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Warrior For Super Goku Boy 2 1.0.2
Saiyan No.1
Warrior For Super Goku Boy 2 is a 2D fightinggame where the player chooses a team of three to fight against anenemy or another team. There are various modes to choose from whichcan help bring up the player's character rosterThe games pits two characters of the DBall pieces each other inlarge environments, where they mostly fight in the air. There isthe belief that there are special ball which, if can collected 7piece, to grant the user one wish.The player can use strong and weak variations of close combatattacks, and charge their ki to fire strong and weak energy blasts.Each character also has three unique "Certain Kill" abilities thatdeal heavy damage to the opponent. The Certain Kill ability variesdepending on where the player is located - above, below orhorizontal to the opponent.Once in combat, you can use the touch screen to switch betweenfighters until you find your most beneficial matchup. You canbattle on the ground and in the air by employing the variouscharacters' powerful special attacks.The game is crazy easy to play with a simple skill system, you willhave chance to use skill like Kame[Features]· Fun & Challenging Gaming Experiences· Unique Graphic Style and UI· Cool Effect with super skills· Many challenges· Save & Load· More than 60 designer battles and power levels· KI Blast· Dragon Strike
Super Goku: Saiyan Fighting 1.0.2
Saiyan No.1
Super Goku: Saiyan Fighting series plays likeatypical 3-D fighting game.The plot of this game is a brand new story revolving aroundMajinBuu.The controls remain the same, but there are someadditionalfunctions that can be used during gameplay. The storymode gameplayfeatures something similar.There are 129 playable characters in most versions of thegameand 135. All characters featured in the previous game areavailablein this game as well. Battles can now involve up to tencharactersfighting one at a time on the battle-field, with oneteammatecoming in after the other has been knocked out or when theplayerwishes to switch to another fighter. This is referring toFreeBattle options.The game features a brand new story that tells the tale ofBuubeing released in Future Trunks' timeline. As Buu is too strongforTrunks to handle alone, he uses his time machine to recruittheoriginal Z warriors for assistance, eventually succeeding inthedestruction of Buu.
Ultimate Ben 10 Aline Warrior 2
Saiyan No.1
The game received mixed reviews,beingcriticized by its limited length, game mechanics, as wellasseveral gameplay and design concepts.The series of Ben Alien has continued to be very popularthroughoutthe many years that the tv series has been going on goingfrom thevery first to Action Force and finally to Ultimate Alienwhich iscool as there is also a game just like the others before itbasedon the newer series.The story starts as Ben and his crew are fighting off some badguyslike they usually do until they soon learn that there is amassivestorm from outer space is coming to earth so they thinknothing ofit until it gets to be real trouble when they find outthat thereis a alien lifeform which is the same species that Ben'salien formWay Big is planning on destroying him along with theplanet so theonly way to stop it is to find and put together aanicent devicecreated by the Galvan race if he hopes of savingeverything but itwill not be easy as alot of Ben's enemies both newand old arewanting to stop him.There are a total of eight locations that Ben and his teammustjourney to as a few of them include Rome , Paris , Tokyo andChinaas you must battle lots of bad guys that wish to stop you atanycosts as you will notice that when you destroy them and objectsinthe area.Out of all the Ben Alien games that have been released overtheyears I would have to say that this is probably my favorite oneinthe video game series so if your a fan of the series then trythisgame out as it is worth playing and if you are just aplayerlooking for something new then try it out also.For those who have missed the previous two Ben Alien shows,thegeneral premise of the show is simple: aliens are out there,somekids on Earth are offspring of human/alien parentsorgrandparentsWith the second series, Kevin Levin gets inserted into the show asareluctant member of the hero team and adds a whole new levelofawesome to the series. A shady, black-market salesman who joinsupwith the team initially just on “common enemies” pretenses,Kevinis by far the most complex character