Ryosuke839 应用

Unicode Pad 2.4.0
Input all characters in Unicode with UnicodePad.And input stringcan be copied to the clipboard or input directly by Mushroom.Youcan find out where selected character is in list.By long clicking,larger character and code point will be shown.Favorite characterscan be memorized. If you can't see special characters, you have toget a font such as Noto font and select it.You can download Notofonts from: https://www.google.com/get/noto/ Controls:Click - InputcharacterLong click - Show character informationYou can contributeto this app in GitHub.https://github.com/Ryosuke839/UnicodePad Thisapplication includes a modified version of Unicode DataFile.(http://www.unicode.org/Public/10.0.0/ucd/NamesList.txt)Copyright© 1991-2018 Unicode, Inc. All rights reserved.Distributed under theTerms of Use in http://www.unicode.org/copyright.html.
Web Exif Viewer 1.1
This application shows exif informations on a jpeg file on local oronline.To show infos of a local image: share image on the galleryor open from explorer.To show infos of an online image: open linkand select this app or share a URL.Features- Supports jpeg files onboth of local and online.- By reading only header of online images,loads fast.- Directly shows exifs on image sharing services(YFrog,Photozou, Hatena Fotolife, Panomino)- Maker-notes are supported-Generates link for maps by GPS info.- Shows thumbnails.You canlaunch by shareing image or URL, or open image URL on browser.
メトロライダー 1.1.2
メトロライダーは、 東京メトロ をよりスマートに使いこなす人のためのアプリです。 主な機能・各線の 運行状況 を表示・東京メトロ線内の全列車の位置を リアルタイム に表示・現在走行中の列車の 停車駅 ・ 時刻表 を表示・列車の出発までの残り時間を表示・車両ごとの 乗り換え ・出口案内を表示・駅周辺地図に出口番号をオーバーレイして表示・列車の指定した駅到着前にポップアップ・バイブレーションで 通知 こんな人におすすめです・ゲームやコミックに夢中になってよく 乗り過ごす - 到着通知をポップアップとバイブレーションでお届け・車内放送をよく聞き逃す - 列車の現在位置をリアルタイムで表示・駅で歩いている時間を1分1秒でも短縮したい - 乗り換え・下車に最適な号車を表示・駅構内 で迷ってしまう - 地図上に出口番号を表示・東京メトロ をよりスマートに使いこなしたい - このアプリで可能です東京メトロの事情により、予告なく本アプリの提供をとりやめることがあります。Metro riders, is the appfor those who master the Tokyo Metro smarter.Main function• The display each line of operation statusThe display and the position of all trains in the Tokyo Metro linein real time• To display the stop station and time table of the train ofcurrently running· Train and display the remaining time until the departure of• To display the transfer-outlet guide of each vehicleDisplay by overlaying the exit number in-around the stationmap· Train of the notification in the pop-up vibration before thespecified station arrivalIt is recommended for TravellersGames and comics to the well engrossed in the Norisugosu - todeliver the notification in a pop-up and vibration· Listen carefully the car broadcasting miss - to display thecurrent position of the train in real time· It is time to walk in the station you want also to shorten at 1minute 1 second - to display the best car to transfer, getoff• To get lost in the station yard - View the exit number on themapWant mastering-the Tokyo Metro smarter - it is possible with thisappDepending on the circumstances of the Tokyo Metro, it maywithdraw the provision of notice without this app.