess of the original Great Little War Game. Apartfrom the brandnew 60 mission campaign, other enhancements from theoriginalinclude: ▶ Clearer displays with easier to use controls ▶Portraitmode added (optional) for easier use on a phone ▶ Fastermissionstarts and replayable objectives ▶ Splash damage ▶ Blowyuppybuildings ▶ Lots of minor playability tweaks If you've notplayedany of the Great Little War Games before, this is an idealplace tostart. No prior knowledge is required and this is ourmostaccessible version - just jump in and start blasting. (If youhaveplayed our other games before, you might want to crank upthedifficulty level as we've made this game more accessible bydefaultthan previous outings.)
Fruit Blitz 1.1.5
Rubicon Development
!!! CRAZY SALE THIS WEEKEND ONLY !!! This and our other paidgamesare now just $0.99. Enjoy! Slash and slice your way throughthefastest, fruitiest, most colorful game on the market. Features:★ 2minute games making for perfect mobile play. ★ Familiarmatchingmechanics with some new twists. ★ Drop-dead gorgeousgraphics. ★Pumpin' calypso soundtrack. ★ Form a team with yourFacebook(tm)friends and take on the world through the built inleaderboards. ★Or just stomp each others scores as often aspossible. ★ No weakstorylines or other distractions. Still no birdsor zombies! ★ Areyou ninja enough to trigger the Fruit Blitzfeature? We think thisis the best polished and graphicallyappealing game in its genre.Why not put that claim to the test andgive Fruit Blitz a go rightnow? (A free with ads version is alsoavailable on the market)
Yachty Premium 1.2i
Rubicon Development
★ Officially the best dice gameever: A game ofYachtyDeluxe consists of 13 rounds. In each round, you roll thedice andscore the result in one of 13 categories.You must scoreexactlyonce in each category, so skill and judgment are required asthegame progresses and your options start to run out. The aim ofthegame is to make the biggest score you can from the 13rounds.Featuring: ★ SOLO MODE ★ A standard patience game for oneplayer. ★TRIPLES MODE ★ A more in-depth patience game for oneplayer, usingthree scoring columns. ★ PASS & PLAY ★ Atwo-player gameneeding no internet connection - just pass thedevice to yourfriend when you've taken your turn. ★ ACHIEVEMENTS ★With lots ofdifferent achievements to chase down, you will never beshort ofextra challenge. ★ REALISTIC DICE ★ The dice are renderedin full3D and shaken using an advanced physics simulation. Thisbrings anunprecedented level of realism to Android dice gaming. ★HOW TOPLAY ★ Rules of the game, for all gameplay variants, areincludedwithin the game.
Goldrush Coin Falls 1.3
From our Best Free Game range, Goldrush Coin Falls. You'veplayedthe rest, now try casual gaming at it's best. This is thesecondgame in a series so please also check out Jungle Coin Falls,thegame that started it all. Progress through the game to unlockorupgrade all the special features, special coins, specialbonuses,precious gems and collectable toys - this game has it all.Eachtime you level up, there's always something new to see, soyou'llbe coming back again and again for just one more go. Whoknows whatthat next level up will unlock... Main Gameplay Features:-Actually impressive, state of the art 3D graphics -Actuallyamazing, state of the art realistic physics - Leaderboardstocompare progress with friends (requires google+ sign in once)-Many special coins and prizes - 8 rare gems - collect and cashthemin for great bonuses - 37 achievements - can you complete themall?- 100 collectable toys, with more coming in future updates -DailyBonus. Each day, something extra to spice up your play. -Somebanjo playing. What else do you need after that? We supplyfreecoins as you play, and you even earn some whilst away fromthegame. If you want to play even more than that, there are bothfreeand cheap options to get tons more coins. (These are providedbyadvertising and/or in-app purchase. Neither are required tofullyenjoy the game.) Free access to this game is supportedbyadvertising. Any small payment removes the adverts for good.Apersonal note from the developer: "There are many coin dozercloneson the store, but I've tried to bring you somethingactuallyoriginal, written from the ground up and developed withpassion. Ihope this comes across when you try the game out, and ifyou likewhat we've made, please tell your friends - we don't havethemarketing budget of mega corporations." -- Paul Johnson. Whatareyou waiting for? Download and play today, for FREE!