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My BP Lab 2.0 2.2.2
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Do stress and blood pressure affect your health? Join the My BP LabUCSF study to find out. About the Study The UCSF My BP Lab studyuses surveys and sensor data from your phone or Galaxy Watch Activeto quantify and understand how stress and daily experiences affectyour health. For three weeks, complete daily check-ins where youmeasure stress and emotional experiences during your daily life aswell as physiological responses like blood pressure and heart rate.Participants must be 18 years or older to participate and have aSamsung S9 / S9+ / Note9 / S10 / S10+ phone. Why Participate? Yourparticipation will help contribute to scientific knowledge aboutstress and blood pressure in daily life. Your participation willalso help improve measurement of blood pressure through smartphonesand wearables. In addition, during the study you will receiveinsights into when and how much you experience different levels ofstress, information about your sleeping patterns, well-being, andhow your body responds during stress. What’s new in 2.0? Inaddition to new daily questions and improved blood pressuremeasurement, the newest version of the My BP Lab app offers threemajor innovations: Game-Like Cognitive Tasks My BP Lab 2.0 turnsbrain training around by measuring your memory, attention, andcognitive flexibility with game-like challenges. Why? We want toexamine how stress and daily experiences influence cognitivecapacity from one moment to the next. Stress Management TrainingFeeling stressed and overwhelmed? My BP Lab 2.0 offers stressmanagement training. By opting into the stress management module,you’ll be able to see short videos that teach you skills to helpreduce stress and blood pressure. Galaxy Watch Active IntegrationWith My BP Lab 2.0, you can connect your Galaxy Watch Active to theapp and measure your blood pressure straight from your smartwatchin just a few quick touches. FAQ I'm having difficulty getting agood blood pressure reading. How do I improve the signal? First,check the positioning of your hand. The error may be due toexcessive movement. In order to minimize movement, place a pillowunder your hand and wrist so that they are fully supported at a 45degree angle. Additionally, avoid talking, crossing your legs, ortaking deep breaths while taking the blood pressure recording. Trymoving the sensor higher on your finger so that the sensor isresting closer to the tip of your finger rather than the pad ofyour finger. Make sure your finger is fully covering the light. Ifyou apply pressure to the sensor, it will detect it as movement andyou will not get a clear reading. Rest the sensor on your fingerand try again. The temperature of the room or your hand can affectthe quality of the signal. Place your finger in a cup of warm waterfor 15-30 seconds. Dry your finger thoroughly and try again. I onlysee percentage changes when I take a blood pressure measurement.How do I see my actual blood pressure values? The sensor algorithmneeds one initial baseline value from a blood pressure machine as areference value. Once you enter those reference value numbers thenthe app will return systolic and diastolic blood pressure numbers.If you do not have any access to a blood pressure machine and donot know you current blood pressure value then the app is stillquite useful since you can view the percentage changes in bloodpressure over time. Can someone else use my phone to measure theirblood pressure? Because the app requires you to complete an initialcalibration, all of the blood pressure measurements taken throughyour app will be specific to you. If someone else uses your app totake their blood pressure, the output will not be reflective ofthat person's blood pressure.
mPower (Unreleased)
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How can we together better manage thesymptomsof Parkinson disease?Living with Parkinson disease means coping with symptoms thatchangedaily. Yet these daily changes are not tracked frequentlyenough.Parkinson mPower is a personal tool and research instrumentto tracksymptoms of Parkinson disease, review trends and sharethisinformation with researchers.
Sage Bionetworks, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit research organizationincollaboration with University of Rochester welcomes you touseParkinson mPower to track your symptoms and take part intheworld's largest and most comprehensive study of thisdisease.The Parkinson mPower app uses questionnaires, sensor data fromyourphone and optional wearable device data to help you trackyourcondition 24x7.Key Features:● Innovative activity-based measurements of Parkinson symptomsthatinclude a memory game, finger tapping, voice recording,andwalking.● Share insights and partner with researchers● Get educated about symptom variations● Import daily physical activity measurement though AppleHealthappEligibility:To join this study you need to:• Be 18 or older• Have Parkinson disease or not (be a control).• Be a U.S. resident• Have a personal iPhone 4S or newer running iOS 8.0 or above andiscompatible with latest generation iPod touch.This app will read and/or write data from Apple's Health Appwithyour permission.Together we are taking a bold first step to establish apartnershipbetween you and Parkinson researchers in ways that willhelp uslearn from one another. Install Parkinson mPower app todayandlet’s work together to better understand this disease.Continued use of GPS running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.Note: After you join the study, we will send you a copy ofyoursigned consent form to your email address. Please check yourspamfolder if you do not receive it.